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Fuel Price Increase and it's Effects!

Updated on April 24, 2016

Are we Paying to Much for Fuel!

The majority of us are guilty of using our cars far too often when we could easily cut down on the number of times we use them. Then again, I suppose that this is the downside of our world progressing and moving forward. However, we shouldn't be penalised but encouraged to avoid unnecessary travel in our cars, by bringing together car sharing schemes, with places where people can park their cars, and share with work colleagues. Instead of having vast expanses of grass verges along the sides of expressways, dual carriageways and motorways local authorities could make use of these areas. Turning them into car sharing areas, where people can park their cars in safety to share. We have to remember all these vast grass areas cost money, as they need cutting, and attending to all summer. These works take huge amounts of lane closures, with cones to create contraflows in order for the contractors to cut in safety. Does this make sense, when the majority of these large areas especially around roundabouts, and slip roads could be turned into hard standing ideal for car sharing? And once done there would be very little maintenance needed to keep these places tidy, this alone would cut quite a bit off local government expenditure, especially if it was done throughout the whole of the United Kingdom.

But what is happening in the UK is totally senseless in my opinion that is, the Government in January is putting fuel up 3p a litre, and then in August another hike in the fuel of 4p per litre. And these increases are per litre not per Gallon, we in the UK have been hoodwinked to convert from gallons, into litres. I believe that previous governments have changed fuel to metric to make more money, as now a litre is being priced as a gallon and that is why it's so obscenely expensive, times are tough enough as it is, so why make it harder. Even though that tax on fuel has decreased in the last couple of years, they still get 63% of every litre of fuel. So with fuel pricing in this structure what will happen, will it just go up and up.

Where will it end!

Where will it end? will it just keep going up eventually reaching £2.00 or even £3.00 per litre! this would be madness. This is not the way to reduce traffic on our roads, as claimed by Governments past and present. If we are serious about reducing traffic then it could be done full stop! This is all about getting more money into the coffers, and do not get me wrong, I know that the huge deficit needs sorting, and sooner rather than later. But are we the public being penalised for something that was totally out of our control, it's Governments and politicians who have been borrowing more in order to mask their own shortcomings. Haulage companies are being crippled with huge fuel costs and it eventually trickles down to goods we buy in shops, even online. Everything we buy is transported by road, air or sea and everything needs fuel to run. As a small example, we have horses and we compete on a weekly basis, in order to transport the horses we have a horsebox. We have a HGV wagon that is not the biggest or heaviest, however, to make a 100-mile round journey it takes £100 of fuel. We can all imagine how much it costs haulage companies in fuel to transport goods across continents. And take into account the penalties incurred when migrants are found on these lorries, it is easy to see how haulage companies can go out of business.

Why do Governments past and present take so much in fuel duty, wouldn’t it be better for fuel duty to be less, especially for hauliers who depend on it for their livelihood. It would hopefully pave the way for expansion, especially smaller haulage companies instead of financial ruin. How can hauliers manage fuel cost volatility, and determine how long forward in the future they hedge the risk, when Governments simply take it all away.

Our Fuel should be priced the same as Europe.

We in the UK are a part of Europe and we trade extensively with Europe so why are we so different when it comes too money matters. Fuel in this country is nearly twice as expensive so how can commercial hauliers compete, and be on a level playing field with their European counterparts. This is just outrageous, how can the Government expect British hauliers to compete with the European hauliers, they simply can't it is just impossible to do, how can we expect the economy to improve and get stronger with this sort of mentality!

We need the economy to grow and in order for that to happen we need to be able to compete globally on a relatively level playing field. People need jobs to get back into work so they have money in their pockets to start spending again, so as money gets pumped back into our dwindling economy, and hopefully get growth back. Fuel price increases will only hinder this growth as people will not be able to afford to travel, and this will again have a negative effect on our economy. When written down in this way it is really scary and we can only hope, and do our very best that the economy throughout the world will find its feet once again, and this time we can get it stable so our children will have a future to look forward to.


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