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From The Producers That Made The Racist Arizona Teen Video...

Updated on February 16, 2012

Comes This Video...Now Playing in YouTube and World Star Hip Hop!

Another Racist Video On The Loose

Here it goes again...another racist video against "minorities" that goes viral. A part of me was skeptical about writing this hub because 1. It will give these girls more notoriety and 2. Because racism in itself is a sensitive topic. But I have a lot on my mind on this video and I have the feeling that some or most of my readers can relate as well. These racist videos in my opinion is getting out of hand because they are getting attention for all the wrong reasons.

This 14-minute rant video starts off with these teens responding to the "hate mail" they received after making the first racist video. She responds to the "hate mail" by making racial comments and generalizations about African-Americans and even went as far as saying the n-word like it was going out of style to describe the difference between "regular black folks" and that term. She mentions that African-Americans take up 60 percent of her high school, 10 percent are foreigners, while she apparently couldn't do the rest of the math that about 30 percent of whites attend her school. She also mentioned that 90 percent of whites graduated from her school while most blacks do not finish school because apparently they have babies so they can get welfare checks. In addition, she claimed that blacks do not know how to speak proper English and claimed that she and her sidekick talk "eligible" English. Honey, it's legible. But wait a minute, she then mentions that she has "black friends" that also made fun of n-word.

My opinion on this video as a person of African descent is this: pure ignorance. I am not going to really go in on them like some people and curse them out because first of all, they are teenagers and I am a grown woman. By me doing that, I would be on their level of ignorance and worse, I would fit the stereotype that they are describing, but as the "angry black woman". However, I do agree that some of my people, as well as people of other races abuse the welfare system and buy things they do not need. Why specifically do they pick on African-Americans? Because unfortunately, when few people of African descent do something that is totally inappropriate (i.e. talk loudly, fight, see shows like Basketball Wives and Love and Hip Hop for an example), all black people look bad. Some people of European descent may make generalizations about us as a people and assume that we fit the stereotype(s). Which is not right in my opinion, but that is the cold world we live in. And also, we (black people) have allowed people of other races to talk down on us.

As to the girls, the reason why I say that the video is ignorant was because they do not have the full grasp of life yet, meaning that they have not obtained enough education as well as experience about African-Americans and their history. The few black friends they mentioned are those who are visibly black but socially and culturally white in terms of their mentality and their experiences. As for not "talking right" comment, it is ignorant as well because people of African decent and throughout the African diaspora have their own way of talking called Ebonics and creole (broken-down English). Personally, I speak Ebonics to my friends and family and can also speak legibly, or talk in a articulate manner to others. My family, originally from Belize, Central America, speak creole as well as speak in a articulate manner. People of other cultures, even Latin-Americans (which also refers to the fact that the girl in the vid is half-Cuban), have their own way of speaking. So in other words, there is a cultural difference. And if she bothered to look up her Cuban side, the Cuban culture is African-influenced. As for African-Americans living in the "ghetto", it is ignorant as well. I do believe in the fact that it is not where you live, it's where you are going in life. There are both individual and social factors as to why African-Americans live in the "ghetto", but I will save that discussion for another day.

These girls obviously do not realize the consequences of their video because there are people out there that do not give a damn that will react violently towards them. I will not do harm because at the end of the day, I have better things to do. They do not put me in bed at night and pay my bills. Also, this confirms (in my opinion) that race is a social issue designed to segregate rather than unite. There is only one race: Homo sapiens sapiens. We only have cultural difference, that is all.


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    • shaynadc89 profile image

      Shayna Cacho 5 years ago from Brooklyn, NY, Living in Delaware

      @ Chasuk...thanks for your feedback and yes there is a division between different cultures and over their superiority. It's stupid because at the end of the day we are all human beings.

    • profile image

      Chasuk 5 years ago

      Morphological differences exist, but it is the cultural differences that define us. Unfortunately, it is also these cultural differences which divide us.

      Voted up.