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Future or Failure for the Democratic Party

Updated on July 18, 2018
Ken Burgess profile image

Grew up on Cape Cod, Mass. Army Vet., Fmr. Director of Energy Conservation programs, RE Agent. Current residence: the Space Coast, FL.

Here she comes again!
Here she comes again!

Will the Dems go back to championing the American Worker?

Or will they continue with their divisive (group people into black, white, latino, male, female, trans, etc.), finger pointing (blaming the other party), selling out to International Corporatism ways?

Make no mistake, Hillary Clinton was an IDEAL representation of what the Democratic Party has stood for, many years running, and certainly now. The only politicians more corrupt, criminal, and conspiratory against American’s best interests than the Rhinos, were the Democrats, practically to a person.

The likes of Nancy Pelosi, Maxine Waters, Chuck Schumer, and all the rest of them have made themselves hundreds of millions of dollars at America’s expense.

When is it that the voters are going to ask the simplest of questions, such as, how people like Pelosi and Waters have become worth tens of millions of dollars or more, on salaries of $150,000 +/-?

Waters has a LA-based mansion worth $4.3 million and other assets estimated to be worth between $2 - 5 million (I imagine that to be a rather conservative estimate). Pelosi is estimated to be worth $100 million.

What do these people have in common with real ‘working class’ Americans?

Before I go further, below is a must watch video to explain what I believe could be the true face and future of the Democrats. This is the type of politician America needs in the future, the old cronies who have been in Congress for 30, 40, 50 years have to be removed, replaced by such voices, without exception:

This is why Trump was needed, without Trump, the old establishment cronies that are only giving the voters lip service, and playing at politics for the purpose of filling their wallets and living their lives of elite status would remain in control.

Trump is the wrecking ball that slammed into the establishment, he is the force for change. Those who supported him weren’t KKK loving racists, they weren’t interested taking away rights…no… they saw that the system was broken, that in the last 25 years of going from fully Democrat controlled to fully Republican controlled government, and back again, nothing changed. Not our foreign policies, not trade agreements, and what did change was for the worse (IE – the ACA).

For the people who are invested into politics and their party so much, they couldn’t see what was needed, they couldn’t see that Bush Jr (part III) or Clinton (part II) was representative of all that was wrong with Washington, they could only hear what their trusted MSM told them, they couldn’t see what voting in a total outsider as President of the United States really meant.

Trump isn’t the ultimate answer, he is only the beginning of the change that is needed, the start of what must come. Politicians like Pelosi and Waters, Hatch and Graham, some of these people have been in there since I’ve been old enough to vote, and I’m half a century old!

Old enough to remember when Kennedy was President and you've been in D.C. almost that long?  … that's just too damned long.
Old enough to remember when Kennedy was President and you've been in D.C. almost that long? … that's just too damned long.

These establishment machines that are supported by million dollar donors that keep the most corrupt and criminal politicians in place must be defeated. Voices from outside of Washington must be inserted into D.C. over, and over again. Outsiders, people who have not made a lifetime of being in politics, people in touch with the community from which they come.

Trump isn’t the problem, he is the beginning of the solution. Its time for Americans (on both sides) who are fed up to vote out (overthrow) the establishment politicians, and maybe those new politicians can find a way of cleaning out the Halls of D.C. and agencies that should be answering to them.


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