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Fraud and freemasons

Updated on January 30, 2015

Proven Fraud

The images I have uploaded linked to this blog are there to show and help the public who may have had or are having similar experiences to what we, as a family, have had to endure for 8 years now.

All fraud with Property seems to be political as all aencies involved are Governement bodies who do absolutely nothing to help those suffering at the hands of the Freemasons and the corrupt cartel. (Local Freemason David Carter, Managing Director of Cumbrian Properties in Lancaster will not provide documents of the supposed sale of Cherry Trees yet he advertised Carol Woods' house in his shop window, yet denies knowledge of the same and he also had it published in the local Lancaster Guardian, yet they wouldn't let anyone view it apparently they had an offer before it was up for sale, strange?  Jude Perlese has never sold her own house yet has moved into Cherry Trees saying she owns it yet not one agency can provide documents to prove the same, she happens to be a firm friend of a certain freemason Mr Aspden of EdenBreck, Sunnyside Lane and his relatives live in The Barn, Sunnyside Lane, (Are you seeing a picture emerging).

Carol Woods of Cherry Trees, Sunnyside Lane, Lancaster is the only one who holds all files and false documents to prove what I state here. This is the UK in the 21st Century, yet no one, no official body will intervene and help. It needs to be stopped and the cartel shown for what and who they are.

There are bogus documents being produced up and down this Country to try to show that people are bankrupt when they have no idea and have never entered a Court to declare the same or defend themselves. Steven Sainsbury and Bernadette Gregson of Lancaster Country Court, working alongside Bev Cullen, Laura Sales etal of the supposed legal team of Lancashire County Counci in Preston are the culprits locally (again proven by documents they agree to posting). 

What the freemasons are renound for is inorder to hide their fraud, they create a debt on some unsuspecting honest individual, they then declare them supposedly bankrupt, they hound the said individuals (in this case Carol Woods of Lancaster who is nothing more that a whistle blower for the illegal seizure of Fylde land, it became apparent after Lancashires bid for the Casinos in Blackpool this is what Lancashire County Council had planned all along) They failed and Carol Woods, family, nieghbours who have stood up to the fraudsters and witnesses have paid the price since.

The Police are heavily involved, eg. a certain PC Edmunds was producing himself of neighbours doorsteps and signing complementslips as a Sergeant, I hold a document from Lancaster Police that he is nothing more than a PC. The PC saw a supposed bailiffs out of date ID (Mr Simmonds of Manchester/Liverpool) and watched whilst the windows of Carols' house were removed, in broad daylight, by a Company called Orbis (Peter Gardner the Manager of Orbis knows it was fraud as he has been given documents to show that Carol owns the house outright as he was told the house was a housing association and that the tennant would be in and knew they were coming, Carol paid cash for Cherry Trees 10 years ago, yet he did nothing.  Why the Liverpool and Manchester connection?), Atlas removals of Morecambe had a man professing to own Carols house, how? we have the title deeds, this man passes himself off as Andrew Halliday, who by the way works for Orbis, SafetyGlaze (a Police led Company), Atlas, Lancashire County Council, in fact, any agency who have decided to be involved, he works for thm.  Who is Andrew Halliday? Andrew Halliday in an Atlas van and other Atlas workers removed all contents illegally for Cherry Trees and still to this day, 12 months later, are holding them to randsom. Mad as I may sound, this is fact and backed up by documents and picture evidence and witness statements.

Carol has crime numbers and incident numbers from Police up and down the Country, they then say 'this is civil'. It was published late 2008 that Land Registry are heavily involved and that people who own their homes outright and who live on their own are vunerable, this happens constantly and no-one utters a word. No Judge will challenge, because if they do, they go to their sheds oneday and end up being blown away.

There are bogus Companies, Freemanrich Insolvencies and a James Richard Duckworth, their bogus supposed Solicitor Clark Mairs, Susan Mairs and her bogus secretary Pamela Kerr (who we found out is actually DS Dent from Morpeth Police, she can thank Sergeant Pinder in Lancaster for outing her).

We spent 14 hours in a police cell last November for sitting in Carol Woods' house, myself (her daughter), my friend and her partner. Guess who was the arresting officer, PC Edmunds and Andrew Halliday sat in a van stating he was from Orbis. No charges brought against us of course.

The next time someone says 'I don't know what's happening or what they are talking about, or why me, I think I'm being followed, my phone is bugged',  give that person support, remember in the news earlier this year about an elderly lady who had to break back into her house after she was supposedly bankrupt after not repaying a loan of 1 million pounds. Strange how the supposed lenders were supposed builders yet no one had heard of them. No one ever hears of them, they do what they please and no one helps. It is all Government agencies we fight and not one will lift a finger to help as Carol has been told 'it is easier to deal with one than a number'.

This is where we need to say stop, people who have life experience never challenge what I or my family state because they know what goes on in this awful Country or have witnessed or experienced the same at some point. (whether indirectly or directly).

When Carol Woods produces documents to prove what we state as the truth, blinkers come down because the number of agencies involved now are massive and it would only take one Judge, one journalist, one single official body to get this sorted, yet no one will make a stand but us.

My Hubpage up-date by FatFairy, this shows as January 2014, please refer to hub comments going back 4 years, just for clarity.
We still see a circle of events that for some reason, the hornets nest has been stirred, cars parked outside, the silly local constanbulary in their little silver ford, not exactly undercover, but if they watch my house they leave others' alone.
It appears that Judith Pereles still purports to live at Beechroyd, Sunnyside Lane, Lancaster, yet Tracy Kennedy, Greenparty Ward Councillor, appears to have lived at Cherry Trees going back to 2008, odd that, Beechroyd and Cherrytrees are the same house, my signature accepted by Land Registry for the name change and also title holder. How is Tracy Kennedy running an acupuncture business from Cherry Trees, if Beechroyd is back in the picture, maybe they will go back to what the house was known as under purchase, this being Rana?! (Just for info, hint a tip there, afterall, the original title deeds are still held by Carol).
One other thing that is odd, there appears to be an Ashley Kennedy in the picture, hmmmm, speaks volumes. May I add, this Ashley is not Carol Woods' daughter. Blimey, not bright this lot, really!
We have a house that's been seized (or purported to be seized), then we don't, we have a house reverted back to it's originating name and the purported new title holder of Beechroyd.
Come on guys, please throw something useful and halfway intelligent.
It has also been brought to light that utility account numbers which were live in the name of Carol Woods have been reactivated and her name removed. Amazing the insight after a few calls. I still hold all original bills in Carol Woods name and obtain the information from the said utility providers merely by quoting the account numbers.
During the time prior to the house being seized (I use this term losely of course), all contact numbers for the water board, electricity e.t.c. all held a Manchester number as a primary contact, as if by magic, Ashley Kennedy lives in Manchester as did Tracy Kennedy.
Tracy Kennedy being linked to an online Lancashire Mental Health and Social Care Partnership Board, newsletter, answers the question as to why Carol Woods has been hounded by purported Carers e.t.c.
What a picture, your dark and murky world is to be up-loaded, false statements purporting that Tracy Kennedy is a police officer (scoff), all documented on apparent legal statements.
How is Tracy Kennedy showing on records from 2008 with Cherry Trees as her home address, hmmmm! Yet Cherry Trees wasn't apparently seized until 2010 and her and her partner, Judith Pereles apparently moved from Blade Street, Lancaster, selling their house for under £150,000 yet to purchase, so they purport Cherrytrees, formerly Beechroyd for over £186,000 for Cash, yet told the new purchasers of Blade Street, they were moving up Bowerham. As I have known from day one, there has never been a house sale, no cash transaction.
Tracy Kennedy left many a Court Writ behind, Lancaster Magistrates, I am sure will catch up one day.
Who is doing who favours here? Doesn't take a genius.
That house, Cherrytrees/Beechroyd/Rana, will be back in the hands of it's rightful owner, I can assure you.


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    • profile image

      Carol Woods 2 years ago

      I am the Carol Woods referred to: I have been sent this by a supporter so add this: J R Duckworth FACT: He in 4 different "court" hearings was always someone different, CHERYL KAYE WREA GREEN Land Registry confirmed to me 17 Sept 2013 that JRD was DEAD and that it was fine for the Sec of State to appoint dead persons to sell houses in FRAUD and just have others pose as them in courts. Since then 2 persons I know have spoken to one they believe to be JRD via phone. The main fraudster linked to him is his old doxy DAWN MORRIS who claims she has running of all "day to day" matters. SUSAN MAIRS I have visited TWICE in person and she genuinely did not know anything at all about my house. (Note this the creep who claims this is tosh - don't judge me by your standards) A DS DENT from MORPETH POLICE posed as Mairs' "secretary" on 9 Nov 2008 as confirmed by bully Sgt PINDER of Lancaster police. The MIKE RYAN who adds a comment: how can I forget him? Mike are you underestimating me? I think of you lots: I have tried to contact you but my emails are intercepted. My mail is stolen as you will recall. It is hell on earth where I "live" with organised collective harassment and worse but, their plans to incarcerate and ruin me, kill me and so on failed (last attempt to run me off the road was outside Telford on Monday 9 May 2016 by thug, blue car PL02 not photo but lots photos of much else. Photos don't lie to the creep who thinks this is tosh. To the man who says Mairs and Dworth are out for him send me your details via email my network I NOW HAVE after years of no one, will examine the facts. It may or may not be intercepted but you can try. Mike, will you try? Lots of worried people in Lancs now: They tried to make sure I disappeared again late Feb but failed. Andy Peacher and Jean James Freedomtalkradio have been ace and critical players in finding out what had happened to kidnap and hide me away under false name in Nov 2015 - late Feb 2016. My car identifies me red Toyota Yaris X165 YUB I have never been Mrs Carole Woods nor Mr Carol Woods.

    • profile image

      Andy 2 years ago

      Carol woods was released on Monday 22nd now a missing person feared kidnapped.


    • profile image

      Revalation 2 years ago


      The Orchard in Lancashire tel 01524 550 558 told the Million Carol Woods Safety Group today that they CAN & WILL deny Carol Woods private phone calls (her calls are being monitored and recorded and she is being told what to speak about and what to say), deny visitors and deny her accompanied time out of the mental health Secure Unit. A formal complaint has been lodged with the Lancashire Care NHS Trust. The Trust has offered a meeting with the Assistant Director, but it is suspected that this is spying mission to target members of the MCWSG, so we are keeping it to telephone only. We are relying on people to network with local contacts to TRY TO PHONE THE ORCHARD OR TRY TO VISIT CAROL OR SPEAK WITH THE CEO OF THE NHS TRUST on 01772 695300

      Calls made on 06 Feb 2016 to Orchard Secure Mental Health Unit where Carol Woods is incarcerated and held hostage, forced medicated under false diagnosis, denied phone calls and visitors, under threat of brain surgery for false brain tumour diagnosis...threat to her life...

      MUST-SEE! videos:

      Kellie Cottam (Forced Adoption Exposed) with Carol Woods ...Video july 2014

      Manchester Employment Tribunals and Lancashire County Council

      Carol Woods exposing corruption within the establishment, here CPS, to protect the corrupt linked to Freemasons in Lancashire

      Employment Appeal Tribunal (EAT) and Lancashire County Council (LCC)

      Royal Mail Corruption with Lancashire police and the County Council

      Lord Falconer, the Lord Chancellor, resignation, court corruption

    • profile image

      Peter Knowles 2 years ago

      Im also in a situation where Mr Duckworth and Ms Mairs are chasing me for a sum and consider my liquidated companies accounts estopped. We have proved on several occasions there is no debt but as they waited 3 years before acting its difficult. This is clearly a commercial practice they employ. Has anyone any details on cases that have been won against them, complaints upheld or information on what timescale they can act in?

      Regards Peter Knowles

    • profile image

      fatfairy 3 years ago

      I am sorry I missed your comment Rob. The posts I typed originally is correct, Anon keep appearing when following the thread, the somewhat questionable ANON appears when someone else comes to light. Historically, the property used in Lytham by the bogus James Richard Duckworth was actually an architects, what Duckworth fails to recognise is the fact that they had an account with a Company I used to work for years ago and I am in a position to still retrieve invoices to prove the same. Put a contact number on Rob, buy a one off SIM and I will contact you direct. I know is sounds like something that would be said in a movie but seriously, if you knew the history with what has happened to my family since Duckworth appeared, you will understand. Duckworth contacted the Marsden and they blocked Carols' bank account, to do so as an official receiver he had to disclose his National Insurance Number, this never emerged, he's stupid enough, and the Marsden are, for putting this in writing.

      If I do get to speak to you direct, I will reel off a list of names, there is always a purported Solicitors practice used in Newcastle, we went to Newcastle offices and asked to speak to the purported Solicitor, there was no file and they had never heard of Carol, her file, nothing.

      If Duckworth is not coming forward under the usual 'Insolvency' umbrella then he is out on a limb. Cross fingers is down to the reporting to the tax man, showing files of paperwork, that he is now out on a limb.

      Let me know, see how things fair and I am sure he would just love to hear from Carol Woods. (Check out her blogs, type her name, and a picture emerges, all true and again, Anon may find they want to comment, good, each time they do, I know a nail has been hit on the head).

    • profile image

      Rob Schman 3 years ago

      James Duckworth is trying to take me to court for a company I sold five years ago and is saying that I shouldn't have taken a company loan and is trying to get £390,500 out of me.

      He signed personally for it and not in the capacity of a receiver. He signed as the man James Duckworth and cannot verify that I owe him the money.

      Why has he signed as the man James Duckworth and not as the receiver acting for the company that has gone bust? I think he's trying to obtain the money personally for his own gain!

      Do you have anymore info on this guy?



    • profile image

      fatfairy 4 years ago

      Carol will recall you Mike, I am not directly in touch and haven't been for a couple of years. Hope you are keeping well.

    • profile image

      Michael Ryan 4 years ago

      I wonder if Carol Woods recalls meeting me at Birmingham during a stress conference many years ago, followed by a further meeting when I was one of her supporters at Manchester Tribunals?

    • profile image

      KFM 4 years ago

      Banned! Former Cllr Sheena Williams - WhatDoTheyKnow Org

    • profile image

      K H 6 years ago


    • profile image

      kd 6 years ago

      myra mairs or susan mairs has a curse on her for two generations of her family as she is well aware by events in her life her friend ian jrd is party to all this 666 they have destroyed their familys for lust of money

    • profile image

      Anon 7 years ago

      Ashley is it?

    • profile image

      Anon 7 years ago

    • profile image

      Anon?? 7 years ago

      When a High Court Judge has all the documents and started his enquiry into the fraud stated above, remember, you fail to recognise here that the professionals who are paid to do their job, do their job. I work within fraud and deal with many many more who are unfortunate enough to encounder fraud on such a massive scale, I have spoke to supposed employees of the said Companies named above and can state, quite catagorically, that what is stated above is true. Irrespective on what shows on Companies house, they have clarified, in writing, history linked to the above, and what you will find also, is simply, Atlas has since closed down their office and have scattered their vans up and down the County. The High Court Judge is looking into what he sees as fraud, therefore, you are quite simply just checking on 'google' and other agency sites, that I, like many, are fully aware of, it is not until documents to prove what is stated above to be correct (there is no mention of anything above to state that the Companies, other than Duckworths, is bogus, it is actually the fraud that they have, by choice, decided to involve themselves in). Massive corruption up and down the UK, Common Purpose indicative, Freemasons clearly involved, corrupt police, all again proved, therefore as you simply fail to base YOUR option on nothing more than simply 'Google' searches, good luck, don't give up your day job. WikiLeaks speaks volumes, educate yourself, and you will then see exactly what this country covers, very dark farces 'oh sorry' dark forces. Clarke Mairs have actually put in writing that they do not know Carol Woods, although Duckworths office and the Councy Court state they acted on their behalf, shame again, you have nothing now and will never have the documentary evidence to back what is stated, quite clearly. Don't worry, ignorance is bliss on your part

    • profile image

      Anon?? 7 years ago

      If this is supposed to be 'tosh' then why keep yourself as 'Anon'.

      What I state is fully documented, it is a shame that trying to cast a shodow of doubt on what is stated is above shows lack of intellect on your part 'Anon'.

      This has obviously hit a raw nerve, may I add to the above that James Richard Duckworth is deceased and has been for a number a years, prior to letter and emails being sent in his name.

      I myself have looked into the above and have spoken to the parties who have been targetted by the fraudsters and I have seen the documents therefore what is clearly documented as fraud really throws your comments to the wind. Don't worry though, I am sure that being alittle lacking on the brain cells get somewhere in life Anon.

    • profile image

      Anon 7 years ago

      Look up any of the above named 'bogus' companies and you'll find they are real - what a load of tosh this is


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