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Freegle Re-use Group, Cardiff, Wales

Updated on July 9, 2017

Freegle in Cardiff

Cardiff is the capital city of Wales, a vibrant but compact city of around 341,054 souls. Residents like to think of themselves as part of a cosmopolitan community - the city grew out of the docks, fondly called Tiger Bay, where people of all nations settled, married had families and spread through the city.

Cardiff Freegle is open for business - an easy way to recycle, free-recycle, upcycle and anything-you-like-cycle. Join now to become part of Cardiff's newest re-use community group.

You can join right here: Cardiff Freegle on Yahoo Groups or here: Freegle on Facebook or even here: Cardiff Freegle on Freegle Direct.

Or read on to discover more...

Update: Freegle in the news: Daily Mail

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History of Freegle

Freegle was launched on 11th September, 2009 after a number of UK Freecycle groups became disillusioned with the US-based parent organisation. The group owners and moderators felt that a network specific to Britain would be able to better serve the membership. Currently there are 1,347,887 members on 346 groups across the country.

These two articles in the Guardian and the Ecologist document the animosity engendered by the split.

My Group

I have been running a re-use group since 2004. My group is based in an area just north and west of Cardiff. We were the original Freecycle group for Rhondda Cynon Taff and then, like so many, we decided to keep our autonomy and a friend set up the Realcycle network.

Recently, I decided to align my group with Freegle, though retaining our Realcycle name. Browsing around the Freegle site, I noticed that there was no group for Cardiff. The capital of Wales, the 10th largest city in the UK needed to be Freegled. So I have volunteered to start it. Once the group becomes established we will be looking for volunteer local moderators to keep it running smoothly. In the meantime, we just need members!

UPDATE: After 12 years of running the groups, I have decided to bow out. Freegle is now available on so many different platforms that I was finding it difficult to keep up. So I handed the reins over to some very capable volunteers. Long may they continue.

You never know what a Freegle member will do with that old bathtub you want to get rid of. (Creative Commons)
You never know what a Freegle member will do with that old bathtub you want to get rid of. (Creative Commons) | Source

What's the Deal With Re-Use Groups?

Most re-use organisations today are based on the Freecycle model. Freecycle was started in 2003 by Deron Beale in Tucson, Arizona. Freecycle was a great idea – you wanted to get rid of something, then you just posted a message on your local community board (Yahoo Groups was the chosen platform). An item, large or small, that you were going to throw out now becomes a useful resource for another person.

The basic concept of re-use community groups is still the same. However, the emphasis is slightly less on recycling stuff that would end up in landfill, after all, most councils run their own recycling centres and not nearly so much goes to the tip these days. The value of a community re-use group is that people who are on low incomes, temporarily out of work, and those who simply want to live more sustainably and frugally can benefit from other members who, for whatever reason, need an article taken off their hands.

Cardiff Freegle:
Cardiff, UK

get directions

If you live in Cardiff, please consider offering your re-usable, unwanted items to other members. Freegle: Don’t throw it away – give it away!

Re-Use Poll

What's your opinion of re-use groups?

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Five Good Reasons to Declutter Your Home

  • You need the space. Not just because you need more room but because having unloved things around you saps your personal energy.
  • Helps you to organise your home more efficiently. It's something you won't have to clean any more.
  • Help another person and get that warm, cuddly feeling you get when you do a good turn for a stranger... and you never know, you may even make a new friend in the process.
  • If you are hoping for a new thing whatever it might be, it helps psychologically to make room for it to come. Each time you walk past the space, you can imagine your new item sitting there. It works – things come quicker if you keep visualising having them already.
  • Keep an item from going into landfill. Well, okay, maybe your once-loved, slightly rusty bicycle is a little too good to go to the tip, but you just don't know. Give it to someone who might repair it and use it for years and years.

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    • theraggededge profile imageAUTHOR

      Bev G 

      6 years ago from Wales, UK

      Thanks, AliciaC. I've been running a group like this since 2004 - it is rewarding and doesn't take too much time to make a contribution to the community. I live just outside Cardiff nowadays.

    • AliciaC profile image

      Linda Crampton 

      6 years ago from British Columbia, Canada

      Donating items for re-use is a great idea, theraggededge. I was initially attracted to your hub when I saw that it was about Cardiff, because I lived there for many years, but I'm very glad that I've learned what a "Freegle" group is. Forming a group like this sounds like an excellent plan.

    • theraggededge profile imageAUTHOR

      Bev G 

      6 years ago from Wales, UK

      Thank you, Green Art.

    • Green Art profile image

      Green Art 

      6 years ago

      Great hub! Reuse, up-cycle, donate, items that no longer serve a particular purpose is right up my alley. I've done it for years but can always learn new ways on how to manage the things I own. Voted UP and useful


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