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U.S. Politics: Texas Governor Gave up bid for President

Updated on June 17, 2015

"I spent money on education to give teachers pay raises." What he didn't say is that the State is in such debt, teachers are losing their jobs.

Will the Real Rick Perry Please Stand Up

Governor Rick Perry, former Democrat, turned Republican and then Tea Party candidate has continued to try to reinvent himself to fit the occasion. Actually after all his "oops" in the media, he would have taken any vote he could get.

Rick Perry pandered to the right and stated that he was not for the "bailout" in 2008, Yet on Oct. 1, 2008, the Republican Governors Association and Democratic Governors Association published a letter signed by their party chairmen, Perry and Manchin, stating: "We strongly urge Congress to leave partisanship at the door and pass an economic recovery package. If Congress doesn't act soon, the situation will grow appreciably worse."

Rick Perry continually contradicted himself throughout his election campaigns. He made it clear with his actions, that Rick Perry would say "whatever" it takes to get the vote, but will do completely the opposite of what he says when it comes time to act on his words.

For Governor: He Campaigned As a Great Supporter of Education

Rick Perry campaigned on what a great supporter of education he was and he had 199 youtube videos letting Americans know about it. At least 50% were released by his campaign and the others from Tea Party groups, etc., while he was running for governor of Texas.

  • Since the day Perry took office in Texas, he spent money as quickly as Bush did for the United States. Now, Texas children, teachers and the overall education system have been paying for it.
  • Teachers contracts were not being renewed, probationary teachers were being let go, teaching positions were being left vacant and students were doubling up in classrooms.
  • Some schools were talking about cutting back to a four day schedule. While not legal in the state of Texas, Texas Legislators were working to pass a bill that would allow it. Some schools were going to allow their buses to be used as billboards to attract revenue. Under Rick Perry's leadership, some districts were forced into cutting in upwards of 5 to 7 million dollars out of their budgets.

As Presidential Candidate: In Iowa for 2012

Rick Perry wanted to eliminate the Department of Education! What would he do for funding? He was known throughout Texas for stripping the Department of Education of funds for other pet projects.

Rick Perry Tried to Run As an Outsider for President

Rick Perry tried to run as an outsider, but couldn't convince anyone that he hadn't been an insider from day one. Rick Perry had been employed by the government most of his adult political life. He couldn't have possibly known what it was to be an outsider and live from paycheck to paycheck; without support and freebies from special interest groups.

He called the government "broken", well Mr. Perry was a part of that so called broken government for more than 20 years and never did anything to fix it. Calling Congress a part time gig, showed Americans that he had no clue what it takes to run a government. And privatizing the Transportation Security Administration just showed that he was willing to sell out to the highest bidder when it came to our Security.

Rick Perry tried to tie onto the coattails of the Tea Party as well and while he started out with strong support from this group, he quickly lost support after American's heard him speak. While, he conceded to the fact that he'd lost any chance of becoming the nominee for President of the United States; he endorsed a candidate, Newt Gingrich, who was also trying to run under the Tea Party support, and as an outsider. Another candidate with a stronger insider history.

While it's a good thing for American's that Rick Perry dropped out of the race, it was a sad state of affairs for the people of Texas, they were stuck with him.

Texas Constitution & Borrowing

The Texas Constitution restricts government borrowing. The Rick Perry who believed in supporting education, would have to cut government programs and services, raise taxes and fees, and cut spending on education to balance the Texas budget.

Texas had a surplus and education was doing great, then Rick Perry came along.

Solutions for Texas- Race To Top Doesn't Seem Sound

Perry Spends Education Fund on Texas Budget Shortfall

In 2009, Texas was awarded their share of funding from the stimulus bill. A total of $78 million dollars was to go for funding Austin I.S.D. Instead, Rick Perry gave Austin I.S.D. $12 million and sent $66 Million to the state coffers to cover his budget shortfall. With the budget shortfall, estimated at over $19 Billion for 2010, Austin I.S.D. will not receive those "pay raises" he campaigned on and swore that he was giving teachers.

In 2010, Rick Perry asked for emergency government funding of $830 Million of the $10 Billion from HR1586, for education. Due to his using the education funding for his state budget, an amendmant was added to the application to insure that funding was used "for" education. Perry filed a suit against the state for that money, asking for it "without the amendment".

No Race for the Top Funding for Texas Education

President Obama's Race To The Top program for education was designed to strengthen our education system. Many Republican states participated in this program and have received their funding to help their education system.

Rick Perry refused it. He felt, in all his arrogance that Texas knew best how to educate our children. He also declined it on the basis that he said "it would allow the government to set curriculum standards and tests."

So, what is the difference between allowing a nation wide program to do what is best for America's children and their education and allowing Texas Government officials dictate education? Is it still not government run and mandated?

Texas government officials with the Tea Party Republican agenda decided to re-write our history books and remove prominent historical figures from it to suit party lines and distort our nation's history.

Perry Proposes a Law That Already Exists

Rick Perry talked on the campaign trail about how to cut back on the dropout rate.

His plan: Deny dropouts drivers licenses.


The law was enacted in 1989, he just hadn't enforced it. Rick Perry, in 2009, signed a measure that repealed the provision that said the minor 16-17 must be in school to renew a license.

If Rick Perry had spent a little more time at work, he might have known what was going on in the state of Texas.

Rick Perry offering Mexican Immigrants In-State Tuition

Under Rick Perry: Immigrants Get Break on Tuition

Rick Perry has allowed a part of the DREAM ACT to be in effect at the cost of the American taxpayer.

The state of Texas charges out of state tuition to students that choose to come here from other states for their education. Increasing funding for Texas Universities. The same policy applies to international students coming the Texas for their education. However, Rick Perry came to an agreement with President Fox that allowed immigrant students to pay the same tuition that Texans pay, which in turn cuts that added funding for colleges and universities in Texas.

Rick Perry could have cut the frivolous spending of Texas tax dollars, but didn't. If you are not a Texan, you must pay out of state tuition, by not doing so, the tax payers of Texas are paying more taxes to cover their tuition and the fines that Texas has to pay for allowing this policy.

Perry's Schedule, Cooking the Books

Did Perry Speak with Forked Tongue?

To hear Rick Perry tell it, he didn't have much to do with the Obama administration. The fact is, he called on the administration for assistance quite regularly.

  • He lied to the media that Mexican violence was spreading across the borders and bombs were exploding in El Paso, Texas and asked for 1000 troops.
  • He greeted Obama at the airport at Ft. Bliss when he arrived to visit with the troops and greeted him personally as he stepped off the plane.
  • Due to expected flooding from Tropical Storm Hermine, he asked the President for disaster declaration.

  • Shortly after his Tea Party speech where he spoke of secession, he asked the President for assistance with the Swine Flu vaccine.

  • July 2009, Perry spoke on conference call to Vice President Joe Biden asking him when he might see the $4 Billion he had asked for in education assistance.

  • Aug 2010, Perry wrote a letter to Kathlene Sebelius, Health Human Services Secretary and he requested to receive the increased federal match for Medicaid.

  • September 2010, he asked the President for Federal Food Help.

For someone who campaigned on "cutting the deficit" and calling federal stimulus monies spent to help Americans as "immoral" or "irresponsible funds", Rick Perry didn't have a problem asking for them.

Defending his work ethic....

Texans have seen the real Rick Perry in action...would you support him?

See results

Scheduling Problem?

The released schedule from the governors record showed that Rick Perry was off on 4 day weekends regularly. It showed that he had quick meetings that left him free for the rest of the day, which amounts to working about 4 hours a day at the most, Tuesday - Thursday.

Perry continued to argue his case with the media. However, through the Open Record Act, a copy of Rick Perry's actual schedule was obtained and shed light on what Rick Perry finds important.

  • Using taxpayer money to do his campaigning: briefing on TORT Reform a campaign event.
  • Attending a conference for Texans for Lawsuit Reform PAC endorsement.
  • Meeting at the Petroleum Club of Houston.

Top Electronics

Ego finally caught up with the Perry

Perry's ego or arrogance should have been his downfall. Rick Perry was indicted for abusing his power and coercion of a public servant and still threw his hat into the ring for the presidential election once more.


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  • Ms Dee profile image

    Deidre Shelden 7 years ago from Texas, USA

    I'm glad to have seen this! This will make me look into what is going on here. Thanks for posting this hub, Abecedarian.