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From Where, Do We Feed Our Organic Opinions? by Merwin

Updated on March 11, 2012

Individual opinions are alive, and therefore organic.

The only exceptions to our opinions being organic, is when we make them public, or, "publish" them.

It is then that any are able to take what we "publish" and say... "well of course that is his/her opinion, it is right there in black and white."

Never mind the fact that a person can feel so strongly about something so as to make it known publicly, but then, after much reflection recant the previous opinion, and declare their new resolve.

That first declared opinion carries weight, and to diminish its impact, the improved opinion must be announced with twice the publication and sincerity, to be accepted.

But, without "publishing" an opinion, our opinion(s) have the luxury of being more fluid, pliable, and therefore easier to manage through those changes that, from time to time become necessary with new information. They (our opinions), are "organic", they grow or atrophy with how they are fed and used. And because we do not "publicize" them, no one will publicly hold our feet to the fire for having them, whatever they may be.

Enter Emailing, Blogging, Hubbing, Facebooking, Tweeting, or any other form of "chatting" that utilizes the written record.

Now we have a new form of communication, and systems of communications... that, for good or not so good, may result in us having our feet held to the fire by everyone and anyone that becomes exposed to what we have written.

Honestly... this may be a very good thing.

It may cause us to re-evaluate how we did arrive at the conclusion(s) that has caused us to etch our opinion(s) into the granite that is the written word.

Especially when it comes to politics. Here in this very peculiar arena of publicized opinion we have mostly three values that need to be considered... leadership, followers, and the method whereby opinions are displayed.

It is the last of these values that is the main reason for this Hub / blog.

It is high time we held the Media's and our own feet to the fire for the value it has.

It does not matter one whit... the idealistic leanings of a particular broadcast medium. It can be liberal or conservative, or libertarian... they individually, or combined, have the ability to greatly influence or even form our "organic" opinion(s).

They can "inform" us as to who is electable, and we can nourish our opinions with that. They can be "objective" in their delivery of what it is they want us to believe, so that it sounds matter of fact and of good substance and sustenance. And, they can work on us with all the previous "opinion building" rhetoric, that they have spoon fed us over the years... has anyone seen Walt Disney's "Wall-E"..? Are we now like the passengers on that space liner?

And the Media Machine can dictate for us what our opinions are to be Liberal, Conservative or Otherwise... according to how we have pigeon-holed ourselves, and that, usually by what our bygone heroes have espoused. Typically, the older we get the more we become entrenched with our party loyalties, even if our party no longer resembles what we may have pledged our political allegiances to originally.

OR... we can think for ourselves. Be courageous, rethink our positions, possibly cast off our affiliations and publish our opinions everywhere and anywhere we can, while we still can. And... not be afraid to have someone disagree with us. People will disagree with me... its okay..!

You see I am of the opinion that the Media is getting its marching orders from our Bipartisan Political Machine, supposedly "our leadership", who is forcing us to swallow its prefabbed opinion pablum, and mindless drivel through the media alter we've built in our living rooms.

It is they, the Media Machine, that tell us how the Conservatives or Liberals think and act. It is they, that tell us what our government can do for us, if they are just a little bigger and we are able to accept that we should go just a little deeper into debt. It is they, that provide us with the information that "forms public opinion".

And it is "We The People" that should declare with all the voice we can muster... "No more will we allow you to spoon feed us your lies..!"

We The People, will feed ourselves with truth, we will seek it out, we will find it no matter where you have hidden it. We no longer trust you, you vile reporters of what you want us to believe.

You have squandered our trust, we no longer will allow you to lull us into complacency. We will rise up and and leave the rectangle alter we set up in the shrines of our living rooms. We will educate ourselves, and maybe for the first time... actually vote.

I will no longer believe your camouflaged confusion that my vote doesn't matter, or that my involvement will make no difference. I will certainly not accept you nourishments of promise that we may continue this course of action and survive... (its inevitable destructive crash).

Nor will I believe you when you present me with anyone who you say is "electable" and will provide us with saving "change"... been there, done that.

Our "leaders" have no conscience. They have no integrity, and the Media Machine is in bed with them.They that are not in bed... have no "play", as they put it.

There are precious few exceptions that stand apart from these predators, and they... we are "told" are not electable, they have "no play". We believe The Machine when they tell us the numbers from the votes.

Are we really unwilling to believe that these talking heads would LIE to us..?

We The People... have got to stop, our being spoon fed. Our opinions are organic... start eating healthier foods. Look for and eat foods of truth, foods of common sense. It may not taste as "sweet" and may not go down as easy... but it is liberating. Then... when you're certain that your thinking is "apart" from The Machine's dictates... exercise it and etch your opinion into the granite of the Free Market Place of Ideas, that is, blog and Facebook and Tweet and whatever. Yeah... we might not agree, but I trust your opinion, organic or granite over the media's spoon feeding any day.

The wisest Man once said... "You shall know the truth, and the truth will make you free."

Freedom is a very good thing.


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    • profile image


      6 years ago

      Paul hopes to win Alaska, North Dakota and Idaho.

    • CoauthorU profile imageAUTHOR


      6 years ago from Inland Northwest, USA

      2 Chas...

      Agreed... and we should all try to gain the mindset of thinking outside our mandatory, prescribed box.

      Ron Paul is a true Maverick, appealing to all ideals, yet loyal only to the Constitution and the public interests it serves. His example encourages us all to hope for better results, and a brighter future.

    • profile image


      6 years ago

      We all -- largely -- have access to the same information. However, we don't all do the same things with it. This is especially obvious when it comes to politics. Those of us who are liberal tend to filter information to prejudicially favor our liberal paradigm. Of course, the inverse is also true.

      The solution to this problem -- if there is a solution -- is purposeful, reflective thought, AKA critical thinking. Unfortunately, thinking about thinking isn't part of the core curriculum of any school, so the media will likely continue to lead us by our biases.


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