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Gang Related

Updated on September 19, 2016

Gang Related

From the East Bay to the East side; from the South End to the West Side…they are all filled with pride. Don’t make any pit stops on the hill top, you may never make it home. Gang related and tolerated, just another thug with a gun. Killing him for killing them, who is his mother’s son? Bricks and loud packs, cigarettes and liquor, if you pop a molly it will hit ya system quicker. Big bands and baby bands all on one accord, wonder if anyone has ever introduced them to the Mighty Good Lord. Exposing women with nothing to lose, kissing on his homie and giving us the clues. Bed rock at the motel, selling her body for cheap…gang related- what you sow is what you reap. Big heads calling shots, no women or children. Her body found in the woods, I guess they didn’t listen. Hanging from trees with welted black backs, now willing to hang his mother for an ounce of stolen crack. Battle wounds inflicted, he took the shot to the head. I screamed the day she called and said, ‘They found my brother dead’! Missions and set ups, watch who you call your friend. Although she may appear authentic she just might be a man. Baby daddy baby momma, pressure to pay the bills. Rob a house stick em up, and break da boss a deal. Gang related rep yo set, tell me which is the best? The way I see it they’re all misleading and never passed a test. School is a waste of time, when crime pays better. That is, until you want to see the guys, but instead you write a letter. It doesn’t get better. Little girls feel the hands of grown men, tickling their thighs. Whispering in her ear “don’t tell” as he looks into her eyes. Don’t be surprised, its all a part of the game. Maybe you shouldn’t have left her with a man you barely even knew, just to say you down for life and riding for your boo. Embezzlement schemes, our leaders are frauds, blinded by the money. I love Joliet, I really do, but what has it done for me? Missing persons, vanished for three years & no one knows what happen, baby mama set him up and the rest is just a fraction. Sleepless nights I cannot sleep, the shooting just won’t stop. I know a guy who knows a guy, who buys his guns from the cops. Dirty rats. Dirty scum set em up for failure and watch them succeed. Selling the gangs guns, dope and names all for the sake of greed. Gang related bloods and Crips alike, once you’re in, you’re in and you’re in for life. Dirty deeds and bloody hands, so who do we have to thank. The scent of death plagues or streets from the pistol or the shank. Funerals and slow traffic another one gone. Tears and sadness as we sing the final song. Goodbye farewell, the streets have more to claim. But they wouldn’t elevate their minds, they’re too busy screaming gang. Gang this gang that, let’s all go get high. Dab and stab em up & watch until they die. The addiction gets worse as your body learns to tolerate, for the cash spent on merch & drugs what do you have to compensate? Jordan’s? A fresh fit? Spare me the details. Those Js a go well with the brimstone in hell. I’m not a preacher I’m a thinker, I know I’ve made mistakes. I have issues, but my issues are not up for debate. I’m tired of being quiet It’s time to speak out. Not snitching just listen, that’s not what I’m about. Open your eyes and see the truth hidden within the lies, how the very gang you claim will lay in wait for your demise. How your boys a get you wet and set you out to dry. How your friend will call you bestie, but she flirting with ya man. Soon as ya turn ya back…as soon as she can. I stay isolated, because I am elite. I had my day of stumbling blinding throughout the hellish streets. I’ve done it all and could tell you a thing or two, but you probably wouldn’t believe me it & that is up to you. Gang related who pays your expenses, untaxed dollars for the informants who witness. Liars who tell, and seductive women who black mail. Far from fake, but it is a mirage. The streets can make ugly look pretty just go & ask... Celebrating mischief, condoning the outrage. No wonder they lock so many of our black men in an iron cage. It makes no sense but gang abides by a different creed of law. The depths of the game can make even a midget put on the appearance of tall. Gang related I really want to know, if we opened your heart and spilled its contents, what would the findings show??



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