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Updated on December 5, 2011

farewell on your way back home.

Herman Cain's departure, though, not entirely from American politics, should be a welcome proposition to a great number of people.

He has done his best to resist the avalanche of accusations from his peers, all of whom were women, of sexual harassment toward three of them and an indecent relationship with one of his accusers.

Many of the complaints were from his past, and he thought they were behind him; and they would have been, had he not decided to run in the Republican Party nomination race for the president of the United States.

His mistake was fighting off the media and the public, thinking erroneously that the stories would go away. Yet, the more he resisted the onslaught of questions, the more he attracted attention to his misdeeds, and thus making himself a fodder "for the pulp fiction market."

The media, whom he has taken as "friends" were in business to make profit; they were also neutral and would use anything he said against him in the court of public opinion. They would take a scandal involving a public figure or, in Cain's case, a politician and would stretch and expand it to their own advantage.

Now, or as a result, Cain was out of the nomination race, leaving the Republicans with a sigh of relief that the other candidates, would be able to espouse the party's agenda and concentrate on the real issues that mattered to the voters. He was a distraction the party did not need.

Cain was lucky to have a beautiful wife that would stand by her man through thick and thin. She understood what real marriage meant, as she took her vows seriously; for better or for worse. She and her family must be congratulated for withstanding the ordeal the head of the household has managed to put it (family) through.

He, even at this hour, was being deceptive to his supporters that he was "suspending his presidential campaign", when he should have said that he was quitting from the race, to give them a clean break from the tenterhooks of Cain. Why and where he was dragging them nobody knew. He was forming a new organization, headed by; and that would mean they have not heard the last of him.

However, they themselves would realize that their candidate was finished, and that their time, money and energy have been wasted on the wrong man, Cain.

Many Americans could only wish him a peaceful and a future free of scandal.

Goodbye, Mr. Herman Cain.


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    • Credence2 profile image

      Credence2 6 years ago from Florida (Space Coast)

      Hello, Wasip, The problem with Cain is more than scandal, he was ignorant, a case of Palinitis to be sure. He could not answer international questions that a 10 year old could answer as part of a Social Studies class. The GOP deserve and its red meat eating rabble also deserve all this if they do not vet their candidates more carefully. Showing racial inclusiveness by backing Cain, the GOP only gave Cain a standing ovation for an extrordinary performance in blackface minstrel showmanship, that embarrassed all concerned.

    • profile image

      R. J. Lefebvre 6 years ago


      Your hub was interesting, unfortunately I feel no empathy for any politician, until I can recognize the real truth in honor and sincerity!