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Gangstalking Cointelpro

Updated on February 10, 2013

To read a personal story of a friend and my story go to

To read about Cointelpro go to

Here is the definition of Cointelpro provided by Wikipedia:

This is the next article in my series on gangstalking. In this article I want to discuss who the perpertraters are. There are many conclusions as to who they might be. Some believe they are just people gotten together and brain washed by one single person bent on revenge or slandering someone's name while others believe they are part of a government conspiracy. That conspiracy being to either gather scientific information as to the effects on stalking someone or to just plain make it look like there are more terror threats than there actually are so these government officials can keep their cushy jobs. Whatever the reason, it deserves a deeper look.

As I pointed out earlier some people believe gangstalking is part of the COINTELPRO program which is an acronym for counter intelligence program. It was aimed at surveilling, infiltrating, discrediting and disrupting domestic political organizations. "COINTELPRO tactics included discrediting targets through psychological warfare, planting false reports in the media, smearing through forged letters, harassment, wrongful imprisonment, extralegal violence and assassination." The operations took place between 1956 and 1971 and was aimed at people labeled subversive. Which in laymen's terms means anyone who didn't go along with the government or protested. In fact, Martin Luther King Jr was targeted because of his civil rights movement. People that were part of the black nationalist party, the american indian movement, congress of racial equality, the national association for the advancement of colored people, the southern christian leadership conference, the black panther party, people who protested the Vietnam war, those who pushed for civil rights, women's rights and just about anyone who didn't agree with our government was targeted. 85% of their resources went towards subverting these groups and the other 15% went toward white hate groups such as the ku klux klan and believe it or not even Albert Einstein was a target.

Now I don't completely disagree with the program. Those who promoted violence needed to be surveilled but what about the rest that promoted peace. Martin Luther King Jr never promoted violence. And Einstein, why him? Because his scientific discoveries didn't correlate with what the government was telling people? Or his discoveries somehow went against the christian movement?

J. Edgar Hoover, director of the FBI, ordered COINTELPRO to disrupt, discredit and misdirect the activities of these groups which means lie about them. So when the government portrayed that they might be threats to national security most of that was a pack of lies told to the american people so they would continue to support what the government was doing.

It was originally started in 1956 to disrupt and win defections inside the communist party USA but was soon expanded to cause discruptions amongst these other parties too. It was kept secret until 1971 when a group of left wing radicals broke into the FBI's Media, Pennsylvania office and stole several documents pertaining to the COINTELPRO program. It was at this time the program was officially called off citing that freedom of speech and expression were being violated and further stated the program would then investigate on a case by case basis. But what if these people hadn't broken in? This program would have continued without the people ever knowing what was going on. It was only halted because they were exposed. Cointelpro conducted over 2000 operations before it was officially discontinued.

But what does this program have to do with gangstalking. I'm sure at it's inception many innocent people were followed because they were targeted as possible threats. But what about today? Are people still being followed as part of a government operation to halt terrorism?

Many victims of gangstalking believe they are targets of this operation. But are they really? What would be the point now? Understandably if they are involved in peace movements, protests, etc. they might get flagged as a potential threat. But there are alot of stories online about being stalked by groups of people. As I've said before, are these people just delusional and think people are following them when in reality it is a figment of their imaginations? Quite possibly but maybe not. Perhaps the government is still conducting secret investigations that the general population have no knowledge of. Of course gangstalking isn't exclusive to America it is a worldwide problem. Could all these people be wrong?

There are many names for gangstalking such as cause stalking, stalking by proxy(I will go into that in a little more detail later in the article), group stalking, community mobbing, workplace mobbing, multi stalking, organized stalking and others. It all goes under the same unbrella. It's a form of systemic social control designed to control and manipulate every aspect of a target's life. In many instances family members and friends are brought into the group to harass and stalk the victim.

You may be wondering how family could be persuaded to participate in illegal and insane activities such as stalking, well, first off the leader(for lack of a better name for the person in charge that gets the ball rolling for stalking a target) doesn't tell family and friends what they are actually participating in. They lie and tell them the target is a threat of some sort, either to others or himself and should be watched and spied on. And of course only the leader can stop the target from doing anything rash therefore everything must be reported back to him/her. It truly is amazing that any intelligent person would fall for this line of crap but people do all the time plus there are people who enjoy stalking and harassing people, people who are afraid to do it outside a group but feel safe when others are involved. It is much harder to catch a stalker if there are dozen's of them.

As for family, sometimes even your family members can have a few screws loose. Years ago, my aunt took up the cause with a neighbor(mine was one on one harassment but the same principles apply) to harass me, have me declared insane and sever ties with my parents. Fortunately, nothing worked except the harassment. My neighbor didn't like me and wanted me to move so she contacted my aunt and told her pack after pack of lies about how I was harassing her(this is a favorite among stalkers, turn the story around and call the victim a stalker) not to mention the illegal activities I was supposedly involved in. Being that she considered herself a good christian woman she felt she must take up this cause.

In many ways, group stalking isn't that much different than one on one stalking, the difference being that many are involved and it's much harder to catch them if ever.

Who are the stalkers you might ask? They are ordinary citizens within the community turned civilian spy for a group of criminals. The citizens believe what they are doing is right(at least to begin with) because the target is a threat, criminal or just plain unsavory. I believe there comes a time when the stalkers realize what they are doing is wrong but it is too late to back out without becoming targets themselves. Unfortunately, some of these people are police officers, firefighters, community leaders, church leaders, otherwise upstanding pillars of the community yet they are criminals. Although drug dealers, street people, punks, etc. may also be used. And they(upstanding citizens) have the most to lose should their illegal activities come to light.

In my research, I've noticed a surge in community groups and churches being allegedly involved in gangstalking which is no surprise. Churches love to control and brainwash their congregation and if there is someone whom they believe is a threat to their cause(which is getting everyone saved so they don't die and go to Hell) they will try to bring that person under control. If brainwashing doesn't do the trick now they have groups of people at their perusal who will harass the victim because they've been lied to.

Stalking by proxy is also by multiple people however this kind of stalking is usually started by one stalker who seeks to get back at the victim for some real or imagined wrong. In this kind of stalking, the perpertrator will employ others in his criminal activity unknowingly. By that, I mean this is the old classic revenge scheme of turning the victim's name into a bunch of solicitors or other people that will call or visit the target. The stalker will post fake car ads, call about real estate for sale, apply for jobs in the victim's name, send junk mail and magazine subscriptions, call contractors to go to his house, post fake sex ads, send pizza's, tow trucks, taxi drivers, sign him up for junk email, online personals ads, send Jehovah's Witnesses to his residence and whatever else he can think of. The stalker may send embarassing goods to his workplace. He may harass neighbors, friends, coworkers and acquantences of the victim. He will lie to everyone about the target. He will employ the use of others by pretending to be the victim. The difference being that once the stalker stops the harassment the stalking stops. Some of the ruined relationships and friendships cannot be recovered however.

The purpose of gangstalking is to isolate and destroy the target's reputation and credibility. This often happens to whistle blowers, people who go up against big corporations, dissidents, women's groups, outspoken individuals, minorities, etc. but it can happen to anyone.

I've often asked myself why anyone would involve themselves in these activities. There are a variety of reasons. Many people think they are doing it for the good of the community, others just like the sense of control it gives them while others are being blackmailed to do it.

Regardless of the reason it is illegal and if you find yourself being persuaded to harass someone because you're told he's a threat, etc. don't do it. Walk away. Don't take someone else's word for it. If you hear someone say they are going to commit a crime report it but don't report hearsay.

If you're a victim I can only sympathsize. There are message boards online dedicated to helping victims but remember some of these boards are infiltrated by the perpertrators themselves. For your privacy always use a username you've never used before with an email address specifically for posting on forums.


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    • simondixie profile image

      Nancy McLendon Scott 

      4 years ago from Georgia

      Really interesting---I have been a victim of group/gang stalking and these experiences have the potential for destroying a person. The most hopeful signs of all----people like you who are breaking the silence. Exposing the crime is the best method for stopping it. Thanks for a great article.

    • sassygrrl32 profile imageAUTHOR


      5 years ago from Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

      Ur right, not everyone talk about it online. In fact I've heard of people who do and targeted harder. Thanks for the link to ur blog. I will definitely check it out. I also post on my blog but not too much as I write about other stuff too.

      From the amount of comments and traffic I get here and on my blog, gangstalking is apparently a crime that has been going on for awhile now.

    • profile image


      5 years ago

      It is very hard to understand what is organized stalking until you experience it yourself. One thing that is mystery to me is how tight lipped is party that is on the offensive. There has to be more of them than there are victims. None of them ever spilled a single bean. You also have to consider that not everyone takes their plight to the internet - there should be many sad outcomes that we never heard about. I also blog about organized stalking:


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