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Funny, Strange Things That The Police Say

Updated on June 20, 2019
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I was born in the south. I live in the south and will die in the south. This is only a small part of the memories I share.

Say What????

First Off, Humor Me As I Share

  • I truly believe that without our policemen and women, our society would be nothing but groups and gangs of power-hungry people killing, stealing, and doing anything to take over the power to run over the passive and sensitive masses.
  • Our police forces, in my opinion, need to be revered due to the lives that they save all in the name of duty, and the weak of body, who act as protectors in a chaotic world.
  • The police every station, everywhere, never work “just” a simple 40-hour week because the guys and girls in blue all pull extra hours to cover for a fellow colleague who is sick with the flu or a much-loved family member.
  • I know and it goes without saying that our police officers are the first to show-up at a nasty traffic accident and the last to leave to keep the crowd of onlookers from running up to ask the victims of the wreck, many unwanted questions. The police officers included.
  • On the saddest note, 37 police officers of the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey Police Department (PAPD); 23 police officers.

Twin Towers attacked on 9-1-1.
Twin Towers attacked on 9-1-1. | Source

Other Duties Of The Policeman/woman

varies from day-to-day investigating and following-up with cases that the police have investigated. Some officers have to appear in court to testify against the one(s) whom they arrested in felony cases which range from first-degree murder; attempted murder; manslaughter; spousal abuse; child abuse and the list is always serious. But the police officers have been trained by the very best Police Academies to help the officer candidates to be the best in their respective units where they will be assigned.

The Police Are Not For Us To Be Feared, But For Our Benefit.
The Police Are Not For Us To Be Feared, But For Our Benefit. | Source

Although The Police Do Have Those Serious Cases

there are (some) cases that the police handle which may seem to be less-than-glamorous, but they are very important. To any police officer, there is nothing unimportant about ANY case that they handle. Other duties that officers handle are: handling traffic situations; seeing that school children are safely escorted to where they are to walk to school and back to home; guarding businesses and factory that have been the subject of vandalism or burglary. Sure, the police cases can be boring, but the officer knows that he or she is the direct-image of the police district that they serve. Time was, the average citizen, thought that the life of a police officer was working “on easy street,” and all the officers had to do was show-up to work and take home a paycheck. These rowdy comments, even today, can bring-down the morale of any police station and it can also affect the officers themselves.

There are those special times (and holidays) where the local police take part in whatever celebration is at hand. Some officers play Santa Clause and get to hand-out toys to the children, who would not have a Christmas if it weren’t for the giving-nature of the local police. And these same police officers volunteer to help feed the hungry at the neighborhood civic buildings and missions that serve the homeless and hungry. You will be safely in saying that the police officer(s) are well-rounded individuals because they see an opportunity to serve their communities and their stations.

On many occasions, the police have volunteered to sit with a neighbor when they are in the hospital as well as serving their fellow officers-in-arms who are terribly sick and cannot work. These caring men and women in blue do not hesitate when it comes to helping to give back to one of their own, as well as the members of their neighborhood.

Police Officers Write Each Fact  That The Crime They Investigate.
Police Officers Write Each Fact That The Crime They Investigate. | Source

I Suppose That You Could

label “this” section, “Strange and Funny Things Said by the Police,” and once you read each item, you can make-up your own mind if the item is serious, funny, or strange. And I CAN tell you ahead of time, not one of these items are in any way to throw a bad light on any of our valiant police officers who also give their own life if it means saving a life for someone else.

“Where’s The Fire?” is usually said very loudly by a police officer who has used his/her blue light to apprehend a person who was breaking the speed limit. The opening is easy to understand and can start almost any conversation between police officers and citizens.

“You Know How Fast You Were Going?” when asked by a caring policeman/woman, most people who the police have stopped, answer very honestly, NO, or try to measure their speedometer by replying, “I’d say about 77, right?” Then the officer explains about the exact M.P.H. his radar gun measured the speeder and cannot argue with technology and the police officer.

“Have You Been Drinking?” and probably, the young guy, who has just left a big party, HAS had a few drinks to celebrate someone’s birthday. The officer will ask, in a nice way, if the party guy will step out of the car and then allow the officer to give him a series of Sobriety Tests. Then if the party guy passes the tests, he is given a Breath Analyzer to show the exact amount of alcohol is in the guy’s system. If the guy passes this test, he can head home, but is advised that he can phone a friend who is not drinking. Just to be on the safe side.

And . . .arguably, “THE Strangest, Funniest, Question That An Officer Can Ask Anyone Whom They Have Stopped,” (this item needs a good set-up). The police officer stops a young man in his mid-20’s and walks up to the driver’s side of the car. The officer notices that the young man is sober himself, but sees a bag or two of illegal drugs (you know the names), and the young man is asked if he will step out of the car. He obeys without argument. Then this officer administers the Breath Test along with the many Sobriety Tests, plus a few Calisthenics . . .to the officer’s amazement, the young man passes every test with flying colors.

Then the officer tells him to walk with him back to the young man’s car and the officer asks THIS question: “Are those drugs yours?” The young man, totally-composed, says, “No, sir. A friend of mine at school forgot to get them when he got out of the car last night.”

But . . .get this. The officer gives him a “soft ticket,” takes the marijuana, bags and all, back with him and tells the young man that he, the officer, is going to do something that he rarely does: let guys and girls like this young man, who is not wasted, and has passed every legal test, go home.

The young man is NOT disappointed at the officer taking the guy’s friend’s “Grass,” and heads home. The morale of this piece is that there ARE police officers which are now working on the beat doing whatever his assignment is, and then THAT one opportunity comes his way and this officer’s opportunity came in the form of this young man who WAS sober on all counts.

And will probably remember the one kind act that the officer gave him (years ago).

We salute you all, the policemen/women who do so much without many thanks, so “thank you so much!”

June 20, 2019_________________________________________________________

Police Officers Are Trained To Watch Everything At A Crime Scene.
Police Officers Are Trained To Watch Everything At A Crime Scene. | Source

© 2019 Kenneth Avery


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