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Freedom Of Speech In Modern Day.

Updated on July 11, 2015

No Restrictions, Please.

I never came across a situation in which someone was being forced to shut up, when that person was telling the truth.

It was a truism that a person might make derogatory remarks that might offend a group of people or a community. Yet, if there was substantiated evidence to support those comments, then the narrator must have the right to be heard.

That has been the American way for many centuries, and ought not be changed, now or ever. Otherwise, the culture of "law and order", upon which the Nation was founded would be obliterated, and that would make the founding fathers look extraordinarily naive.

Their experiences have been inculcated in that culture, and so, to make that to stay unaltered or permanent, they had brought forth a specific document; namely, the United States Constitution, whose amendments have allowed inalienable rights with respect to individual persons over the institution of government, which wielded the overall power of the State.

The foremost of those rights has been the freedom of speech, which permitted a person the instrument to use to express his or her views; and whether they (views) were acceptable or not would depend on the person's peers in both a court of law and/or what was referred to as the court of public opinion.

Undoubtedly, that ruling had emanated from the Magna Carta; the original document, given by ancient "witans" to make government, with all its subsidiaries and branches,sustainable, but fair in its actions.

Politically, modern governments have also had their sources stemming from that document (the Magna Carta).

So, one couldn't help it, but become infuriated, when a person was being denied his or her right to speak his or her mind; and that would bring us to the present day political situation, in which all the individuals, who have declared to vie for the presidency of the United States, were speaking freely in their campaigns. Yet, one particular person was being asked to "tone down" his campaign speeches. What?

Everybody knew how much trouble the nation was in; and what must be found was a person, who could get it (nation) in the clear once again, so to speak.

In that case, free speech must become more important, for the electorate to make its mind crystallized about all those candidates. Probably, the one, who was being more vociferous was the one capable of redeeming the nation from its problems; who knew?

Unless each individual was given the opportunity to equally express his or her opinion freely, the nation would have more serious problems ahead, even than now.

Conservatives founded this nation. The so called liberals and progressives have done nothing, but damage the fabric of the American society; and if they were permitted to continue with their ways, America wouldn't be recognized as the powerful nation its founders envisaged for its future.

As it has been said, "If America (USA) goes; so will the rest of the world". Besides, Mexicans didn't care a fig about the USA. Americans should therefore worry about what happened to their country and its future.



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