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Froggy's World Part Three

Updated on June 10, 2015
Froggy213 profile image

In 2007, Greg's 23 month old Grandson was killed. At that point, he found a need to write about his family, crime, and local issues.

Two Steps Forward; One Step Back

There has been a lot going on ever since the making of my last two hubs on this series. I will link to them below.

If you haven't read

Froggy's World


Froggy's World Part Two

You probably should before this one as this is an ongoing autobiography.

For a lot of you, you may need Kleenex. I know that I will cry my heart out writing this.

Hospital Visits

This whole thing has been hard on health matters in our family. My wife is now on kydney dialysis. It is difficult at three days a week, four hours a day. We maintain, and it does seem to be helping her health.

The investigation into little Jonathan's death has not helped either of our health.

The Doctor put me on Prozac; that wasn't good. It made me feel like committing suicide. I quit taking them.

On the dialysis subject, this last month I had to take her to the hospital five different times to replace the catheters. They were either faulty, or would pull up out of her vein.

She is much too young to have to go through all this. With much hope and prayer, I ask a kydney transplant in her near future. She is on the waiting list.


Here is the touchy subject. God knows I have cried myself to sleep at night thinking about this. Jonathan's case has been under investigation since that dreadful night; June 23rd, 2007. I still remember holding him when he was pronounced deceased.

Jonathan's birthday is July 10th. He would have been three.

Scroll down and I will explain further.

Here is a picture of both of my Grandson's. Elijah is a blessing. His smile and demeanor keep me in good spirits.

Who Do I Believe?

The title of this capsule is a question I ask myself quite often.

Our prosecutor, Angie Hemphill Wright called my wife and I in just the other day.

At the start of the conversation I explained that I had been working on forgiveness. I told her that I didn't know if jail was the answer. She told me that maybe I could forgive, but she couldn't. She proceeded to tell me that the ex-boyfriend is, by all studies, a sociopath. The other term for a sociopath is a psychopath. She told me that he was on his way to jail for probation violation,as a matter of fact he was in city hall right then getting sentenced to 90 days.

Well, he escaped. As far as I know he is still on the run. Click on this sentence for that full story.

Angie also told us that they believe they know how Jonathan died, but that there is no proof. She also asked me not to talk about it, but also said no charges will be filed. Huh? Don't want me to talk about it.

A bit more of the story before I tell you how they believed Jonathan died.

Stat Team

I am really wondering about this whole STAT Team that Department of Social Services sent in.

I was told that in the original meeting right after Jonathan's death, Susan Stoltz who ran the "team" actually argued with the coroner about the cause of death. I would very much like to see her credentials. Is she a doctor? I have never seen M.D. in front of her name.

The coroner took our case to a national convention of coroners. Many believe this is the cause of his death, but cannot prove.

Watch this video.

My Agony

I'm sure you get the idea; you see, Jonathan's brain was not swollen in one area as would happen in a fall. It was completely swollen real bad!!

They say they cannot prove. I think that is bull!

My anger is mighty right now. Have they caught the guy? Why did he run?

I believe there is great circumstantial evidence. This guy admitted being alone with Jonathan in the shower. He said Jonathan "fell" and he didn't seek help.

The guy is a psychopath and I believe he tells half-truths.

I analyze and analyze; my take on it is: Jonathan DID fall and he was crying and the guy put a wet wash cloth over Jonathan's mouth. He wouldn't want the neighbor's hearing Jonathan crying and screaming {The cut over his eye was deep}. The wet cloth cut off oxygen to Jonathan because it is just like drowning.

The guy said that Jonathan crawled to the back of the shower; I would say that he probably PUT Jonathan in the back of the shower and kept taking his shower.

Watch this video. See how hard it is on a grown man, just think what it would be like to a small child.

Can You Help

I have been looking for someone who can prove this. I believe much of the evidence is convincing already.

I am asking for help. Anyone you may know.

I have e-mailed Dr Alan Keller. He is the Director of the NYU/Bellevue Torture Survivors Program.

The Good!

With anything there has to be some good that comes out of it. We have started a non-profit and started raising money for a Jonathan's House. This will be a home that children who are in possible danger can go. Isabel House is a similar program.

What Is Next?

Well, that is where Froggy and his family sit now.

I trust in my Lord and Savior. I will keep fighting because it wasn't right and I am adamant about


© G.L. Boudonck

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© 2008 Greg Boudonck


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    • profile image

      I Osment 8 years ago

      This story is heart breaking. I am so glad you have leaned on Him, as only He can lead you back to the path of love, joy, and forgiveness. I pray for your daughter, also. She will eventually endure terrible guilt over this. I will pray for you and your family and I know God's justice is better than anything we can deliver in our courts or through acts of vengence.

    • G-Ma Johnson profile image

      Merle Ann Johnson 9 years ago from NW in the land of the Free

      OMG you have so much strength...and you know where it comes from...I am in awe of you and pray everyday for your wife and you...and I think I have small I hope my prayers are heard for you...I am truly wanting you to be ok...and the video's were grueling but so true...Hurt and pain are never what we want...but must offer them up for that pain HE went through for us...I offer mine everyday to Him...Love and Prayers and Hope and Caring to you...G-Ma :o) Hugs / Peace

    • debi56 profile image

      debi56 9 years ago from bremerton

      As I said before, I would not be able to recover if I lost a child. I am still haunted by the abuse that my ex caused to my children. They are safe phsyically but emotionally the scars never leave.

      One of my sons spent 8 years in prison and I almost lost another one to suicide. God has been good to me though and I love him dearly.

      I hope your wife is doing better. The holidays can either be a blessing or a curse.

    • Froggy213 profile image

      Greg Boudonck 9 years ago from Will soon return to an Isla Del Sol - Puerto Rico Will Rise Strong

      I commend you Debi for being able to read all of this. My heart is broke and with the holidays it's just harder to keep the emotions down.

    • debi56 profile image

      debi56 9 years ago from bremerton

      This is heart wrenching. He was a beautiful boy. I will never understand how anyone can do something to a child. They are innocent and defenseless.