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Updated on February 11, 2012

As politically voracious as ever.

The "Crocodile" was at his best yesterday, wowing the Republican Party members at the CPAC meeting, in all places, Washington D.C., which was his home ground and where he had several, countless, political connections.

There were only four left in the Republican Party nomination race, to choose someone to face President Barack Obama in this year's presidential contest; and they were, Santorum, Romney, m-m-m and Paul, and they would all make their claim to the nomination.

Santorum and Romney were his closest rivals in the Republican field, and they had made their speeches in the morning and early afternoon, when he came on at close to the end of the day to make his speech; and he was as shiny as a blue pearl freshly taken out of its oyster.

He started by lambasting his own party establishment, and said that it was out of touch with the true conservative sentiment of the Republican Party, of Reagan's dream of America that was strong, both in moral character and military strength, and of the political reality that if it chose anyone else, it would be a grave mistake on its part, because he had the experience.

He mentioned his achievements, his encounters with two presidents, as Mr. Speaker of the United States House of Representatives in the 1990s, and laid out his future vision for America.

He was brilliant, charismatic and full of energy (for his age), and his command of the "language" was second to none.

He had succeeded in making his rivals to look like students learning at his feet, and if the party elite did not visualize him as the best candidate for a onerous task as choosing someone to represent the party in the fall of this year, they (elite) had another thing coming.

His speech was exceptional, and its delivery was great; and that was Newt Gingrich.

The Democratic Party should not underestimate his candidacy in any way, shape or form, as his assiduousness to wrestle the White House from the party would be more serious and ferocious from now on until his party's nomination convention.

His speeches would be efficient and more robust; all deliberately designed to woo not just the Republicans, but the nation as a whole. If that was not enough, he had a beautiful wife to introduce him to his audiences in the campaign, and that would be a perfect plus.

Fortunately, the only person that could offset Gingrich would be Barack Obama, because he was a lawyer, and he would use his legal expertise, as well as the verbiage and composition of language required to get him to succumb politically.

In other words, the Democrats have a daunting obstacle to overcome, because they have a very crafty individual on their hands; as he would be more dangerous, if he became his party's nominee for the 2012 general election.

As for Gingrich, he devoured his rivals like a Crocodile having an afternoon lunch at the CPAC yesterday.

He is hungry and voracious.


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