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Updated on April 26, 2012

Where and why did it go wrong?

Newt Gingrich is bowing out of the Republican Party nomination race, and he is doing so gracefully after chewing up his rival, Mitt Romney, who now seems to be the only front runner in that race.

His endorsement is what everyone is waiting for, to tell the world that Romney is not a true conservative, he is not to be trusted, and that he has been "campaigning" for the GOP nomination longer than anyone else; six years to be exact. He, Gingrich, must consider leaving him alone to the rank and file of the party to finally make up their mind about Romney.

Gingrich was Speaker of the United States House of Representatives before, and that was his prime time to aspire for the presidency, when the Clinton-Monica Lewinsky scandal broke. However, he failed to seize the opportunity in making any type of move to show that he was interested in being president.

He had the power, the influence, the charisma and the popularity, but no determination to strive for the highest office in the land, and many people wondered why he allowed the chance to slip through his fingers.

He was younger too, and had the command of the English language, a very powerful tool, to use to get all the attention he needed to take him to wherever he wanted to go politically.

Then, all of sudden, he was dressing shabbily, and looked disheveled at times; and somewhat started to behave like someone without any ambition to shoot up for the highest prize in his profession.

Clinton was facing impeachment, and Al Gore was supporting him, because he (Gore) did not have any inclination to replace Clinton; and so there was no real challenger, and as the Speaker of the House, the political field was for Gingrich to take. He was bullish about everything else then; and so why not the presidency, especially when the chance was there for him to grab it?

Now, it seemed that all that background has gone to waste; and he must drop out of a political contest, defeated. He has been reduced to patching up his differences with the Republican Party establishment and giving his endorsement to Romney, whom he has lambasted as not being "severely" conservative or enough to deserve the nomination.

He is deeply in debt; plus a future, which no one knows what he will do with or what new goals he will use to preoccupy his time, except to write about his experiences on the presidential campaign trail or his memoirs, whose proceeds and royalties will be very large; and that will go into paying off his political creditors.

He is out, but not gone out of sight; and he says that he is not riding into the sunset either; but people are anxious to see what comes next for Newt Gingrich.

His arch enemy, President Barack Obama and his supporters wish him farewell anyway; or bon voyage, in French.


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