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Frack Free Cheshire

Updated on December 5, 2016

Fracking in Cheshire

Frack Free Cheshire group was formed to combat Hydraulic Fracturing in Cheshire. The Facebook group can be found at:

The only full Fracking operation to be carried out in the UK was in Blackpool in 2011 which caused an earthquake felt up and down the UK:

Even though the industry has claimed to be "gold standard", the Blackpool Fracking operation suffered well case failure for 6 months before Fracking company Cuadrilla informed regulators of the failure. The end result of the first attempt at fracking in the UK was that the well site ended up being plugged in an effort to prevent further contamination of the surrounding area:

Far from being the worst we can expect from Fracking, earthquakes are just one of the many side effects. By far the most concerning effect of the process is the danger to fresh water supplies: Everywhere the process has been carried out, alarming reports are surfacing about the contamination by cancer causing chemicals leeching into the water supplies:

In America where Fracking has been carried out for many years, the reports of contamination an damage to the environment are reaching extremely worrying levels.

Frack Free Cheshire is dedicated to making sure that Fracking does not get a foothold in the UK. IGAS fracking corporation are in the process of buying plots of land all over Cheshire in an effort to turn Cheshire into a shale gas area. The danger of this contaminating vast areas of land cannot be underestimated.

In the 21st century, time has come to switch to cleaner forms of energy such as Solar, wind and tidal power, that do not pose such an immediate threat to life that Fracking does. With reports of illnesses from America, Australia and New Zealand, it is clear that the dangerous process of Fracking will have a much more severe impact if carried out on our small island in comparison with the devastation caused by this process in other countries.

Join the Facebook group for your area and fight Fracking in the UK!

Frack Free Cheshire

Frack Free Cheshire Logo
Frack Free Cheshire Logo | Source


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