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Gaining Separation?

Updated on October 1, 2012

A Finishing Kick?

In American Football, there is no more exciting moment that watching a receiver get a gap between himself and the defender. Usually it's a matter of making that gap wider.

Obama, since the Democratic Convention, seems to have opened a bit of a gap. The Democratic base has rallied around his message, while Romney has made gaffe after gaffe. The possibility of the Democrats picking up some wins down the ticket has even crossed the minds of The Nation.

The Romney campaign in some ways seems to be in desperation mode. He may be staking his campaign on zingers and voter suppression, and maybe enough Democratic voters staying home thinking the race is in hand.

The debates could really be a chance for Obama to show Romney as the candidate of, by and for the "%1" that he is. On economic issues, paint Romney as a man who made his money not only on the backs of the "%99" but also by basically breaking them; Bain Capital and the "%47" need to be major talking points in the debates.

On Foreign Policy, Romney needs to be shown as someone who seems to wish a return to the polices that created so many of the messes we are in now. Of course, when your opponent is of one of the more apocalyptic flavors of Christianity, that may be to be expected. But that is not something that I would mention in a debate.

One of Romney's major defenses will be how little was accomplished. And that provides a way for Obama to try and set up coat tails. When you have an opposition party that makes obstruction it's major policy, even at the risk of the American People, you will not get much done.

One final point Obama can make is how Romney has shifted positions. Calling out these shifts. many of which were likely to appeal to the corporate SuperPacs and their "Tea Party" tools, could sway those key independents.

I personally would like to see in the debates Obama echo some of the themes of the "%99". A question about dealing with the political power of corporations would go a long way in showing the gap between the candidate of the "%1" and Obama.


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    • lrc7815 profile image

      Linda Crist 5 years ago from Central Virginia

      Great points here and I agree with you regarding a strategy for Obama. Personally, I think the debates are going to Romney's demise. He doesn't think on his feet that well and I believe it will display as a serious weakness. People can say what they will but I like having a President that can seperate emotion and make a call without worrying about who he's going to anger. Great hub! Voted up.