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Gangstalking Part 2

Updated on December 15, 2012

For personal accounts of targeted harassment go to

As many know I have written on this topic several times in the past. One of the main reasons I did is because of something my husband started experiencing several months. He started relaying how he believed he was being followed and how someone was harassing him while at home and when he went out in public. At first I dismissed what he was saying as delusional. And told him he needed help. Because I'm out of the house alot with work I didn't see any of this. And when I am at home I don't see it. Often times when I leave and come back he will relay how the dog barked the entire I was gone because someone was messing around the house. I've since experienced some of what he's talking about with the dog being made to bark because someone is messing around and numerous other instances. Of course it could just be someone messing around.

I read online that gangstalking for the most part is perpertrated by the government to keep their jobs secure. Whether this is true or not I can't say. Another statement made suggests that during this early period of stalking is when the victim is made to think there are many more people involved in their stalking than there really are. Whic in turn makes them appear even more unstable. Because most people within the general population that know nothing about gangstalking and have never experienced it themselves think it's paranoia due to some mental illness and that's what gangstalkers want. They want everyone to think their victims are crazy so no one will take them seriously and their gangstalking activities can go on unabated.

This made me wonder, what about the person that doesn't blame alot of people? Instead he/she only blames only one. My husband is convinced to this day that a friend of his who lives 3000 miles away somehow started this. He thinks he found people to do his bidding by either promising them something or just plain paying them to do it. Much of it comes from the fact that the friend admitted to it. Personally, I have a hard time believing he's responsible but perhaps I'm wrong and he did pay people to stalk my husband. I actually believe he told his friend what was going on and for some reason he took responsibility for it. It didn't take much for him to do a little research on the internet about gangstalking and telk him a viable story. Perhaps he thought if he took responsibility it would stop my husband from thinking about it and paying it any attention. Perhaps he thought he was delusional like I did in the beginning.

Going on the premise that gangstalking is real and it's not all in the mind of the victim, what does blaming on only one person do? This negates the whole purpose of trying to make the victim, or rather targeted individual as they are referred to, look completely insane. Everyone knows one on one stalking is very real and there are many people out there who have been, are and will be stalked in the future by some nutcase bent on making them love them, get revenge on or whatever reason the stalker uses. Stalking has been going on for a very long time and every state has laws against stalking and if you are convicted can spend alot of time in jail.

One on one stalking is not viewed as a crazy person's disease as gangstalking most often is. So what does this do for the gangstalker's who want everyone to think the victim is crazy? I know when my husband started to confide in a few people aobut this I tried to keep him quiet because I knew how crazy it sounded to them and they sat there thinking he'd been hitting the bottle a little too hard. But when he put all the blame on his friend their expressions changed completely to one of horror and telling him to go to the police which he couldn't do even if he was involved being that he is 3000 miles away.

My point being: It doesn't accomplish nearly as much when the victim blames only one person as opposed to blaming many because the victim looks crazy when they do that but they don't look crazy when they blame only one.

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