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The Free in Freedom of Speech

Updated on February 15, 2018

Freedom of speech is more than just one our American rights. It allows us to be different from one another, rather than all think the same. If we weren't allowed to to voice our opinions without fear of persecution, this country would be somewhat of a dictatorship. However there are many people in this country that don't feel as if people who think differently than them shouldn't be allowed to express it. These people believe that restricting what you say is acceptable and should continue to be done. Luckily for those who do care about it, the following explains why freedom of speech is important and should not be restricted.

The most important reason to not restrict freedon of speech is that United States of America was founded on multiple beliefs, one of them being freedom of speech. It is found under the First Amendment of the U.S. Constitution. To force a person to say certain words simply because you don’t like what this person says or find it offensive is unconstitutiona. If you click on this link and scroll down to the amendmenta section, you can see that the Constitution protects all forms of speech.

Being able to speak your mind is a great way for progressive change. Many people hava uniquely great ideas for change, but without the right to share it, things would be the same and that wouldn’t necessarily be a good thing. Voicing opinions and different views has shaped America into a great country. If we coudon’t speak out against right and wrong speak out against important issues corruption would consume this country. This article by Lincoln Universit,, goes more detail of the importance of freedom of speech. Another article to look at for more information that supports the claim that free speech leads to great things and is important is

There are many viewpoints in the world. To deam certain ones as something that shouldn’t be expressed and to deny anyone from peacefully demonstrating or talking about their views is unconstitutional. In an article by, multiple universities have had to increase security for speakers as well as revoked invitations to others. There’s shouldn’t be a need to have extra security at a speaking event. It doesn’t matter what your viewpoin is, you are allowed to express it without persecution. In college students are supposed to be introduced to new ideas and to deny a speaker the ability to reach out to these students goes against one of this country’s founding principles as well as brings harm to the students by restricting who they get to hear from at their school.

Standing up for what you believe in is nothing to be ashamed of and people feel threatened. To disrupt a an individual‘s voice when expressing an important matter to them goes against everthing our founding fathers fought for. The polical party a person chooses does not call for persecution of any kind. It doesn’t matter which party you like, in America you are allowed to pick any stance on political issues and not be judged.

Voicing an idea or belief is perfect for individual growth as well. The ability to express your interests and opinion allows you to be your own person and not what others want you to be. Having your own thoughts gives you the opportunity to become a leader instead of a follower. If people all thought and spoke the same way, there would be nothing for people to discuss and everyone would be a slave with a one track mind.

Keep in mind that while there should not be any restrictions on free speech, it is necessary that thereare some limitations to keep order. People should not yell “Fire” or ”Bomb” if there is none. When these phrases are said people often panick and this puts people’s lives in danger. Even though you shouldn’t say these words for no logical reason, you can still say these words when needed, which doesn’t make it a restriction. Another thing that free speech does not protect is to threaten another person. Free speech protects thing such as the truth, a person’s belief, hate speech, or an idea that is not intended to bring harm or constructs the possibility of bringing harm to another. Bringing harm to another isn‘t expressing an idea, its typically senseless violence, with the exception of self defense or procting others. An article posted on specifies what the Supreme Court defines something that isn’t protected by the First Amendment.

In conclusion freedom of speech is important to our country. While people shouldn’t say anything to put another individual in danger, there should be no restrictions on what someone says. To limit words, phrases or ideas a person says contradicts the whole freedom part in free speech.


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    • bradmasterOCcal profile image

      bradmasterOCcal 6 weeks ago from Orange County California

      Do you think that you are allowed to express your freedom of speech here on hub pages?

    • profile image

      Chris Peruzzi 7 weeks ago

      I really enjoyed reading your article. I agree with your viewpoints of the importance of freedom of speech. It is also interesting to think about how kneeling for the national anthem is a freedom of speech to, thoughts?