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Gangstalking A Battle

Updated on October 12, 2012

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I often write about this topic however not much in the past few months.

In this article I want to address gangstalking as a whole, coincidences and the mentality of a gangstalker.

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Gangstalking is perpertrated by a group of people as opposed to one person. There are many names for it. Group stalking being one with community mobbing, workplace mobbing(taking place at work, school, etc.), organized stalking, vigilante stalking, organized harassment, predatory gang stalking, cause stalking, multi stalking and a few others. The name given isn't what is really important here, it's what they stalkers do that is the important part and what is also important is to realize and understand that these people are criminals just like a man who stalks a woman because he thinks he loves her or is obsessed with her for some reason or another.

The difference being that gangstalking is perpertrated by a group of people because most likely the targeted individual as they are called ended up on some list such a violent person's registry or some other list making them a target. Often times the people recruited to follow and stalk the victims don't even know why they are following them. They are blindly following someone's orders or what they think is right because they believe this person is a threat without doing any research to find out, which in my personal opinion is not up to private citizens outside of the law enforcement sector. But many people take it on anyway.

When does coincidence come into the picture and can random acts be coincidences or something more? If you find yourself being followed on a daily basis when you are out running errands, being tailgated or cut off in traffic constantly, find things moved around inside your home and you have no pets, find someone sitting near your home regularly in a car or on a bicycle watching you then there is a good chance you are being stalked. Sometimes this can be one on one stalking but if you see different individuals then it crosses out the possibility that it is just one person. If it happens only briefly then goes away you can probably put it down to mere coincidence as most gangstalkers don't stop after only a few days. They usually do it for months and even years.

Most likely you won't know your stalker(s). And usually the stalkers don't know their victims. But this is not always the case. There are instances when someone disgruntled manages to get people to hop on his bandwagon of madness and enact an all out war on someone for some supposed or real wrong the victim did. This is less likely and usually the target is feared as being a threat to a cause, violent or a sociopath.

Many times the stalkers don't even know why they are stalking someone.

This type of stalking is geared towards rendering the victim helpless and sensitizing him/her to the point that normal, every day stimuli causes extreme discomfort often forcing the victim to become jobless, homeless, completely unable to handle life's simplest tasks and to possible suicide.

There is no good reason why someone is chosen and anyone can be chosen for any reason. It doesn't matter if you are rich, poor, healthy, unhealthy, a snob, the nicest person on earth, what your political or religious affiliation is if any. However, I have found that through certain avenues especially political or religious can have an impact on whether you may or not become a target. I know this as my husband has being going through targeted harassment for about two years now. And I know without a doubt that much of it stems to a group of people who are overtly political and religious and the fact he doesn't conform to their views.

Gangstalking is steeped in control. It is about controlling someone for whatever reason. It might be because someone spoke out for themselves at work, church or just about any place where there are groups of people. It basically boils down to disgreeing with the majority. Challenging another's point of view. If you happen to find yourself disagreeing with the masses you might end up being a target. This seems to be the norm when it comes to group stalking although there can be other reasons such as someone gets the ball rolling that doesn't like you.

It would seem that in a free nation you would have the right to speak your mind but that really isn't the case and alot of people simply don't realize it.

As for the kind of person that would perpertate this harassment I don't need to tell you they are sociopath's and in some cases psychopath's. I understand this is an unsettling thought but these people do not want their view challenged and absolutely do not want things out of their control. Part of the whole gangstalking mentality is control so to take control away from a psychopath and render him helpless could send him over the edge. That's often the reason why the stalking becomes more overt. If the victim doesn't realize he's being stalked something must be done to make the victim realize it to gain more control over him/her.

I've established that a stalker is not stable. That you must understand. They will do all kinds of things to bring you under their thumb, under their control and they will stoop to almost any level. They are not afraid of being caught, they are not afraid of law enforcement, they are not afraid that you might react violently even killing them. They are not afraid in part because they think you will never find out who they are because so many are in on it. They think even if you do identify them you will be too helpless to do anything and no one will believe you because they have already taken every step possible to make you look like you are the deranged one. This is why it's important to not tell just anyone. You must first decide if you can trust that person and this goes for anyone you know including family and friends. As soon as someone says the word unstable and points at you all credibility is lost. It is recommended you get a psychological evaluation and I agree with this although from a law enforcement perspective probably nothing will ever be done to the perpertrators partly because it's too hard to go after many people and make a case. And sometimes the stalkers cross jurisdictions so if the police do want to help their hands are tied in these situations but usually the police dismiss it as you, the victim, being unstable.

It is up to you to regain your life. You can't rely on anyone else to do it for you. You must remain calm and not react. You must hold yourself to a stable standing, meaning, no matter what the stalker's throw at you, no matter what they do keep going forward and be calm. This will most certainly irritate them and cause them to kick up their game but it will also cause them to look unstable when they are forced to get more outrageous in an attempt to control you and they will. If driving by your house one time a day yelling obscenities doesn't do the trick then they may resort to driving by screaming even more loudly and irritating the neighbors or doing the same thing in stores. If you remain calm as if nothing is wrong they will be the ones people think are unstable. The unfortunate downside is they will do even more to drive you insane.

The stalkers can't very well go around telling everyone you are unstable because they are stalking you so you must be by now since they have been doing it for months, years, etc.

One of my biggest recommendations is not allow the stalker to get to you, do your best to be calm at all times. And always understand it's not something you did. The stalkers are not stable people and they never will be.


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