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The Nomadic Mental Existence: Our Key to Freedom

Updated on February 16, 2011

Freedom through a Nomadic Mental Existence

       The Electronic Harassment victim finds oneself in a situation where everything looks normal but feels catastrophic.  Has virtually everyone been "eaten" by an electronically-mandated reality?  Is this the "Last Days" spoken of in The Bible?  Is this some kind of mental Alien Invasion?  Is everything allright or is everything totally wrong?  Is this a Biblical Utopia in which sinners are punished by having their souls removed?  This whole "game" counts on our inability to handle conflicting realities.  Each person is forced to see their worst fears and nightmares while the rest of the world seems to be enjoying itself. 

      The answer lies in exctracting the desired mental fuel from each circumstance.  I get a great deal of energy from the viewpoint "Everything is Majorly Screwed".  How do I do this?  Well, if everything is truly so bad, then ANY thought or action is completely JUSTIFIED.  If our friends and Loved ones have been "conquered from within" by a mental-invasion, then we truly have nothing left but to destroy this "system" by any means necessary. 

       Believing that things are this bad can take their toll on the mind, which only leads to us being one step away from being "converted".  The mind needs to have a place where it feels un-threatened.  With the technology that "reads minds AND writes them", there isn't any private place to think unless we constantly change the way we see reality to escape the grip of these "Thought-police".   You can choose to think that there is NOTHING wrong, which renders the mind completely un-malleable.  Just THINK:  whatever makes you feel calm and in control.  Thoughts used to be free, now they are either someone Else's or they are craftily-constructed to ensure OUR INNER-CALM, INNER-STRENGTH and our INNER- VICTORY.   

      They pick up on how we see things very quickly and construct their mental-traps accordingly.  Someone who can quickly "change their mind" between each pitfall can avoid it because they have stepped out of the enemies' anticipated chain of thoughts.  This allows us to see that the system CAN be beat.   This battle requires the Bravery to handle the most disgusting/disturbing thoughts and feelings being tossed at us.  With the knowledge that our minds can be read and given counterfeit "bad thoughts" comes the power to NOT REACT to these stimuli.   Knowing that an "internet of the minds" does in fact exist gives us the freedom to construct a "firewall" for our naked souls.  Otherwise, we wind up being "programmed" like most other people have. 

     Everything is pretty much whatever we choose to:  think, see and BE.  The key is to construct our own personal reality for each and every "situation" that is thrown at us.  If you have to think of yourself as someone or something else to complete each mental/physical task, go ahead and RE-create yourself to "cheat" your way through each and every programming attempt.  And when they call you a "cheater", be PROUD that you are undermining their system.  We have a RIGHT to think whatever it takes to "beat the system".  To not do so is to die inside little by's as simple as that:  MENTALLY fight against each and every attempt to mold your mind or NOT BE. 

      Sometimes "Survival is the Best Revenge".  Our vengeance against the society that programs people out of existence is our ability to out-think the illusions that keep us:  afraid, confused, uninformed.  By simply existing and THINKING out-of-step with everyone else, we rock the boat composed of interconnected minds.  Find things that you enjoy doing in spite of the physical/mental pain.  By doing that which we aren't supposed to do/think and ENJOYING it, we again prove to ourselves that the system can be beat.  The key is that any one "Thought Rebellion" can succeed in the short run.  To keep winning, we must keep changing how we think to remain UNPREDICTABLE to the system.    


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    • Mr. Happy profile image

      Mr. Happy 

      7 years ago from Toronto, Canada

      You need to step into the metaphysical world to be able to beat the system. By withdrawing yourself into it, you are free of everything material and real in this three dimensional world we perceive. There is more to this than meets the eye though.

      Good blog. Cheers!

      P.S. One of the few things I know without a doubt about myself is that i am unpredictable. It works.


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