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Future Paths, Concepts of future transportation - by Anthony Davis

Updated on November 19, 2015

The Multi-level Viaduct

The city of tomorrow will have more advanced road and bridge design. Along with smart cars, pedestrian walk paths and environmentally friendly vehicles that are more quite and that don't pollute the air will pave the way for better travels for all.

As I look at the rising congestion of motor vehicles in the city I live in, Dallas, Texas, I have come to use public transportation via bus or light rail more often than I would have years earlier.

The rate of population growth is not being evenly matched by sufficient roads and freeways to allow smooth flow so there are many attempts by city planners to look years ahead at trends and debate over what new measures must be made to make private vehicle and public transport more doable.

I tried to imagine creating visual concepts using a graphic art program called Corel Draw 5 back in 1995 and I drew up some ideas for what I coined future paths aka futurepaths,. These concepts were used by me to get a feel for the redesign of the road and bridge system that is already in existence and add variants to it so the concept can be realized by graphic depictions such as the one that shows a cut away view of a multiple level bridge that crosses a river from the south to a central downtown district to the north with sub levels that would be exclusively used by pedestrians and provide access to public transportation such as light rail so that while heavy traffic went on just over your head on the upper levels, you would be in a safe and quiet environment for walking or just observing from a bench with your tablet or smart phone.

The multiple level overpass bridge I designed was intended to suggest that not only pedestrians and motorists alike could freely travel unimpeded there would be offices, retail stores and other business constructed within the framework of such a multiple level or multi-level bridge system.

I had these ideas way back in my early years. I was a drafting student from 7th grade up into Jr. College. I attended 2 separate years the DCCCD system of El Centro Jr. College at Lamar Street in Dallas, Texas and took additional courses in computers and business courses at Mountain View, to include business and data processing, Art and Architecture History and Materials and Methods in the Fine and Applied Arts and Sciences division of El Centro. I med some very interesting students there. I enjoyed the life of a college student, learning to craft my skills and learn from educators in math, art, design and music. I went from there to work with an engineering firm in Dallas, up in the Holiday Inn building in Down Town, Dallas, TX. There I worked one summer doing electrical schematic drawings and was quite bored with it so I opted out of that very quickly and later pursued self education through book reading and writing.

I have been a writer and a free lance artist since I left college and have not earned a single dime from my work. However I do enjoy computer graphic design and look forward to purchasing the latest version of Corel Draw in the near future if I can so I can go further with my future paths drawings. I hope you enjoy looking at my pics and let me know what you think of them.

multilevel sky bridge by: Anthony Davis

Light Rail Station to a multilevel sky bridge going over a river to a downtown location
Light Rail Station to a multilevel sky bridge going over a river to a downtown location

Futurepaths Images of Tomorrow

Transportation through the city has never been more of a challenge with our latest technology and the increase of hybrid motor vehicles and new energy concepts like Hydrogen, Electricity, Solar and Electromagnetic to name a few. Trains, cars, and all other means that we use are being advanced in their designs to make the air cleaner and our lives run a bit more smoothly.

Smart cars that can break before a collision when you don't have time to react is one such advancement.

The most important thing about road and bridge design is to be able to accommodate the man behind the wheel or the guy on the bike or the lady pushing her baby carriage. There has to be a better way to make getting around in the big city safer, more attractive and more properly maintained for future generations to come.

What do you think about this idea?

If you have an opinion about this idea let me know. Thanks in advance.

Private and Public Transportation is at issue.

There are sometimes way too many cars on the road, but we have to manage somehow. Roads and highways are in frequent need of maintenance and redesign. The population is getting out of hand and there seems to be no end in sight. We should look to other countries whose city populations are much greater than ours like cities in Japan and China and look to what ways they design their transportation infrastructure to accommodate not only their own citizens but the influx of visitors from other countries who are looking for a new place to do business or a new place to live.

Pedestrian Walk Path connected to a sky bridge for motor traffic above it via an on ramp
Pedestrian Walk Path connected to a sky bridge for motor traffic above it via an on ramp | Source

Cut away view of walk path, top level road and ramp to parking

Split section of a parking garage leading to a walk path that connects to an above ground road that is divided by opposing directions of traffic.
Split section of a parking garage leading to a walk path that connects to an above ground road that is divided by opposing directions of traffic. | Source


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