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From West to East, the Friends in Deed!

Updated on May 24, 2015

When two powerful nations interact, people start speculating number of things. And this is true even in case of USA and India, current super power and rising super power. USA and India has come a long distance form arch enemies in late 50’s to friends in deed in this new millennium. Relations are clearer with the types of name calling in the diplomatic arena: President Richard Nixon calling Prime Minister Mrs. Indra Gandhi as “White Witch” during hostility era; to Prime Minister Narendra Modi using first name Barack to address President Obama during ‘bromance’ era. The ‘bromance’ between Obama and Modi has written closer ties between India and USA as never before.

But,is all this just change of hearts or things is more complex behind the closed curtain of bureaucratic diplomacy. Since the day India opened its door for foreign investment we can see gradual shift in the relationship between India and USA. The close ties between India and USA reached new height with Obama hosting Modi who was just a year back not allowed to enter USA. He then returned the favor, by inviting President Obama as the chief guest during Republic Day Parade.

If we keep ‘bromance’ aside and look into the economics of the new found friendship between India and USA things might become clearer. The visit of president Obama is considered as one of his most successful outing as President during his last term. The main motivation of the visit was to resolve the six-year old nuclear liability logjam and form close ties in defence sector. The friends in deeds diluted the Civil Liability for Nuclear Damage Act (CLNDA), 2010. This ‘bromance’ not only diluted nuclear liability law but also opened gates of defence industry for investment. Some of the items in cart are RQ11’ RAVEN (Light UAV for tactical recce over 10 KM distance), Smart Hercules (will give intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance capability), Uniform Integrated Protection Ensemble and Mobile Electric Hybrid Power Source.

But is this all about ‘bromance’ or geo-political aspiration is driving force?

Raising question regarding freedom of religion just before leaving New Delhi indicates otherwise. In retaliation India’s strong look east policy has made it clear that even though they look USA as all-weather friend it will not rely only on USA. Recently India has signed $40 billion economical tie with China and $10 billion with South Korea to overcome its too much dependency on USA. While economics bring them closer as never before but geo-political relation will test the ground reality.


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      3 years ago

      aisei badi badi diplomatic relationship maine aisi choti choti bateen hoti rehti hain..


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