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Gapla at Delhi & Gotala at Mumbai & Bangalore.

Updated on February 19, 2013
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A qualified Textile Post Diploma Graduate and Ex.M D of a Textile Mill.

Supreme Court Reserved for Political Problems.

Who are all going to the national supreme court of the country which is INDIA.

Presently it is house full for Prime Minister - His mistake he did not reply a letter of serious nature.

What was the letter and who wrote it.

It was a letter informing the prime Minister that a huge corruption scandle in his govt is in full swing and he must permit ( a MP of the country Subramanya Swamy ) minister by name A.Raja who was in the process of making a financial super duper gotala of Rs.1,76.359 Crore by allotting the country's natural resource to private cell phone operatives at throw away prices.

Even before the TV channel could zoom in on the virtual intrusive bollywood film trailer showing Hollywood Pamils Andreson trying to do her dil ka Dhak Dhak our country's Soliciter General Gopala Subramanium comes on the air on every TV channel and say's the prime minister need not reply his 50% name sake subramanya Swamy.Even befor the reporter says this is Roopali Dhanwantri with camera person Kunjan Joseph for NDTA 24x7,our MP Subramanya Swamy comes on ETV and says the Prime Minister has committed a crime.

What was the crime.?

The Prime Minister had forwarded his letter like a post man to A.Raja to reply as all his staff were celebrating Iktar festival to please minority people and lot of people with white round cotton embroidered cap on their heads were required.

What is the Gapla and where is it happening.?

Gapla famous our parliment house.


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