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GOP At It Again

Updated on May 23, 2016

GOP At It Again

You know I voted for Mitt Romney a way back when because I “thought” he would be a good President. I can see now that I was wrong and all that stuff about him being an elitist, out of touch with the real world true. And you don’t have to go any further than listen to his rhetoric today. He doesn’t like Donald Trump, which is perfectly ok, but wants to totally ignore the millions of voters who voted for Trump and run a third party candidate because he and a few egotistical others, “know what is best for the GOP and this country”. When Mitt was a kid I bet if he didn’t get his way he’d take his ball and run home.

Wow, what kind of adolescent, immature, arrogant, elitist behavior is this for a man who claims to be a Republican and a leader in the party. Maybe this is what has been wrong with the Grand O’l Party all these years; too much of “I know what is best for you,” and not enough LISTENING to the voters who put them in office.

It is a sad state of affairs but Mitt epitomizes all that is wrong with the Republican Party today. It is not a party or a party of the people. It is a gang of those few in a position of power who like to decide what is in the best interest of everyone else and if they don’t wise up quickly they, the so-called party and those in it, will become completely irrelevant

More than ten million voters, more than any GOP candidate ever, voted for Trump, with all his wrinkles, warts and foibles, which they accept and understand. He is not a politician, thank god, and as such the everyday working Joe, who is so tired of empty promises, see someone who finally just might stand up for them and try to represent their interests. Even if he is by no means perfect or presidential. Because they just want someone who they hope will represent them and their interests for a change

The average voter in this country today is mad, mad as hell, and Trump, very much like Bernie Sanders, has struck a chord with them. They are not racists, they are afraid as they have seen, first hand, our boarders being crossed regularly. They are tired of electing candidates who are too busy being Politically Correct, which is a sham and just a nice word for censorship, who are more interested in looking out for themselves and their interests, “the protected class” and want someone who they believe, will at least try to represent their interests.

Now, do I wish Trump would be a little more careful with his language, chose his words more carefully, not shoot so quickly from the hip and be a little more policy specific, of course. But it is what it is and it has certainly gotten him to where he is today. I think the last President we elected got elected with just a lot of pretty promises. So watch out America, we’re experiencing a second revolution, one that is impacting both political parties, and clearly not recognized nor understood by the protected class nor the media, for they like Mitt “know what is best for you” and not shy about tell you.



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