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U. S. Politics: Impeach Another President

Updated on June 18, 2015

The Things You'll Do to Sell a Book

Joined the bandwagon to sell a book?
Joined the bandwagon to sell a book?

Do you want your representative wasting money and time on impeaching a president who has almost exhausted his time in office?

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Email Running Rampant with news and faux news....

I received various emails and they were all of viral nature. To hear it from the Right Wing media, the Democrats are "evil" and bringing the end of the world.

John Cornyn of Texas, said that a GOP "Tsunami" would let them take over the House and maybe even the Senate.John Cornyn and Pete Sessions were optimistic that they would have enough GOP seats to stop the "Obama Agenda" dead in their tracks. He was correct in that the viral and nonfactual emails helped their cause to get them elected, but their Tsunami only helped them to stall, not to annihilate the Democrats.

My question, "when did running a country and trying to do what's right become an agenda?"

People like Sarah Palin and the Tea Party candidates continue with fear-mongering, warning of "Armageddon" and World War III. "GOP Will Impeach Obama" they say.

Republicans looking to take control of the House so they could impeach Obama, according to an email. They said they won't do it right away because they need 67 Senate seats that they won't get, but "if" Obama wins a second term, the House will vote to impeach him before he leaves office.

So, instead of using the time they have been given to do what is right for Americans during tough economic times, they will use the time to continue to go after the President of the United States. This is not only counter-productive, it's insane.

Let us not forget that this is the same party that helped former President Bush take us into a war under false pretenses and continued to support it after the death of many Americans who fought for this country. They have done nothing but obstruct this countries policies to help it's party gain strength and put Americans back to work. Now they want to continue the same failed policies to support the rich and the same divisive practices they used under the Clinton Administration. If you're not Republican, we need to impeach you?

Other than a waste of time , money and resources that can be put to use in helping to move the country forward; what good is it to impeach a president that is at the end of a term? This would be nothing more than a political party attacking another party and using this as a distraction from having to commit to anything from immigration reform to economic growth.

It has been continual gridlock in Washington. Supporting big-business has not gotten Americans out of the unemployment line and back to work. It has not strengthened the U.S. economy. Can the middle class continue paying the burden for the rich and carry the weight of this country on it's shoulders? Can you?


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  • sir slave profile image

    sir slave 6 years ago from Trinity county CA.

    The american people will impeach them in the next election(luckily we have one every two years to decide the balance of power)...if they dont legislate instead of obstructing the political process...which they did fitfully in the 111th congress with the fillibuster.

  • Jillian Barclay profile image

    Jillian Barclay 7 years ago from California, USA

    American Tiger conveniently forgets that the lack of regulation of the financial industry (advocating removal of corporate regulation by the government is a pre-requisite to GOP membership), outsourcing of American jobs (the Republican organization called the Chamber of Commerce promotes this) and the lowest tax rate since the 1920's (a rate which protects the highest income brackets- those making over 250K per year- GOP always brokering for no taxes for the wealthy), two wars costing the country trillions of dollars(one-Iraq-declared for no valid reason by GOP President Bush), are the causes of the financial mess we are in today.

    Darrel Issa, Republican Congressman from California (my neck of the woods) is now in the position to head up investigations of the current administration. He will spend the next 2 years targeting the Obama administration, I guarantee you! Several years ago, he almost single-handedly destroyed Gray Davis, who was at the time the Dem. Governor of Ca. Issa went after the Governor every minute of every day. I don't think Issa even slept during that time! Issa thought that by spearheading the recall of Davis, the Republican Party in California would reward him and endorse him for governor. That was his motivation for the destruction of Davis. Once he succeeded in having Davis recalled and thrown out of office, the GOP told him to back off, that Arnold, not Issa, was going to be the Republican candidate for governor. Issa was extremely bitter! His bitterness exists to this day and he is now obsessed with the idea that if he can be the one that becomes responsible for the impeachment of Obama, the Republican party will reward him by supporting him (Issa) to become the Republican candidate for President in 2012. Issa is possibly the most dangerous man in Congress today.

    You are right in your thinking that the GOP is determined to destroy Obama and possibly our country in the process! Issa will be the one responsible, if this happens. I promise you!

  • Abecedarian profile image

    Abecedarian 7 years ago from These United States, Texas

    Thanks to free speech, you have your opinion and I have mine. And if the policies you endorse were so great, then why is Texas which had a surplus before the Republicans took over ended up with a $20 Billion dollar deficit as well as other "right leaning" states. All the states are in trouble, it started with George Bush, Sr. who pushed to get our working people on the unemployment rolls with NAFTA, Bill Clinton pushed it through and Bush, Jr. ran with it. Everyone is responsible for this mess, but it's the Republicans who want to continue with the same failed policies. If it doesn't work fix it, don't keep hitting yourself in the head with a hammer and complain because you have a headache.

  • profile image

    American Tiger 7 years ago

    ABie! I'll forgive your misspelled/misused words and such, because you were kind enough to provide me with an address where I can send well spent political money. That was very kind of you.

    I want to ask you a simple question, to which I would like a straight answer.

    In that fraud, waste, incompetence and general inefficiency seem to be the handmaidens of Government Run Agencies (whose funding comes not from supplying a better product or service to the public, but from the taxes on people who DO produce), why do you find it odd that a man capable of running two profitable private sector companies would also want a government that is fiscally responsible?

    The balance of your hub seems little more than re-hashed warmed-over leftist drivel. If the policies you purport to endorse were really all that great, democrat majority districts like the state of California, and the cities of Detroit and New York, would be awash in cash and running budget surpluses.

    Instead, they are all on the brink of bankruptcy with leftist democrats at their helms.

    I'm not trying to be mean, Abie. I'm trying to get you to see reason, clearly.