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GOP candidates will be destructive liars—diametrically opposite to the Democrats.

Updated on June 30, 2015

GOP candidates will be destructive liars—diametrically opposite to the Democrats.

The only constituency that the GOP candidates want to sway is the Koch brothers.

The GOP candidates would have already alienated our Hispanic community, unwed mothers, misbehaving teenagers, welfare recipients and those of us who favor marriage equality--if red staters were not so easily manipulated. That far exceeds Romney’s 47%. The GOP candidates know that FOX News and other GOP propaganda organs will attempt to appeal to the red staters’ baser instincts and hope to brainwash those who should be offended.

The GOP candidate who seems to be the most likely to win their nomination, Jeb Bush, is a failure who made his career by handouts received from Bush family cronies.

Ted Cruz is famous for shafting the 99% and shutdowns of the government. How could he be a viable candidate?

Scott Walker doesn’t believe in equal pay—consequentially he can’t believe in the 99%.

What can be said about Donald Trump? He is a self-promoting waste of time. What position will he have now that “Birtherism” is out of play?

Bernie Sanders wants to debate the GOP candidates so that their vile positions don’t gain traction.

The GOP is being subsumed by the Kochs

The article “Could the Koch brothers swallow up the GOP?” states “The RNC is now openly arguing, however, that the Kochs’ political operation is trying to control the Republican Party’s master voter file, and to gain influence over — some even say control of — the GOP.” This is worse than a party of the top 1%--it is a party controlled by two brothers.

Jeb Bush is a failure

The article “Jeb Bush dogged by decades of questions about business deals” describes how the next failed Bush will try to brainwash red staters into believing he is a self-made man. This is a lie as the article states “But records, lawsuits, interviews and newspaper accounts stretching back more than three decades present a picture of a man who, before he was elected Florida governor in 1998, often benefited from his family connections and repeatedly put himself in situations that raised questions about his judgment and exposed him to reputational risk.” He is a self-made failure—nothing else.

The article “Jeb Bush In 1995: Unwed Mothers Should Be Publicly Shamed” states “Public shaming would be an effective way to regulate the “irresponsible behavior” of unwed mothers, misbehaving teenagers and welfare recipients, former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush (R) argued in his 1995 book Profiles in Character.

In a chapter called "The Restoration of Shame,” the likely 2016 presidential candidate made the case that restoring the art of public humiliation could help prevent pregnancies “out of wedlock.””

Ted Cruz shafts the 99%

The article “Ted Cruz on marriage equality: 'Some of the darkest 24 hours in our nation's history'” states “Republican presidential candidate and actual American senator Ted Cruz joined Fox News host Sean Hannity on Hannity's radio show to foam and sputter about today's Supreme Court decision granting marriage equality.

Cruz said “Today is some of the darkest 24 hours in our nation's history.” FOX is a propaganda organ for the GOP and when these GOP operatives spout their misinformation there it is truly repugnant. They can’t go on more “fair and balanced” venues because then their half-truths would be challenged.

Scott Walker’s divide and conquer tactics

The article “DIVIDE-AND-CONQUER WALKER THINKS EQUAL PAY IS DIVISIVE” states “Scott Walker is taking heat for claiming that supporting equal pay for women "pit[s] one group of Americans versus another."”

Trump has already been fired by NBC as a result of his vitriol

The article “The Worst Of Donald Trump's Media Commentary” depicted many of Trump’s absurd musings. I think the worst is, as the article states “Trump Called For A "Revolution" After Obama's Re-election. In two tweets he later deleted, Trump called for a "revolution.".

These were all ridiculous rants from Trump. A few weeks after those inanities the article “NBC fires Trump over insults to Mexicans” noted that NBC couldn’t tolerate his mindlessness as it states “NBC ended its relationship with real estate developer and TV personality Donald Trump and his "Miss USA" and "Miss Universe" pageants on Monday after he made comments insulting Mexicans when he began his run for president.”

Democrats want to expose GOP campaign lies

The article “Bernie Sanders wants to debate GOP candidates now to expose their unpopular ‘reactionary agenda’” states “Sanders said he would like a debate between Democrats and Republicans during the primary season so he could “confront them honestly and say to their face” what voters should know about their governing intentions.”

Democrats must defeat the GOP for the good of the 99%

In the October 2014 article “The Democrats must beat GOP for the good of our country” we described how the Democrats had to vanquish the GOP. The reasons haven’t changed. Democrats care about crafting policies to benefit the 99%. The GOP wants to help the Kochs. The GOP goes on their propaganda organs, such as FOX, to brainwash the red staters. When they propagate their swill elsewhere, even if they are employed by that entity, they can suffer the result of being seen as being liars, and even fired, as Trump was.


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