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Fossil Fuels and Climate Change

Updated on July 26, 2020
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The destruction caused by the fossil fuels all over the world is extremely tragic and catastrophic. It must be dealt with right now.

An enormous fossil fuels industry

In this advanced industrial and technological age, numerous industrial projects and their applications are frequently launched and exposed all over the world. There exists a group of energy sources known as fossil fuels. They include coal, oil, and natural gas. They are highly used all over the world, commonly in various industries. They are used for several purposes such as electricity production, transportation, heating etc. They are mostly burned in order to get energy from them. When the fossil fuels are burned, they release huge amounts of energy. But they also release extremely harmful gases and chemicals like carbon dioxide (in excess), sulfur dioxide, particulate matter, mercury, carbon monoxide, nitrogen oxide etc. But the countries, their leaders and the economies continue to grow and build themselves on a fragile base all over the world. Just because of their greed for money and resources and to elevate their status in the world, they are continuously consuming enormous amounts of fossil fuels in their industries. If only they knew that the floor they are building for themselves will break and everything will fall and collapse along with them. The highest fossil fuel consumption is demonstrated by US, China and India. The destructive natural cycle triggered by a few will destroy each and every entity that exists.

Destructive effects on health

All these gases and chemicals are extremely toxic for the environment, respiratory system and overall health of people. These emissions are immensely dangerous and harmful for our health, our planet and ultimately for our future. Nowadays, various kinds of diseases are frequently being introduced to us, especially the respiratory related health problems are rapidly increasing. The percentage of patients of allergy, asthma, bronchitis etc is increasing abruptly day by day. Some of these respiratory diseases are leaving long term harmful effects on the health of the people all over the world. Lung cancer is commonly increasing world-wide. Water-borne diseases are reported to be common in many regions. Even the current COVID-19 pandemic is affecting the people with weak or damaged respiratory systems in the most harmful way, even leading to numerous deaths all over the world.

Environmental devastation

Fossil Fuels are used all over the world. Their emissions are being reported from almost every region of the world. These toxic emissions include the carbon dioxide emission which is the most harmful emission for our natural environment. The ozone layer is damaged and depletion holes are appearing in the ozone layer. These depleted regions of ozone are allowing the harmful rays of the Sun to reach the Earth where these extremely harmful rays are trapped by these emitted gases and chemicals in the atmosphere, hugely contributed and released by the fossil fuels industries. Due to this, global warming is enormously increasing and causing unmatched disturbances in the neutral natural balance. Due to these harmful activities, the climate change has already been triggered. The sea levels are rising, arctic is experiencing wildfires, glaciers are melting, hurricanes and tornadoes are being observed in different regions, drought and scarcity of water is being highly observed, and various species are becoming endangered and extinct. For instance, polar bears are expected to become extinct by 2100. Unusual and extreme weather patterns are being observed all over the world. Actually, this is more than enough an alarming situation for all of us.The future of this planet and living organisms depends directly on our decisions and the steps that we will take in these current times. Otherwise, the natural irreversible cycle of destruction will be triggered and if that occurs, there will be no way out. In this current course, the future of this world is clearly visible and unfortunately, it is full of catastrophe.

Our future stirred in ashes

There is not a single doubt that the fossil fuels provide us with an enormous amount of energy, help us fulfill our needs and unfortunately constitutes a bigger portion of our lives. But on the other hand, fossil fuels are constantly destroying our environment, and their consumption is constantly polluting the land, air, and water to an appreciable extent. The increased formation of smog and polluted air is being observed in many regions of the world. And we are not even thinking about considering it a serious threat to our safe existence. We are using these fossil fuels in excess without keeping a proper check and balance. Safe limits are being crossed in its usage all over the world. Its unsafe usage anywhere in the world is devastating for the whole world's environment. The effects of pollution in any region of the planet will contribute highly to the climate change and global warming of the whole planet. There's an urgent need and a call to arms situation for the people all over the world. World leaders and economists believe that the whole world economies and world systems are based on this fossil fuels industry. They believe, if not impossible, it will take a very long period of time to convert from fossil fuels to other resources. They seem to have a really pessimistic approach in this matter. Our future is being stirred in ashes.

A clear solution

However, if we focus and think, we are living in an extremely fast, connected and advanced era. If this scenario would have presented itself hundreds of years ago, it might have seemed impossible to convert from fossil fuels to other resources. But today we have technologies, scientific development, numerous departments, people with various expertise, highly skilled engineers, scientists, planners, analysts all over the world. The conversion from fossil fuels is not impossible. A world free of fossil fuels or free of its harms is totally possible with in a shorter period of time. Every fossil fuel project and its application can be replaced by alternatives, such as electrically fueled alternatives and the usage of renewable energy sources etc. Green Electricity is the best possible solution for reducing and eradicating the use of fossil fuels. We must save our planet, its people, our climate, our nature and our future generations by taking timely and effective decisions all over the world. Our environment and nature provides us with endless blessings and resources constantly. But if we won't start caring about it, if we won't start taking necessary measures, and if we won't stop destroying it by our own doings, the odds might be different for us in future.

This must be done right now..............

All we need is a sense of responsibility, sense of ambition towards achieving the world free of fossil fuels, proper planning, constant analysis, and a goal-oriented initiative. The future of the world, future generations and our secure existence depends upon it. We have to take a stand. We have to raise our voice together. We must shake our conscience and the conscience of the greedy and ambitious world leaders and economists whose own children are even the victims of their cruelty. We must get together to wake up those who are constantly working to destroy not only their future but also the future of each and every existence of this world. We must also help them to take the right approach on this matter, and we must give them the right solutions to deal with this global issue. And the last but not the least most important point is that, as we now try to return and restore from the COVID-19 pandemic situation, this is the best time to act and restore the economies back by terminating the fossil fuels industries and simultaneously converting them to other energy sources like green electricity to produce cheap and safe electricity, and to further use that electricity in different applications and technologies to replace the fossil fuels completely. For instance, an enormous electrical transportation industry must be setup quickly and effectively in order to make the world adapt to this ultimate change. There is no time like the present to restore the healthy natural balance. We must do it now and we must do it right or it will be too late for us to even regret.


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