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Updated on June 27, 2011

True or false?

Politicians have always given the impression that their decisions were not influenced by special interest groups; however, what was witnessed last Friday in Albany, would make it crystal clear that such an assumption was false.

They have strenuously denied it on every occasion; saying it would be breaking the trust of voters. Yet, there was a quid-pro-quo scenario involved in the signing the New York State Senate's "Marriage equality bill" into law by Gov. Andrew Cuomo. (And was there a special interest influence at large?)

The extraordinary speed and readiness, with which the governor signed the bill into law boggled the mind; though, it was not at all surprising to many people. He could hardly wait to pen his signature on the bill to officially make it legal; and only a few would say that he felt the slightest tinge of reluctance to do just that.

The ink on the paper the law was written on was so fresh, one has to be extremely careful to put one's signature on it, in order not to cause the ink to run awry, and the wording to become blotchy and messy by anything, be it the hand, the cuff or the sleeve of the shirt.

That could occur in the form of an accident; but there was no way for that to happen with this particular law. "Careful, governor, careful,"; one might have said.

The executive secretary was even standing by with a blotting pad, but he or she was not able to use it, due to the rush by the governor to get the signature ceremony over and done with.

His office has been feverishly, but steadily, moving all the stumbling blocks out of the way to "get the job done,"; to please a whole lot of people, in groups or individually, so as to help them realize their dream.

He was not prepared to take any chance of missing the opportunity to prove his point that he had worked without any hesitation to get the bill to go through its final stages; and then, BINGO!; there it was, just to be signed.

Based on the promise he had made those vested interest groups and individuals in his political campaign to become governor of New York State, he has accomplished a great, personal achievement; and he was proud of it.

Why? Because he would not have become Gov. Andrew Cuomo without their vote. It was a promise kept by a politician, and it came true; a very rare occurrence, nonetheless.

The question then should be asked; was that rallying special interest groups and rubbing shoulders with them or what? And also, were those groups and individuals happy? You bet your buttocks, they were.

There was no evidence of any political malfeasance, or even the suspicion of it being reported, with respect to the bill becoming law in New York State; of course. However, the fact remained that special interest influence was at play. It could inevitably make or change decisions; and its presence was felt unabashedly. It went to prove that, it (special interest influence) surely existed in American politics, probably, on all levels.

In other words, the original decision to make the law to become enacted, was not the governor's; however, special interest influence must have, one way or another, pushed the legislative process in the direction it wanted the bill to go, from start to finish, to cause the law to come about.

Could that be true or false? You be the judge.

P.S. Get something over and done with. Also get something over with. Meaning: "to do something difficult or unpleasant as soon as you can so that you do not have to worry about it any more.". (The Free Dictionary, by Farlex).


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