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Gangstalking And Mobbing

Updated on May 11, 2011

Religion And Stalking

Hello, this new article focuses primarily on religion and gangstalking. It arose from a post that I recently put on my new blog where the main focus is peace and spirituality.

My husband is an avid facebooker and is always posting things he thinks people should hear and is very open about his spirituality although I can't say it is particularly welcome in our community where christianity is at the forefront and to believe anything other than exactly what the church teaches is considered blasphemy. This isn't to say my husband isn't a christian but he is not according to the church and christians in our community and he has been openly flogged in public and told he is not a christian followed with your dying and going to Hell. This is a common theme among churches unfortunately.

After recently going through what I can call nothing other than gangstalking and in fact have written on this very subject, he was asked by a local pastor(our own pastor), "if the punishment were to end would it make you a more Godly person?". Now whether that was intended in the format I took it as or something else I can't say. But it sounds to me like he condones stalking and mobbing which is outrageous in my opinion as a man of the cloth, a Godly man should not condone anything that is hatred and vileness because stalking is none other than hatred, maliciousness and craziness.

My husband took it to mean he knows about the mobbing and even knows who is involved which if he is, he isn't going to say. I really can't say. Perhaps his words were taken out of context. At least on the knowing part but I definitely took his words to mean he condones it if it will make someone more Godly.

 This what I take from that statement.

The intent of this article was not to talk about the gang stalking and mobbing again as I've talked about it in the past and have no more answers than the last time I wrote about it. My husband believes the young neighbor down the street knows about it and is participating in it. At first I ignored and discounted this possibility but over the last several months I've had to adopt a different view. The view that says I don't know what to believe anymore.

He's always pestering us or rather my husband. He mostly only pesters my husband when I'm not around. The other stuff, being followed around, etc. occurs mostly only when I'm not around so at first it was very difficult for me to believe it was occurring at all which is the intent of a gang stalker. They want to make it look like the target is crazy so they don't do the obnoxious behavior except when the the only person who will experience it is the intended target. It's never designed to be something that the spouse will deal with or the entire family will go through. Namely because if the entire family can relay to the police what is happening it is far more difficult for them to dismiss it as a psychiatric disorder. That would mean the entire family was suffering from the same exact disorder at the same time which is highly unlikely and an investigation would more than likely ensue which no gang stalker wants as stalking is serious and carries some pretty heavy penalties in a court of law.

As I reported before my husband has complained about numerous activity that I've had a hard time with. There are times when I think I might be going crazy especially those times when I feel I'm being followed. I wonder it is just my overactive imagination because of all the things my husband has relayed, I'm truly going crazy or I really am being followed which makes me wonder why on earth someone would want to engage in this activity. But gang stalking isn't about rhyme or rythym. Gang stalkers think for some unknown reason I can't fathom that they have a right and obligation to engage in this activity probably because someone else(maybe someone they trust or maybe because someone they don't even know) has put the word out that this person needs to be harassed to somehow either make them leave the community because they are a threat to it or make them change their views, get in line with a certain viewpoint. This unfortunately is very common in religion. If you dare disagree with their belief not only are you ostracised but you may even be hounded and harassed.

I recall a similar incident that I went through a few years ago when I began dating a man in my church who at the time I thought was a good christian man only to find out he was quite the opposite. What ensued for me was a nightmare. This man began emailing the Pastor of the church vulgar, threatening letters. They automatically thought because it had my name on it that it had to be me and they would consider no the explanation because the man I had dated touted himself as such a good christian and the most important part, his family was well known in the community and owned several apple orchards etc. and was obviously well off. So this is what makes a person a good christian, having wealth and notoriety in society.

Unfortunately, this equates to money. If you give the church lots of money then all your transgressions no matter how bad will not only be forgiven they will be entirely overlooked. They want to make sure that person is going to throw in his whole wallet on sunday morning but he might not do that if his sins are brought out into the open.

As always I went off on a little tangent there. The whole concept of my new blog is too outline peace and love and the spirituality that goes with it.

As for gang stalking there isn't much I can add that most of you don't already know and for those of you who have went through it or are currently going through it you already know about it and could most definitely tell me more than I know.

I can say, my husband has his viewpoints when it comes to religion and he will not back down from his view and it differs from modern churches and that is not agreeable with the church congregation and the highly christian community in which we live. I've tried to explain this to him and have told him he would be better off keeping his opinions to himself especially when it comes to religion but he hasn't listened.

I only hope that these people will grow tired of this sickness and leave him alone, leave us alone. Although I don't see it as up close and personal as my husband and I have seen things and experienced a little of what he describes just not on the scale he tells me about. But I've definitely seen things that are far out of the ordinary.

People skulking around our house, people making our dog bark for hours. people shining a red light toward the house so the dog will bark and when she is in even shining the light toward the room she is in. How they know we keep her in one room of the house I can't say but somehow they know.

I can also tell you that in a church there is a hierarchy. That hierarchy dictates what goes on and how the people within the church will respond. One of the most important aspects of church that many people do not know and if I hadn't experienced it firsthand I would dismiss it too, is that there is someone there that delves into each and every person's background and finds out everything they want to know about that person from their criminal background(if there is one) to what they own, where they live, what they drive, about their family and how much money they have. You will think what I'm about to tell you is crazy but trust me on this, this is all true.

When you go to a new church the first thing the powers that be there will find out, is what you own and how much money you have, followed with a complete background check, maybe even backgrounds checks on your family. Afterall they need to know if someone in your family could hurt their church because never forget, they are running a business here.

Once they have all the eggs they need in one basket, they hold onto them. They use these eggs if need be to manipulate you into giving more money if what you're giving isn't enough for what you're earning. They already know how much you make. They already know how much you have in the bank because more than likely they simply asked the bank. No, the bank isn't legally allowed to do this but trust me on this, all they need is one person who thinks he/she is doing the right thing and when a member of clergy asks for pertinent information such as the amounts in your bank accounts they readily give it. I don't mean they hand out the exact amount and the bank account number, no that is not the case at all, they simply slip them a rough estimate or the people that work there gossip about the people with the most money in their bank and all the church needs is someone who can get their hands on that information.

If you small town every one in that town knows your business. In fact every one else probably knows more than you do about it.

You may think that what I'm saying is crazy and doesn't happen. Well, that is your right but it does happen. Of course, no one is going to tell you.

As for the church, take a good look at the people in the know there, the important people, deacons, elders,  the hierarchy if you will and you will find someone who is in a prominent position in the community, that may be a lawyer, a cop or even a judge. In our church it's a judge, in another church it was a retired state bureau agent. There is someone there who has some connection to law enforcement who can get all the information they want without having to pay for it. There will be someone else there who snoops into your business. Perhaps they act stupid and ask alot of questions, questions you think are dumb. It's a ply to get information and if they act stupid you think it's harmless telling them. Be aware, this is not harmless. There is someone else, maybe even the same person who will use the internet to find out information about you that he/she passes on to the hierarchy, then someone who relies on talking to people they know and in the community and at your workplace, school, etc. to gather more information.

There is probably a whole dossier on most people at most churches. If there isn't one it's only because they don't have the people in place to be able to have it.

The purpose here is not to turn people away from church but is to make people aware of what goes on in them. I'm sure there are exceptions to the rule, there always are but this is what goes on in many whether you believe me or not. How much they stand to lose if the entire congregation leaves dictates how much of this goes on, how much manipulation goes on and the extremes they will go to to keep people in line and people out that offer even the slightest difference of opinion that could influence the people there to turn in a different direction. They would call this a problem. It's only a problem for them because they rely so heavily on the monetary value of their church rather than the needy there that really are there for a good dose of Jesus, love and spirituality. There is more money in churches than ever will be love and the saving of souls.

This became a bigger article and more off topic than I intended but I just want people to know what really goes on in church, there is a direct correlation between religion and stalking whether anyone wants to believe it or not, even for what is considered mainstream.

There is love and spirituality that is not in church. Not going doesn't mean you're going to die and go to Hell because clergy told you you would. With that Peace!


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    • profile image

      a true Christian 

      6 years ago

      Gangstalkers are truly the new pharases in alaska gangstalkers destroy more lives than you realize


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