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Updated on June 25, 2009

Republicans Slow Death?

The debate is on in newspapers, magazines, on radio, television and the internet - the Republican Party is dead, dying, has become irrelevant. The consensus among many is that the party has lost its appeal. Many seem to laugh at the “idea” that just a few years ago Karl Rove was on the verge of creating a permanent conservative majority, which undoubtedly has vanished.

Has the GOP lost its appeal to Americans?  What exactly is the core of the Republican Party?

The Republican Party was formed in the 1850s by anti-slavery activists and was the party that abolished slavery. The GOP was also the party that fought to outlaw slavery, provide equal protection under the law, and provide voting rights to African Americans by pressing for the 13th, 14th and 15th Amendments to the Constitution. Today, according to the Republican Party’s platform, the GOP stands for:

1. the right to keep and bear arms;

2. fighting for equal treatment for all;

3. safeguarding our national symbols;

4. freedom of Speech and of the press;

5. maintaining the sanctity and dignity of human life;

6. safeguarding traditional marriage;

7. preserving religious liberties;

8. preserving property rights; and,

9. supporting Native American communities.

These are the declared values of the Republican Party. If the party has forsaken these values, then shame on them.  And, yes, the party deserves to die. However, if the party has not abandoned these values, but is somehow not appealing to the American people, then maybe it is not the GOP that has died.  May I suggest that probably we the American people have moved away from our core beliefs?

Is America losing its core values?  Are we shedding who we are to become more appealing to whomever?  This could be dangerous.

A family that loses its core values also loses its strength, uniqueness, purpose and unity which is necessary for success. Consequently, it falls apart - “United we stand, but divided we fall.” The same can be said of a people.

Search history and look at the great empires that have fallen.  When a people lose their core values, “brokenness” is not far behind.


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