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Freedom Of Speech: Take it or leave it.

Updated on January 27, 2016

Everything must qualify for Freedom of Speech.

What exactly does it take these days to conform to the ever so baffling gangway to a better future known as political correctness? There seems to be a lot of confusion as to what you can and cannot say in this digital age we live in.

With the rapid growth of social media websites such as Facebook and Twitter, everyone and his brother has decided to throw in their two pennies about this, that and the other. If you were to look at a handful of the opinions posted by people of all different walks of life and look at the responding comments, you will learn that virtually no one is immune from the venom cannon.

Just like those who post their opinions, their views also come from different walks of life. Some feel the need to defend their faith or religion to the death when another points out the flaws in their holy books. The same can all be said for politics, other cultures and even sports teams.

Most people these days have cast of the old ‘values’ of religion and state that in this modern world it is ridiculous to believe in such madness such as a magic man in the sky. However, some of those who choose not to put their faith in a mythical higher being seem to be more than happy to pick any other institution, one everyone knows exists, and suddenly take a giant leap backwards in time when things like religion could never be judged for fear of a major backlash.

Yes, politics, sports teams and even the non-religious practices of the many cultures this planet has to offer have somehow become battlefronts of the new millennium. Whilst many feel the overwhelming desire to treat their new found beliefs in non-religious institutions as though they were in fact much bigger than Jesus himself, it seems that the world hasn’t moved on from religion in the attempt to create a more open and fairer society, but just shifted it to something else. The only difference is, these new holy institutions actually exist. Political parties exist, football clubs exist and that’s why Neo Religion will last so much longer.

So why are we allowed to mock the new faith and not the old one? Many people out there still cling to the idea that an old man with a big white beard is watching us from the sky, despite not one single astronaut spotting him. You would think a place like heaven would be rather noticeable, wouldn’t you?

What annoys me is that religions like Christianity and Islam have threatened civilisation more than the first and second world wars combined. With one point of a finger God or Allah can destroy mankind for not doing as he says. Oh what a charmer he is. I hope he never did kids parties. The problem is, we still have to respect and even tolerate the mind numbing garbage that spews from the mouths of those who follow the aforementioned faiths and listen to them drone on about how I am going to damn everyone to hell because I do not believe in God.

I’ve never been in an argument or debate with anyone who was religious. Mainly because religion, as a topic, bores the crap out of me and I’d sooner be getting on with things that matter, like scratching my arse. Also, having witnessed other people battle it out on God’s on battlefield (Facebook), I have noticed that no matter what the rational minded non-believer throws at the holier than thou specimen on the other end regarding the origins of life, the believer will always try to knock it out the park with a page from the bible or Koran, or some other text that we still haven’t found the original manuscript for.

With right wing Christians in America slowly turning the land of the free into the Christian Saudi Arabia, it is safe to say that the dream of a purely intellectual world is fading away. With religions like Islam (oh, get ready for the backlash) returning to its primitive form since the mid to late 20th century, we are now seeing more and more fundamentalist groups gaining ground in the middle east with the plan to impose absolute religious rule over the people who dared to enjoy an ounce of freedom.

Yet with all this happening, I am still not allowed to say to you that I think your religion of faith is crap? I don’t like to see racism or cultures being persecuted by knuckle dragging morons, but I should be allowed to point out sections of your religion or faith that scare the hell out of me or just seem plain wrong to be accepted or even tolerated in modern society.

I don’t want to turn people to the dark side of their religion, but saying that religion these days is all about peace and togetherness, where the hell does it say that in your holy book? As much as I hate how right wing religion still is these days, if you are going to be religious then at least be the evil finger pointing despot your faith commands you to be. If you are religious and begin to accept other people’s faiths then you aren’t doing it right.

The world isn’t getting better. Those who fight for freedom of speech will turn their back on it as soon as they see a response to a comment they made that they don’t like. They will then demand that all non-mainstream opinion be banned because it isn’t PC enough to go on their precious Facebook page.

We are all free thinking human beings with opinions. If someone chooses to use their spare time to rant on about how every other culture on the planet sucks compared to his then yes that person is a moron, but am I going to stop him from being able to voice this? No, because freedom of speech isn’t just a tool for good, a lot of people will use it to express very narrow minded views. But that is freedom of speech, and it isn’t negotiable. If you want it, fight for it and be prepared to deal with the gutter snipe that choose to use it for racism and bigotry, or say “no thanks we want a PC controlled country where anything you say could land you in trouble.”

Be good to one another. Take the sensible views and opinions of others to heart and remember that they are entitled to that opinion. Don’t lash out and rally against them, because an entire group of people going against one single person voicing their opinion isn’t a fair fight and doesn’t say much about you or the values you hold dear.

To sum up: I am not religious and I do not like religion because of what it stands for. If you post me a comment regarding your religious views, I will voice my own opinions against your faith and why I do not like it. It will not be racist, fascist or bigoted, unless that is how you choose to receive my opinion. I will not throw eggs at you in the street or attack your church or mosque with any kind of fire power, so please stop acting like I have done just because of the opinions I have because of freedom of speech.

What is your view on Freedom of Speech?

Would complete freedom of speech benefit our society?

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© 2014 Kevin Aodha


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