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From Down Here~Torches & Pitchforks from the 47%

Updated on October 15, 2012

S&M Memetics vs. Barack Obama

I am currently in the middle of writing a play with the same name as the above title. Well, minus the Barack Obama part. I had wanted to finish it before the election with hopes it might get some attention but it doesn’t look like I’m going to make it. It involves the friendships of four Democrats as they work at a Republican controlled board of elections on a generic election day in 2012. The protagonist is writing a doctoral dissertation with the same title as the play, S&M Memetics. It deals with the new and accelerated version of a relatively new area of sociological study, the study of the meme. Memes are thoughts or ideas or fads or more importantly gossip or buzz words that take hold in a society. Richard Dawkins coined the word meme in his 1976 book The Selfish Gene which aligns the evolutionary process with memes as a way that ideas spread through a culture. They evolve. It’s a brilliant standalone concept but with the introduction of the internet, memes spread at an exponential rate. Another key factor is the internet’s innate ability to target specific groups and cater to their weaknesses and desires.

It is my contention that memetics or more over S&M Memetics is responsible for the birthers and other such ridiculous, dim witted anti-Obama groups. Memetic engineering has become the new science of internet. Obama’s successful internet campaign in 2008 didn’t escape the studious eyes of the Koch brothers and the other mass contributors to the Republican Super-PACs. I can’t remember what Frankenstein movie it was where the monster kills Dr. Frankenstein but this is kind of the way it looks. S&M, by the way, makes no reference to Sadomasochism it refers to the words stupid and mean. Stupid because they have absolutely no basis in truth and mean because they just are, in reference to racial and religious prejudice.

My main character, Fran, a lesbian and thirty-something grad student, adds another bit of chum to the memetic waters. She believes the populace holds receptors or tendencies if you will, that are born within the dynamic of family upbringing and social environment. These receptors then grab onto the meme and make it their own. She says, “Think of it as a wind that sweeps over a population.” It is a wind is chocked full of racial and religious prejudice. This wind is aimed at a population that is scared and disgusted with their disintegrating social structure and failed economy and is either consciously or subconsciously, racially prejudiced. Hell, we just passed the Civil Rights Act forty-eight years ago! The primary goal of this memetic campaign was to unseat and undermine the president but it has succeeded in calling up a contingent of some of the most anarchistic lunatics you could ever imagine. Nice work Tex!

Then we have the sad tale of the uninformed. People that will usually say, “I don’t really get into politics.” These people are the sheep or in this case the lemmings. I’ve been trying to rationalize the fact that some of the people that I know are intelligent, are still voting Republican or worse yet Tea Party. How can this be? Fran and I attribute it to memetic isomorphism. What?! Memetic isomorphism is a phenomena that usually happens in organizations or companies but in this case it might be considered mass hysteria. It’s the premise that if that if a person follows a course of action and he’s doing well then I’ll follow the same course and I’ll do as well as he has. It’s a form of copycat. With the anti-Obama memes people hear phrases like “He’s helping the deadbeat welfare recipients” or “He’s a Muslim.” or “He wasn’t born in this country.” Mitt Romney’s latest favorite is the “apology” meme. That’s all they need to hear. It’s because they’re snippeted. We’re all snippeted to an extent. We’re programmed to hear snippets of news. We’re too lazy to bother with depth. With Romney you hear nothing but ambiguous statements and generic coveralls. He’s like wallpaper. His own party isn’t really sure where he stands. I’m sure Paul Ryan will show him the way.

I don’t know what the Republican party is going to look like in a couple of years. I think Sarah Palin and Michelle Bachman should just break off and start the MILF party. Right? Hey, you never know. Maybe they could get Christine O’Donnell to join them. Their theme song could be Black Magic Woman. No? Too vulgar? Hey, I thought vulgar is what the Republican party is all about. I think it’s vulgar to restrict voting rights, I think it’s vulgar to destroy Social Security and Medicare. I think it’s vulgar when limits were lifted on campaign contributions so the 1% could pump millions into Tea Party super-PACs. It appears money can’t buy brains because the Tea Party been dredging up some of the zaniest characters this side of Looney Tunes. For a few sensible Republicans, the house floor must look like a Star Wars bar.

I think Mitt Romney should just chill out on the family yacht and take a cruise like the other1%ers do. You know, giant yacht, three passengers, 2-30,000 gallon diesel fuel tanks(Think car pool.), crew of twenty. What the hell. Drink single malt scotch and smoke Cuban cigars for heaven’s sake! Oh, that’s right, Mormons can’t smoke or drink. Well, get a couple more wives and make a stand for polygamy then. I loved Big Love! If you’re a billionaire why in the hell would you want to be president? Could it be because you have been chosen to represent the 1% by the 1% under threat of what, expulsion from the Newport Yacht Club? Did they tell you that you wouldn’t have to wear that weird Mormon underware anymore Mitt? Well I’m sorry my friend, that was false. You’re still going to have to wear it! Is this a hostile takeover by corporate billionaires like Romney to create a country of slaves where the populace is reduced to serfdom? How many Chinese sweat shops do you own Mitt? Hey man, we don’t want to live like the Chinese! And really, who puts a dog on the roof of a car? Mitt? Why?

Trying to reconfigure voting qualifications and limiting voting times to bias an election is nothing short of shameful. You pompous bastards! If the Republican party is going to stoop to such a blatant defamation of the constitution one must ask, “Who the hell are these people? Are they American? Are they human?” They’ve been trying to kill the bargaining rights of cops, firemen, teachers and transportation workers. You know, the people that protect us, the people to whom we entrust our children. They want to give people on Medicare a $6,500.00 voucher? Please! That wouldn’t pay for two days in an ICU. Under the Paul Ryan plan, the people that have health care or have the money to pay will be held hostage by the health care giants and the pharmaceutical companies. The have-nots will simply be dead. I guess you have to keep the proletariat population down somehow or at least under control. Right? They breed like rabbits anyway. You know that. Oops, didn’t pass the Violence Against Women Act or the Farm Bill either. Why? Want more violence against women? Republican women don’t think it applies to them? What, can’t pass a bill to help the people who feed this country? Can’t help the farmers? Don’t like farmers? Don’t like women? All of the above? What??

My fellow Americans I think the case is clear. This isn’t an election of Democrat vs. Republican or conservative vs. liberal. It’s an election of good vs. evil. Perhaps we have reached a point where our busy, scrimping lifestyles and incessant texting have blinded us to what’s really at stake here, which is our very lives. Oh yeah, it’s life or death right now. It’s the life we’ve all come to know and love and it’s all on the line now. It could be over. It appears from Romney’s recent comments that 47% of us, and that’s a bipartisan “us” by the way, are going to get disenfranchised if he gets in. We’ve been written off. We don’t count. Well who does count Mitt? People that can afford a $50,000 a plate fund raiser for your sorry ass? Are these your “peeps”? Are 53% of the population really this wealthy that they can throw down 50 G’s on a stupid dinner to hear an idiot speak? I don’t think so. I think it’s more like 1%. This makes you wonder if some of the illuminati conspiracy theories have some basis in fact. As for Mitt Romney and his crew, they’re exonerated because they are clearly not illuminati, but blatantly diminati. You’re off the hook on that one Mitt.

Take this into consideration, when will we ever have a president or a candidate from a single parent home? Who would have thought it even possible? Obama is a gift, let’s not waste him. When will we ever have a candidate who is not some rich guy from an affluent family but one of us from the masses? He lived with his mother and grandparents, he knows what it’s like for us From Down Here in the soup of society. Here’s a guy who has had to scholarship his way into Columbia and Harvard with hard work, tenacity and resolve. If those aren’t presidential qualifications I don’t know what are. He’s a Harvard law professor for God’s sake! What? Not good enough? Come on! When will we ever have a man who has kept his cool like Obama has under the intense persecution that he has had to endure? He has shown a depth of character that should make all Americans proud. We’re proud of you Mr. President. Now, we’ve got to get behind him, this Barack Obama, this guy from Hawaii. Yeah, he’s Hawaiian so shut the hell up! Let’s cut the stupid s**t. Let’s cut the S&M memes. Let’s move forward and do some evolution of our own. Mahalo, Barack Obama, “Ua Mau ke Ea o ka ‘Aina i ka Pono.”

I had to have a photo to feature this hub.
I had to have a photo to feature this hub.
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    • GuitarGear profile imageAUTHOR

      Walter Holokai 

      6 years ago from Youngstown, Ohio

      I think Obama is a gift. We will likely never see another president with the kind of insight he has into the lives of the common people. He is truly one of us and will go down in history as one of the greatest presidents of all time. I love this guy!

    • Credence2 profile image


      6 years ago from Florida (Space Coast)

      Guitar Gear, My sentiments exactly, the lack of any empathy for the less fortunate and Romney's blatant demonstration of this throughout the campaign did not endear him to many of us.

      I said prior to November 6th, 'may the best man win' and guess what, he did!

      Thanks, great article

    • My Esoteric profile image

      Scott Belford 

      6 years ago from Keystone Heights, FL

      It wasn't posted yet, but I will look again in a day or two.

    • GuitarGear profile imageAUTHOR

      Walter Holokai 

      6 years ago from Youngstown, Ohio

      I've written another political hub and referenced that same RWA hub of yours. I loved it and thought it really hit the nail on the head. I hope you like my new one titled: Who's 'Yo Daddy? If for some reason you don't like it or find it's content objectionable just let me know and I'll edit out the reference to your RWA hub. Thanks for your comment! I find your hubs interesting and informative. I'll keep reading.

    • My Esoteric profile image

      Scott Belford 

      6 years ago from Keystone Heights, FL

      Fascinating and well written! 10 Likes and 4 Pins, but no comments, I wonder why.

      To your question - "I’ve been trying to rationalize the fact that some of the people that I know are intelligent, are still voting Republican or worse yet Tea Party. How can this be?" - you might review my hub on Right Wing Authoriarian (RWA) followers, you find your idea of memes included. Followers must have leaders, many who have a Social Domination Orientation (SDO), those are your evil ones.

      What is sad to know, the social aspect of today's conservatives (I have learned to drop the Party label because this is a philosophical issue, and it migrates from Party to Party over time.) was the norm prior to 1929.


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