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Updated on November 23, 2011

However, could he?

Newt Gingrich of old showed up again last night to prove that he still has the knowledge and savvy to outsmart and outclass his rivals in yesterday's debate of the challengers for the Republican Party's nomination.

He had demonstrated that prowess before; yes, long before, when he was the Speaker of the House of Representatives in the Clinton years. In fact, he drove the impeachment procedure against the former president, making people to believe that he would fit that position, if it became vacant. It did not.

He was younger then; but a bit older now, and still as smart as he was; and like the likable fox of little red riding hood incident, with his Conservative colleagues on the stage, he made them look insignificant, and almost as if they were just a bunch of story tellers.

All was done from a strong background and experience, teaching them a lesson that he knew about foreign policy and home economics long before they even entered politics.

National Security matters, immigration policies, you name it, and it has been before him as the Speaker.

So, his answers were brilliant and easily forthcoming, with no guessing of any kind, again showing that he was more prepared for the occasion than the other contenders.

As for Romney, he has guarded himself with the advise that he has been given by his advisers (who else), and he was producing them one at a time.

Ron Paul was still the most isolationist of the group, wanting the United States to do nothing for any country or entity.

Huntsman, the diplomat among them, dipped into his experiences in the Far East, but that was less impressive; just like Perry doing the gig-saw dance that has got him in trouble and to have him descend in the polls.

Bachman was quoting from the source that she has gathered, since she was in the House, and very little came out of that. Santorum stuck to his guns, to be resourceful to the rest of the world in every way possible.

Cain was last, but not least; yet, his responses were so bookish, one could swear that he had been studying all night, the night before; and the 999 ideas twirling in his mind should be stopped before he said something stupid.

Gingrich was clearly the winner of last night's Republican debate; but as the "come back kid", could he have summed up enough material in store to beat President Barack Obama?

That should be the question. Many, however, doubted it.


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