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Updated on June 11, 2011

All concerned nations.

Colonel Muammar Gaddafi has been "ruling" Libya for 42 years; yet, it has not occurred to him that he is a dictator, and he still wants to remain in power for as long as he can.

There has not been a political party or anything resembling one in his country in all those years; except that he has surrounded himself with members of his family and a few quislings and armed thugs, who formed what is known as "the security forces". No real army or political party, as the words imply, exists in Libya.

He wants to be president for life; just as many African leaders always try to do. Like a natural disease, the strain of "dictatorship" happens to be embedded in their psychological makeup; it is in their blood, due to tribal and social prejudices of all kinds prevalent among the groups forming their societies.

In days gone by, tribal wars are fought to create larger groups. That is, pitting one group or section against another to determine each other's supremacy, and the dominant tribe forces the other into subservience or enslavement. Added to that is also the colonialist mentality or influence, which still remains very strong, with the thinking that there must always be a "master of the house".

This has been the basis of many governments on the continent, where actual political parties are not allowed to be formed, and only tribal loyalty permits one person to govern or "rule", while others must always be subjugated to his "beck and call", and even be treated as slaves. Thus today's Libya for a fact.

For all Gaddafi cares, what he does with Libya is his own business; and no amount of convincing can tell him to behave otherwise. He will kill, maim and destroy, besides holding innocent people as political prisoners and treating them as criminals, without any compassion whatsoever.

If it was not for NATO, which the U.S. was a part, he would have committed genocide a long time ago, without the slightest thought; and he would be doing so right before the eyes of the world, whether watching or not.

The Libyan people have decided that he is no more needed as their leader since February 15th, 2011; and they have engaged themselves in a rigid rebellion to overthrow him. However, he is using every means to resist and to stay in power; including rape, as a tool to punish women unnecessarily; and also the use of outright murder to quell the rebellion, with his known opponents vanishing in the middle of the night.

For humanitarian reasons, Italy has pledged around $600 Million to the Libyan rebels, and other nations were doing their best to help them, by contributing food, medicine as well as medical personnel, and weaponry.

The U.S. involvement was appreciated all around the world; and that if it was not for the swift intervention of the Obama administration, with the establishment of a "No fly zone" imposed on Libya, and the much needed NATO air-strikes to slow down the Libyan government forces, the slaughter of several thousands of people, including women and children, would have taken place without any doubt at all, as said before. Therefore, Americans are extremely supportive of U.S. activities in the Libyan crisis.

"Nearly six in 10 Americans support U.S. military involvement in NATO efforts against the Libyan government – but few of them want to see it increase from its current level."; according to polls taken by ABC News, among others.

The sound of "Ghaddafi must go" has been heard around the globe; and it must not be just a slogan, but rather a determination culminating into a vibrant effort by all nations concerned, to get rid of a dictator, who has no respect for civil and/or human rights; and who thought he was invincible.

The Libyan people would then be free from a tyrant, who would show no mercy to anyone, because that person has opposed him in any way, shape or form. The rebels have no choice, but to oust Gaddafi from power, for in the end, he would have been the "slaughterer" of North Africa; a malignant occurrence which should never happen.

By every estimation, his actions indicated that he would want to be known as the leader of all the Arab war lords. The world should not permit him to be that at all costs, if possible.


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