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Four Serial Killers Who Were Never Caught

Updated on August 17, 2016

The Daytona Beach Killer


The Daytona Beach Killer murdered four women between December 2005 and December 2007. His first victim was 45-year-old LaQuetta Gunther. She and her best friend, Stacey Dittmer, had planned to stay up all night cooking Christmas dinner, which was their annual tradition. LaQuetta decided to go out for a while but promised she would be back in time to help with the cooking. By the time midnight rolled around Stacey was mad. She gave up and went to bed around 1:00 a.m.

The next morning was Christmas Day and Stacey went out looking for her friend. She went to a few bars that she knew LaQuetta hung out in sometimes and asked if anyone had seen her. No one had. During her search she saw several policemen in an alley off North Street. She didn’t know that what they were investigating was her friend’s murder. She had been found partially nude, with a gunshot to the back of her head.

Stacey made a poster and had it signed by LaQuetta’s friends and hung it in the alley. One of the people who signed it was Julie Ann Green. Three weeks later on January 14, 2006, she was found face down off LPGA Boulevard. She had been shot once in the back of the head. She and LaQuetta were both regulars at a bar on Madison Avenue called Willie’s Place.

On February 26, 35-year-old Iwana Patton was found off a dirt path that wound through the woods close to Mason Avenue and Williamson Boulevard. She was a nursing assistant but also had a history as a prostitute.

Almost a year passed before a fourth victim was found in the woods off Hancock Boulevard. Thirty-year-old Stacey Gage was found on January 2, 2007. The police thought she had been dead for weeks. There were no indications that she was a prostitute, but the circumstances were very similar to the other three deaths.

Police have interviewed several men who fit the profile they had worked up but DNA evidence cleared them all.

Edgecombe County Serial Killer


Rocky Mount is a small town in Edgecombe County, a rural part of North Carolina about an hour’s drive east of Raleigh and two hours from the Atlantic Coast. The Edgecombe County Serial Killer has also been known as The Seven Bridges Killer.

There was a total of nine to eleven murders credited to the Edgecombe County Serial Killer between 2003 and 2008. They were all African American women and all had a history of drug abuse and/or prostitution. Most were found in the woods just outside of town.


The first body found was that of Denise Williams. She was found in a swamp southeast of town in 2003. Melody Wiggins, 29, was found in the woods in May, 2005. Christine Booth vanished in 2006. Her body was found in March 2010. Joyce Renee Durham disappeared in 2007. Her remains have never been found. Jackie Thorpe, 35, disappeared in the summer of 2007 and was found later along the side of Seven Bridges Road. iIn March 2008, Ernestine Battle’s body was also found off the Seven Bridges Road. In February 2009, Yolanda “Snap” Lancaster went missing and has never been found. That same month Liz Smallwood’s body was found beside a soccer field. The very next month Taraha Nicholson, 28, was also found near Seven Bridges Road. In June Jarniece “Sunshine” Hargrove was found near the same place. The last body found was Roberta Williams, 40, also found in the woods near Seven Bridges Road.

In September 2011, Antwan Maurice Pittman was found guilty of the murder of Tahara Nicholson. He maintains his innocence to this day. The police tried to link Pittman to the other murders but failed.

Jeff Davis 8

The Jeff Davis 8 is the name given to a string of unsolved murders that occurred between 2005 and 2009 in Jefferson Davis Parish, Louisiana. Eight women with a history of drugs or prostitution were found in the canals and swamps around Jennings, Louisiana.

Of the eight victims, six were too badly decomposed to determine a definite cause of death but asphyxia was thought to be the cause. The other two had their throats slit.

Lynn Lewis, 28, was found on May 20, 2005 floating in a river. The other victims were Laconia “Muggy” Brown, 23; Whitnei Dubois, 26; Brittney Gary, 17; Kirsten Gary Lopez, 21; Ernestine Marie Daniels Patterson, 30; Crystal Shay Benoit Zeno, 24. Necole Guillory, 26, was the last body found in 2009 off Interstate 10.

The victims were not unknown to each other. In fact, they knew each other well. Kristen and Brittney were cousins. Brittney and Crystal had lived together shortly before Brittney’s death. The women were all police informants, giving them information about the local drug trade.

There is a theory that all the women were actually killed by police. In 2005 Leonard Crochet, a local drug dealer, was shot and killed by the police. The Louisiana State Police investigated and determined Crochet was unarmed when the police killed him. Kristin Lopez was present at the scene when Crochet was gunned down. So was Alvin Lewis, the brother-in-law of the first victim, Lynn Lewis. Did the police involved in the shooting of Leonard Crochet murder all those women because of what they knew about the killing of Leonard Crochet?

Long Island Serial Killer


The Long Island Serial Killer is thought to have killed between 10 and 17 people, all involved in the sex trade. They were murdered over a period of some twenty years and disposed of along the Ocean Parkway. They were fond in Suffolk County in the towns of Oak Beach and Gilgo Beach and near Jones Beach State Park in Nassau County.

Four victims were found in December 2010. They were all prostitutes who advertised on Craigslist. The first four victims were: Melissa Barthelemy, 24, from Erie County, New York, reported missing July 10, 2009; Megan Waterman, 22, from South Portland, Maine, missing on June 6,2010; Amber Lynn Costello, 27, of North Babylon, New York, missing on September 2, 2010. The next six victims found in March and April, 2011 were Jessica Taylor, 20, from Manhattan, missing July 2003. The other five victims were never identified. One was a female toddler 16 to 24 months old. DNA showed her mother “Jane Doe No. 3” was found ten miles away. The police think the last six found had actually died before the first four that were found. Near the end of 2011 police said they thought all ten murders were perpetrated by one person.

The first body was found by an officer and his dog. The skeletal remains were found in “a nearly disintegrated burlap sack,” on the north side of Ocean Parkway. Two days later three more bodies were found in the same area. In March and April they found four more bodies off the parkway in another area. The Suffolk County Police searched all the way up to the Nassau County line for more bodies.

The New York State Police joined in the operation and while searching Nassau County they found another set of human remains and a skull. In June 2011 the Suffolk County Police raised the reward for information up to $25,000, which was the largest in the county’s history.

By September 22, 2011 the police had received over 1,200 tips since the investigation began. The day before the fifth anniversary of the first discovery of remains the FBI officially joined the investigation.

The profile of the killer was developed by the FBI and suggested the “unsub” (unknown subject) was likely a white male, probably between 25 and 45 years old, and familiar with the South Shore of Long Island. It is possible he knows about law enforcement techniques and maybe even has ties to law enforcement. This could explain how he has managed to elude police.

There have been six other possible victims found, but it hasn’t been proven that they were killed by the Long Island Serial Killer. The most recent one was found on June 24, 2013.

Locations of Serial Killers Never Caught

The Daytona Beach Killer:
Daytona Beach, FL, USA

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Edgecombe County Serial Killer:
Rocky Mount, NC, USA

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Jeff Davis 8:
Jennings, LA 70546, USA

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Long Island Serial Killer:
Gilgo Beach, NY 11702, USA

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