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Free Speech Press - Intro Chapter

Updated on November 8, 2013
The importance of Free Speech and a Free Press is paramount in a Representative Society that with Security sometimes the Liberty of a Free Speech Press is extinguished.
The importance of Free Speech and a Free Press is paramount in a Representative Society that with Security sometimes the Liberty of a Free Speech Press is extinguished.

Free Speech Press

(A Short Story, Novel, and/or Articles in the importance of speaking your Mind)


These words are from the Free Speech Press of a poet that uses the penetration point power of words to open up people’s minds, who will then question their surroundings within these full spectrums of diverse viewpoints; that we must spread our minds onto extremes that will then moderate to a middle ground resolution with solutions. Will that solution be set in rigid concrete, or quicksand? A suggestion is that I would avoid having too many set in solid concrete, for life is an evolving sphere of never ending changes.

If you are judgmental, opinionated, prejudiced, intolerant, bigoted, and all those terms that make you a narrow minded egotistical fool; these words will never change your pompous ass. You are sitting on the Throne of Judgment taking a dump on life. If you are going to label this poet, in Scarlet Letters, do not read further, in that nobody can change this kind of person for they are a perfect idol of their own immaculate reflection.

So if you have made it to here, then you must be educated enough within diversity, and willing to listen, and read on about the need in America to have a Declaration of Independence that demonstrates America’s need for individual Free Speech Press. The reason, I linked Free Speech with the Free Press is that they share a common ground in our Constitution’s Civil Liberties.

The Free Press is under attack in America, where a few corporations now own almost all the Free Press mediums that these CEO Goliath Megaliths can manipulate America “At Will.” Especially when CEO’s become dictatorial editors that will censor diversity. That professional journalists and reporters are being replaced by politicians who belong to these corporate stables that will follow these CEO’s like lambs.

That the Free Press, Mr. President is not treason for its investigative journalism, but an intrinsic part of a civilized representative institution in any civilian run government. That the reason for a Free Press is ingrained in the Constitution, as a part of a process and tool of checks and balances of oversight and accountability.

Since some of you are always Right, I will be Left to question things searing for the demonstrable Truth. It is a strange thing that Truth has individual characteristics that only within theorem certain facts, can one start building a basis to expand the Truth from those points. Will I always be Right in what I say, I am a Liberal and I have the Right to be Left with my own viewpoints that you may, or may not accept. But under your own intelligence you can dissect my views to your own Uni-Que individual interpretation. So to say I am always Right, would be, let’s say, a Conservative lie.

In this discussion, I may use hyphens to split up words, like the universe that we all share, into Uni-Verse that is inside our individual Uni soul, within our mind’s Verse. Uni-Que is that Que inside a individual Uni mind that uniqueness that blossoms forth full of fruition. ARTmosphere, may be used, that it is the Art along with atmosphere that makes America such a creative place to be in. For example, we have Austin ARTmosphere, where it is so weird that people there tend to be never molded or cloned as lambs that follow Demigods.

So, I ask you how much does America in reality have to emulate your personal beliefs? Do those that stray from your divine path of puritanical acceptance, are then given a Scarlet label, and/or be completely turned off by you, as being insignificant or trivial? But on the other hand, there are those who will say, they are not prejudiced. Yeah Right, and I will sell you the Brooklyn Bridge for a buck. It is unfortunately a human attribute that soon after puberty will start to assert itself in prejudices. That some of us will become bullies, while others will tend to become submissive, introverts that may be ready to go off like a time bomb, ready to assert their personal identity, when they are pushed too far.

I used time bomb, so I guess, I am now on this NSA watch list of perverted Americans that uses their Free Speech Press right to open minds, as to why the NSA may be secretly censoring, filtering and/or hindering America’s Free Speech Press.

So if you are willing to continue after this intro, onto a path less taken that even I do not know right now know where it will go, or even when it will end, I will move forward.

If I have offended you, I am glad in a way. If not, just give me some more time, and I might just infuriate you into your Free Speech Press expressions. But always remember that the Free Speech Press sometimes sets minds on fire that with communication will extinguish with this greater understanding from different diverse perspectives.

May you be blessed within a Free Speech Press day that will share your individual Liberal open mind enlightenment.


Can I ask your opinion of this intro to this article or book on Free Speech and the Free Press. Please feel free to give any input and please if you have any time email it to Thank You in advance for read this and your comments if any. Another question is, what Chapters headings would you suggest for this project?

Is the Free Press important to America? How about the right to use our Free speech?

Dressed as Ole Ben for Halloween in my patriotic attire with a money belt of plastic Franklin's.
Dressed as Ole Ben for Halloween in my patriotic attire with a money belt of plastic Franklin's.
Another picture with different flock
Another picture with different flock
Yet another with a tricorn with a white edge and a Franklin scarf.
Yet another with a tricorn with a white edge and a Franklin scarf.


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    • profile image

      Howard Schneider 4 years ago from Parsippany, New Jersey

      Free speech along with freedom of the press are keys to the functioning of an open society. These were monuments of our Bill of Rights. Thank you for your extremely strong stance in support of these rights, Wonderful Hub and sentiments, Davelyoung1. Carry on the great work.