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Freedom Fighters: Iranians Protest Oppressive Islamic Regime

Updated on January 5, 2018

Over the past couple of weeks, a steadily growing protest has been gathering steam. The Iranian people are beginning to come out against their tyrannical Islamic government. The Iranian government is responding by truly flexing their dictatorial strength, and thus proving exactly who they are. They are a nation ruled by Sharia Law, and religious oppression. There exists no freedom of religion, nor freedom from religion, in Iran. Women are relegated to second class citizenship, at best. Social media sites, which are a haven for those looking to get their message out, have been shut down by the government. Protestors, whether peaceful or violent, have been arrested and even killed. All in an attempt to tamp down this attempt at a slow-burning revolution, and keep the mutineers from having their day.

The American left, whose mission statement is that they fight against the oppression of any group or individual, have had a lukewarm response. Susan Rice offered some advice up for President Trump, who merely voiced strong support for those seeking freedom, which basically consisted of a "shut up." Feminist leaders like Linda Sarsour have been noticeably silent, even though many Muslim women are victims of the Iranian regime. Apparently she is too busy fighting against American hijab-stigma, to uplift Iranian women fighting for the right to be in public sans hijab. Is it because that would run counter to her domestic agenda?

What seems abundantly clear, is that members of the left continue to demonize Christians for holding fast to medieval, outdated, or prehistoric values, while remaining absolutely silent concerning the anti-basic human rights machine, that is the Islamic faith. Every time a homosexual is executed in Saudi Arabia... crickets. Whenever a middle eastern woman is raped, and subsequently executed, there is no hashtag campaign to be found. Disingenuous is putting it nicely. The left's record in this area is disgusting.

We should be fighting against the oppression of all people. Even though our personal ideology may not necessarily win the day, freedom should be the prevailing value. Basic human rights should b enjoyed by all, and the fight for them should be cheered and aided. The Obama administration fought so hard to bring a certain level of legitimacy to the Iranian regime, that they set the left up for this failure. Now, to advocate for the Iranian government's ouster, would mean crapping all over the Obama administration's crown jewel achievement of Major League Diplomacy. We all know they wouldn't dare cross their hero.

© 2018 James Sanders


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