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Free Things We Should Give Appreciation Everyday

Updated on May 11, 2015

We tend to value something if it cost us much .We are sometimes caught up complaining why we don’t have this and that. Or sometimes in busy modes of the newest technology around us. Many times we might think that we can’t enjoy life because all must have a payment or at least on sale. The free things lists here were just around the corner. Maybe because we get used to it, we fail to realize its importance. And the ending is, we value something only if it is gone. Well it’s not too late.


The warmth that embrace us every morning. The heat it brings every afternoon that invites us to take a nap. And the mark of a new day. We all know sun. It has been here for a long time before mankind was born. It even kisses our skin to make it tanned. Summer will not be called summer without sun. Darkness will reign and all of the bats will prevail. Sorry if I made you scary on the latter part. But seriously we all be missing sun if it weren’t at the center of the solar system. What could really happen if we have to pay for it? Now that is just another accounting entry. By the way sun gives also so many vitamins and our body really demands it. So stop staying indoors and on air-conditioned rooms. Get out there!


With the rise of numerous skyscrapers in the city and even in some rural areas, others see trees as just an ornament because of its green color. Let’s not forget the shed it gives every summer, the fresh air it emits for our needed oxygen and how awesome our childhood when we try to climb it up and taste its fruits. It’s just that amazing how it reminds us life. The tree not only serves us our breathing companion but also shelters so many animals like birds, squirrels and different insects. Plus our home, furniture, food, clothing and paper depend on trees. Trees also save lives during strong typhoons because they sip away those large amounts of waters from heavy rains.


The reason why we can do everything right now without floating is gravity. I can’t imagine if we have to pay every single move we make because we need to have gravity. We can’t simply dance or exercise or even hug each other if gravity isn’t around. We can’t enjoy the water falls or eat decently because we can’t hold the food in our plate, it will fly around .And it’s so funny to imagine how we can emit those bodily charges like urine if gravity is not around .God is really genius how He design Earth. He doesn’t want us to have a hard time living without gravity.


Imagine if the air we breathe which is by the way called oxygen were measured by companies providing our consumption of it every second. Imagine if we always wear specialized backpacks that carry oxygen portables. Nightmare isn’t it? It will totally blow out our financial strategies! Oxygen is one of God’s gift to us that is so priceless, literally. Yet we always have taken for granted. I do hope now that Oxygen will be part of your thankful prayers.


Well besides of the romantic mood it sets, we will all miss moon without it .Not just because no more wolf sounds in the deep night but because the light it gives to aid us in seeing in the dark. Another thing is the high and low tides that are caused by the moon. Tides are helpful to sea animals that live in tide pools. So next time you see the moon be it on half or last quarter phase, appreciate it. The beauty it possesses is only one of the many free benefits we receive.


The dreams mentioned here are not those you do when you are in deep sleep but the actual ones you want to attain in life .For instance, travelling Europe or owning a grand mansion at Malibu. Dreams are the fire that stimulates us to go on and push the limits. It drives us to create and do something. It gives added hope to our hopeless situation. From our childhood up to now, we created numerous dreams .Can you imagine if we calculate how many dreams we make and how much would it cost if it’s not free? That would be chaotic. And we will be in financial debt. Good thing it’s free. So just continue listing down those dreams like there’s no tomorrow and act on it!


Every minute, and even every second we all have this. The greatest inventors start with this. Without ideas there will be no more smartphones, refrigerators or transportation. Everything started with the idea and then another and another. If an idea comes with a price, I bet no one would dare to do the gadgets and appliances that we adore now .Because making those isn’t just by having one idea they are composed of other follow up ideas. In line with this, our brains will not be used in its full capacity. What you are reading now is a product of an idea. Oh how precious ideas are. Thank God it’s free!


Everyone’s favorite after a tiring day. Just to lie down and reach that pillow. It’s mandatory for our body to sleep. Sleep is just as important as diet and exercise. We will all die for sure after how many days of not having a snooze. Sleep also regenerates our cell and is good added beauty regimen .Everyone loves sleep .Each of us have different reasons how valuable sleep in our lives. So stop staying up late and deprive yourself of sleep, come on its free.

The list here might only just few of the many free things we enjoy. So stop feeling poor of not having some other things. Be reminded of this, and little by little we will realize how blessed we are. It’s better to be content than always feel lacking .And it’s always important to know what you have when you have it not when it’s too late because you lose it.


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    • kristinekaren profile imageAUTHOR


      3 years ago from Philippines

      I'm thankful that my hub made you thankful.It's really a good thing that the project on blowing up the moon was abandoned.Do hope now no one will ever to attempt to do that again.

    • Hannah David Cini profile image

      Hannah David Cini 

      3 years ago from Nottingham

      Such a positive and lovely read. Thanks for writing and reminding us to be thankful for all the little blessings that we take for granted.

      I really don't think it could be true, but there were some conspiracy theories floating around that the Americans had planned to demolish the moon during the Cold War as a display of power - how empty and boring night would be without the moon.


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