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Fundamentals of economics

Updated on July 18, 2012

Hate Crime, Censorship and Child Abuse [Evolution]

Evolution is the nomenclature for a successful progression. According to science and a dictionary; evolution is a pattern of movements and maneuvers which gradually develop and are an extraction of a root from a given quantity. After observing the acquired habits of our youth, in America, they fit right in.

From the obnoxious attitudes and detrimental behavior of illegal consumption of alcohol, illegal imported and domestic drugs and premarital sex; their genes are in full efficacy. The hand of “assigned adult” is available to guide these youths into another realm. The culprits; of hate crime, censorship and child abuse cause the juvenile’s existence to be harmful to the progressive norm--obedient behavior.

On the other hand, these young people are followers of their natural need; wanting shelter, nourishment, acquiring wealth, and gaining knowledge. “We are willing to spend the least amount of money to keep a kid at home, more to put him in a foster home and the most to institutionalize him.”- Marian Wright Edelman.

Margie Casady “Society's Pushed-Out Children” Psychology Today Jun 75

Motivation has just occurred. Motivation is the state or condition which includes need, desire and/or want. These motives convert into energy. Two characteristics of motivation may include:

(1) activation of initial behavior; and

(2) providing consistency in producing movement of intensity towards accomplishment of
the accepted goal.

When evolution envelops a being, the instinct theory becomes “in affect”. This behavior pattern is determined as unlearned, uniform in expression and universal in a species. Yes, that is another attribute of youth, which produces excitement and stimulation (William McDougall 1908); Drive Reduction Theory. “What are these kids doing? They are destroying “everything”. The mischievous behavior and spending an entire week hanging out is enormous. Their parents, our neighbors are furious and relieved at the same
time. I think these kids are stealing… See!”

Marxism is an evolution theory named after its founder, German Philosopher Karl Marx (1818-1883). This theory claims all economics, social, and political events in society can be explained by adding –ology to its subject. Let’s study “class struggles” (sarcasm): Venga! American Political Science.

See How They Run

Underage vs. of age
Economics determinism states money and the pursuit of wealth will determine the outcome of all societal events. The feudal society is the juvenile population; the tax paying property owners are rightfully considered the capitalist (bourgeoisie). When the classes become convergent due to the powerful evolution and gaining power of youths, the war begins.

According to economic and political norms, the owner and the worker must be announced; thus, creating the capitalist and proletariat classes. Hence, exploitation via the worker not being paid an amount equal to what the owners may earn from the proletariat class’ efforts
during their relationship. As long as the rewards are low, juveniles cannot threaten the upper class of adulthood.

Thoroughly trained in discipline and emotional experience, the youth have once again risen up out of the depths and are prepared to participate. There are major issues which have been dealt with and solved by some for the majority; Most issues deal with psychological value of interpersonal interactions. There are solutions for the hurt and confusion of the juvenile. The following are areas of concentration trailed by a progressive solution.

There are ways of success, which may not have hit all of the fans as of yet. In conclusion, the youth have useful social experience and strength. Children will grow over time and they too do have a voice. Over the time of their lifespan, the end result will always include the concerns of ethics and morals. The continuous existence of juveniles can be publicized a little more because they will have the need to become a responsible citizen. Juveniles have it figured out when they come out of the box; society likes their ideas so much that it gets taken like a warm muffin.


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