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Updated on July 21, 2012

The last one is just for entertainment.

Movies as "Batman" and the likes are just as lethal as guns and other weapons themselves. They seem to be for entertainment only, but there is no notification of any kind to tell the public that they are not real or that they are just make belief.

Some people, who tend to be psychotic will copy what they see on the screen, thinking that "they can do it too", and life will remain the same after that. It is the fantasy of what society makes as heroes of characters and their actions depicted in films, which are not real and therefore must be labeled as such.

Ratings are there to indicate whether a movie is alright for people of certain ages only, but they must include a side note that tells the public that the contents of it (movie) are unreal.

Hollywood must be blamed just as much for what happened in Aurora, CO., yesterday, with a lone gunman entering a Movie Theater and killing 12 patrons and wounding several of them.

The case is not about gun control at all, as there are loads of gun regulations already on the books, and they are being followed by a majority of gun dealers, who earn their living in the gun industry.

Actors do not die on a movie set; but where is the indication of that, unless film makers tell the viewer that a movie is just a story, and what it contains must not be copied in any way.

As in a Broadway show, the participants present themselves at the end to the audience, with players, who have "died" in the show being still alive. So, any assumption that they are really "dead" is not there or it is eliminated; however, it is not so with movies.

If an announcement will come on before the movie showing or after it, saying that it is just a play, some people will take what they see as being real life.

It is true that gun dealers must be careful of whom they sell a weapon of any kind to; but they cannot control what that weapon is used for; and so, gun control is definitely not the issue here, in view of what has taken place in Colorado.

Authorities must find a way to handle situations like that; and one such way, though subtle, must be the strictest notification in theaters and in the media, that movies are just for entertainment, and that there is nothing real about them.

Otherwise, some people will copy a sinister scene and transfer it into reality. Also, Hollywood must take the responsibility of letting movie goers and those buying their products to know that they (products) are strictly story telling and nothing else.

In the wake of the Colorado massacre, more new gun laws will be pursued; but will they make any difference?


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