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Fundraising To Start Your Non Profit

Updated on March 18, 2015
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Fundraising Ideas

Do you have a dream to start a charity or a non profit organization? Maybe you've even written up a detailed plan on what you'd do and how'd you do it, but you just don't have the funds for it.There are lots of ideas you can do to raise significant funds for your charity. I'm not talking about selling popcorn, candy and minimal dollar items. No, I'm talking about good money making events for you and your volunteer team to host. Are you ready to get your charity off the ground? Below is a list of fundraising ideas.

  • Dinner Party
  • Chili Cook Off
  • Golf Outing
  • Direct Contact

Dinner Party

Plan a nice black tie dinner party. This needs to be very formal, tuxedos for men and evening gowns for women. Figure out how much it will cost to get your non profit off the ground. Then figure out the cost of the dinner party. Plan the ticket prices to cover all expenses and the price of the non profit. Now you can figure out how many tickets you will need to sell. The more people you can sell to the lower the ticket prices can be. Just be sure that you can sell the tickets so your not suck with a fat bill. Print off really nice tickets that are full color and printed on nice paper. Put the highlights of the evening on the ticket.

Choose a location such as a nice five star restaurant or banquet hall. If you're catering in food make sure it it exquisite. The menu at either location option should be a prime cut of steak and seafood. Plan on a light desert and after dinner coffee. Maybe even have a coffee bar? That would be a nice touch. Talk with the restaurant if you go with them as a option and enquire as to who the best staff for service is and ask that they be there to serve your guest for the evening. You want this to be a night that people remember. Fine food and fine service go a long way.

Entertainment should be the next item on the list. Secure some good local entertainment. That might be a singer, band, stand up comedy. Just make sure they are good. Be familiar with their songs or act and suggest certain things you believe your crowd will like. Make sure they know their time and not to go over.

The speaker is very important to. Will the speaker be you, or will it be a guest speaker who knows the issues at hand that your non profit organization will cover? Be clear that the speaker be on topic, funny, well spoken and be able to drive home the point of the evening. Have a great call to action at the end to rally behind you and your team. Be available and ready to answer questions.

Decorations are key. Find some nice table decor or see if you can get a deal on flowers? Talk with some local artisans to bring in some of their art to be in a silent auction. Display the art throughout the room. Make sure there is plenty of time for guest to carouse the room and see the art. Don't rush the evening but don't be to quick. Pace the timing just right.

Chili Cookoff

This event is a little more relaxed and down home feeling. Rent a location or plan to be at a park on a nice fall day under a picnic shelter. Rent some fold down round tables for your guest. You want a relaxed atmosphere. You can use picnic tables if they are clean and nice.

Round up about 5 different chili cooks to bring in their best pots of chili. Place numbers in front of the pots for the appointed judges so they can pick the best pot. Cater in or have volunteer members bring in corn bread and a couple of side dishes and deserts. At the event have side fundraisers available such as a raffle, a donation table, etc. You can even have a silent auction for some donated prizes.

Golf Outing

The first thing to know is that a golf outing is really a drawing card for people to come and participate in other fundraisers setup in the day. Set a day for the golf abutting. Organize it with a local golf coarse club. Charge a small percentage over what they would charge to play. Cater in a nice meal for the participants and prizes for the winners. Be willing to spend some money in hopes that you will make it back throughout the day.

Organize sponsors for each hole including the practice green. Talk to your host golf club and see if they have good ideas for sponsors, and how much to ask on each sponsors. Do a little research and find out who else has held a golf outing and ask them how much they asked for sponsors and who they got.

Have the golfers pay for mulligan shots. If they have a bad shot and want to shoot again, they can call mulligan and and use one of their purchased "redo" mulligan cards. Make payed competitions available. For instance offer prizes for "Shortest puts" "longest t-shot" etc. Golfers will pay to enter the competitions and compete for the prize.

Of coarse have a donation box set up in the Club House were everyone can see it. A split the pot raffle will be a great crowd winner!

Direct Contact

No one ever raised any money without asking someone else. Your fundraiser should be easy to donate money to. There should not be 32 steps people have to go thorough to donate to your cause. Contact a service that will allow you to set up a text in donation process. Send out e-mails and support letters. Give your team members a call list to run through to procure donations. Maybe one the best things to do is good old fashioned face to face contact. It's important for you to go door to door and campaign. If they can' talk just then or if their not home, leave a brochure, and business card. But one way or another talk to people, invite them to lunch, breakfast, and coffee; whatever it takes. The important thing is to see people and for people to see you. Their not giving to a program their giving to the value they see in you.

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