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Updated on April 4, 2012


CNN today features a headline which sums up the Trayvon Martin case as being race conscious, and if that is not shameful, then nothing is.

"Study: GOPers tired of Trayvon story." is supposed to show that the killing of a young African American is unimportant as just taking a dog for a walk; and that a majority of people do not care about a homicide happening to such a person.

That will make for the assurance that Martin's family and friends, who insist that the killer of their son, George Zimmerman, is being hailed as a hero in some quarters of American society.

With that will come the fact that some believed that Martin's race is what matters most and not his killing; and that anybody can approach another person in the street and shoot him or her, just because of his or her race.

Following the transcript of what happened that night, when Martin was gunned down by a night watchman, one can deduce that his killer's concentration has not been on what his victim must be doing in that gated neighborhood; but rather on what he looks like.

Zimmerman's conversation with a police dispatcher clearly distinguishes his statements as being racially motivated, like "he looks black; and his is acting suspicious," and such.

Putting the racial aspect of the case aside, Martin had the right to be at that place, because his father and his (father's) girlfriend were living there. They had invited Martin to their house, and so he was a guest and not a trespasser.

Zimmerman's job was to look for people coming to the neighborhood and seemingly trying to commit burglaries and other crimes. He has to be cautious for making the mistake that everyone he saw on his rounds was up to no good.

He ignored any type of precaution, with regard to Martin, and continued to follow him to the point that a confrontation ensued. His approach must have been aggressive, because he has already identified Martin to the dispatcher as "suspicious", and that might have started an altercation between the two.

It has been pointed out that Martin was a stranger in the neighborhood; and he was unarmed. Therefore, how could he attack somebody he did know there?

It would not make any sense for anyone to say that he had started the fight that Zimmerman described.

Martin might have thought that he was the one, who was being attacked, and so he reacted accordingly to the situation. His rights were being violated, therefore he had every reason to defend himself.

For some people to judge him and not Zimmerman, who pulled out a gun and killed an innocent person, was insane.

That was what has caused the outcry of many Americans, who genuinely thought that Zimmerman was wrong in his pursuit of the young man; and it could have been any young man; and shot him to death.

It was senseless to think in terms of race from that point of view; and those GOPers, who were angry, because the Martin case has been in the news for too long would not be tired of hearing about it, if such a killing happened to one of their own family members, irrespective of his or her race.

It was Zimmerman and the Sanford police, who made the case to become racial and not Martin or his family. The actions of the police chief Bill Lee and the state attorney Norm Wolfinger, with respect to the case, bore that out, for meeting with Zimmerman's family and not that of Martin, on the night of the killing, February, 26th, 2012.


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