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Furniture Fairs and Price Rise.

Updated on February 8, 2013
skgrao profile image

A qualified Textile Post Diploma Graduate and Ex.M D of a Textile Mill.

Have a Glass of Water - Aqua Pure.

You can enter the Fair and see Price Falling.

Rs.40/ - Per Person to Enter.

Blue Carpet for Pure Money.

Wash your hands.

Want to have a shower. ( Not Here )

35% Price Discounted for this Dining Table.

Same like above.

Center Table ( Please Bargain.)

Sleep Well

Very Small for Men with Money.

Wall Mounted Shoe Rack Only one of its kind in India.

No Fuss with Carpenters Mess.

Some Screen Savers.

Nano Pure Water.

The Jambo Dry Grinder on your Table Top Mixer / Grinder.

Hot Hot Kerala Pickles 9( Take Home )

The Talking Electric Stove.( Eco Friendly )

No Parking Problem even for 1000 Cars.

No Price Rise here.

Bangalore Palace Grounds.

Anything huge happens here,let it be public political party's.Govt Show's,Private Weddings or anything huge,this is the place.400 acres of free space where over a lack can hear public party speeches,weddings of 4 or 5 parties,Exhibitions of several types,it happens here.1000 people can dine in 5 star comforts,4000 can sit in air condition halls or dine is the only place in the heart of Bangalore.

There is no political interference by politicians.

There is no Food Rotting here that is kept.

There is no corruption.

There are no bureaucrats to be looked in to.

There is no rush for even a Yoga Free Camp by Baba Yog Guru Ramdev Swamy.

There is no power problem.

There is no water problem.

There are no police men to stop you for wrong parking.

There is parking place for 1000 cars if required.

There is no corruption,as it is Maharajah's own management.


There are none hungry,plenty of food,prices cheap and affordable.

There are Bangalore people who love beautiful things.

The Prices are unbeatable and Style Unbelivable here in furniture fare for 3 days from 6th August to 8th August 2010..Furniture manufacturers,Home appliances and few gift shops for lady's to take home articals have come from Mumbai,Channi,New Delhi and Local and have pitched their tents daily turnover is over Rs.2 crore..


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