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Updated on August 13, 2011

Today is the day.

Gov. Rick Perry is supposed to make his entrance today, into the Republican Party's field of candidates for the presidency of the United States, and he seems to have a great deal of momentum behind him, even before his entry.

Not almost, but all the poll numbers show that he is close to former Gov. Mitt Romney, the front runner in the Republican race at this time. However, the question happens to be whether Perry is able to topple Romney for the nomination; and if so, why?

Will religion connections be part of the factors that will lead the Conservative Party to choose the person, who will run against President Barack Obama in the fall of the 2012 general election?

Romney is a Mormon, and Perry "has been referred to as an Evangelical Christian and a Methodist", and therefore religion cannot be ruled out as playing a part in the party's processing in selecting its candidate. Yet, Americans seldom vote for a Mormon, making Romney's present position rather precarious, to say the least.

The rest of the pack is now being psychologically separated from those two men; namely, Pawlenty, Bachmann, Gingrich, Paul, Cain, Huntsman and Santorum.

Although, they all have equal chance of grabbing the nomination, the scene has become one of "more equal than others" for them. As such, nobody really knows what they are going to do to boost their individual chances for the consideration of their party.

Many people think that Perry will come from behind, even though, he is outside the field as it is presently made up, to clinch the nomination.

If that happens, then Obama will face a candidate, who comes up with a double pronged support in his background, in terms of race and religion.

Obama is a converted Christian, and there is no doubt that the Christian vote will be split. Yet, he will have to internalize the fact that he is in the minority, when it come to his race. Perry will have an advantage in that respect.

However, if Americans will be sincere and vote on the basis of their conscience, instead of doing so with what they deem as being more important in their hearts than any other factor, that the race of a person naturally comes first, when he or she considers his or her origins. It is only then that Obama will gain an equal opportunity in the contest.

Conscience will be the only thing that can bring voters to realize that the two people are patriots, and so they will do what is best for the country. Therefore the idea of race must be counted out in choosing any of them as leader.

Obama is doing all he can to retrieve the nation from the abyss of a strong recession, and the fact remains that he is going to rely on the support of all citizens in the coming years to accomplish his objective, if he is re-elected.

Any other person that comes in to challenge him will use the economy to draw attention to himself of herself and say that he (Obama) is failing, and that he or she, who that person will be, can do better. How can he or she be so sure?

That is what voters must consider first and foremost, rather than banking their hopes on the race or religion of that person, when casting their vote in the next general election.


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