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Frederico Rochaferreira States It Is the Duty of Latin America to Provide Solutions to Its Latinos

Updated on November 7, 2017
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Frederico Rochaferreira is a member of the Oxford Philosophical Society - author of "The Strange Art of Thinking"

Donald Trump
Donald Trump | Source

Brazilian Philosopher Says Trump's Election Was a Redemption of America for the Americans

Those who followed the American presidential race were certainly convinced Donald Trump was an outlier in this process, and this is a result of the successive analyses by experts and opinion leaders. Why did they fail in their analysis?

In the US, a Trump victory was only predicted by the Los Angeles Times in partnership with the University of Southern California. According to the newspaper, the secret lay in the employed methodology, which ironically helped the republican, to the extent that it revealed certain trends which were cleverly exploited by his campaign team, such as the significant number of middle-aged Americans without a college degree, who were decisive in his victory according to a CNN survey.

For the philosopher Frederico Rochaferreira, this trend is the key behind the pundits’ failure.

"Every investigation we carry out to find evidence of a given truth we believe to exist, may be lost forever in face of the expectation of its fulfillment, and so it goes with punditry. Whatever his hopes, tendencies or inclinations, man should not carry them with him when studying, researching or analyzing the nature of a fact or event. If you neglect this rule, results will generally tend to err."

The origins of the biased reasoning Frederico is warning about can be traced to Trump's nationalist discourse. His American way of conveying thoughts without mincing words made the world turn its gaze to America, regarding him not as a patriot, but as a fundamentalist, a word that frightens both the international economy and political world. But why did a significant portion of Americans not share the fear that spread across the five continents?

Frederico Rochaferreira sees a mixture of nationalism and patriotism in Trump's discourse and believes that these were the values that stirred the soul and pride of Americans.

"In his discourse, Trump recalls the love, respect and reverence Americans should have for the symbols of their country, the feeling of pride in their history and in the various sectors of their society. That is patriotism. On the other hand, he preaches the preservation of the nation as an entity; a defense of its physical territory and cultural heritage, reminding Americans of the need to protect their identity. And that is nationalism. So Trump said what Americans needed and wanted to hear. Now, such values will always be closer to the hearts of citizens of less unequal societies. For this is a two-way street where the citizen's fundamental rights are respected by civil society and the State and where he repays the favor to both by fulfilling his obligations," he says.

Immigration was certainly one of these controversial topics some Americans wanted to hear about, which frightened mainly the Latino population and refugees from the Middle East. Trump never weighed his words when railing against illegal immigration, which polarized the debate inside and outside the US. In 2016 alone, the Obama administration allowed the entry of 29,000 Muslims of different nationalities. A mea-culpa, since most come from countries that had been targets of American intervention, such as Syria, Libya, Iraq and Afghanistan. But for Frederico Rochaferreira, Trump's discourse is rational and emanates from natural law:

"From a humanitarian perspective, the plight of immigrants and refugees is a sensitive issue. But who needs to solve the problem of these people; it is they themselves who, almost without exception, accepted corrupt governments, corrupt businessmen and a shameful social marginalization without putting up a fight, often becoming accomplices, both of the marginality that surrounds them and the tragedy that oppresses them. When America turns to itself, it is saying: work hard, as we've worked to build this nation, and build your own nations to be as strong and fair as possible. It is therefore the duty of Latin American countries to provide solutions to its Latinos, just as other societies in religious, territorial, ideological or other conflicts also seek solutions to their plights. Trump's election was a redemption of America for the Americans," he concludes.

© 2017 Frederico Rochaferreira


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