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Updated on November 25, 2011

Effectively delivered.

Americans were watching a young president on Thanksgiving Day, Thursday, 24th, 2011, speaking in plain terms to them, and not trying to preach a sermon in his weekly radio address, which was also televized.

For he knew how tired people were from the tediousness of failure after failure by members of the United States Congress in so many instances; and particularly, the uncompromising decision by the erstwhile Super Committee, in which they (people) had banked their hopes on, for the rantings that have engulfed lawmakers in Washington D.C. to go away, at least for a little while.

He had leveled the playing field, so to speak, by making himself to look exactly like "a family member" of any of the myriad families in the country, and in a way, he was consoling the other members, and asking them to come together for the common good.

Many would agree that the nation has been polarized to the extent that, when something was blue in color, some would swear that it was pink instead. Where did they learn that from? From the U.S. Congress, of course.

Togetherness was what America needed now, more than ever; since there were men and women in uniform fighting to protect the freedom that has existed for many, many years for its people. The president was very much aware of them; thanking them earnestly for their work, and for being away from home and from their families.

Earlier, he had pardoned two turkeys, but although in a jocular way, he did so, showing that the act of pardon was a serious matter, and it must be done with respect and dignity.

That was the spirit he was urging his colleagues to be in, to be able to solve the difficult and countless problems of the nation. In other words, impertinence or blind opposition was not the answer to resolve any of the difficulties, like a slow economy, high unemployment and unimaginable fiscal issues.

He summed up by saying, “The problems we face didn’t develop overnight, and we won’t solve them overnight.” Here too, the emphasis was on "WE".

He was young, but within a short period of time as president, he has been able to master the communications skills that many of his predecessors lacked, and that should make America proud of him.

He looked straight in the eye of the camera and spoke in a convincing way that Americans could deal with any adversity, if they decided to put ideological inclinations aside and worked together.

For that alone, he was right. Good show, Mr. President.


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