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Garner's death the latest miscarriage of justice for black men

Updated on December 4, 2014

What does it take for black men to find justice?

What could the New York City grand jury have possibly seen or heard during deliberations that led them not to indict New York City police officer Daniel Pantaleo for the death of Eric Garner last July?

Certainly, the grand jury had crystal clear evidence on tape. A bystander's video of the encounter shows that Garner was not armed, not threatening, and not doing anything that should have led to his death. It shows the police initiating the confrontation, It shows Pantaleo using a choke hold _ an action deemed illegal by the New York police department _ to subdue Garner.

The video also shows that the moment Garner is taken down to the pavement he realizes something is wrong. He tells the officers not once, not twice, not three times, but 11 times _ 11 freaking times! _ that he could not breathe. The coroner's office ruled Garner's death a homicide.

But even with all that information the grand jury didn't think it was even worth taking to court. We aren't even talking about a guilty, or innocent, verdict here. We are talking about simply having a day in court.

It should be stunning, astonishing, shocking _ any adjective you would like to use, including profane _ to describe this travesty. But sadly, for most African-Americans, it is not. Garner joins a long line of injustices that stretch back far before Garner, or the recent Mike Brown case in Ferguson. This is a generational problem.

What makes this tragedy so real is video shows practically every moment of it unfold. Even if you have seen this video before, I urge you to look at it again.

After looking at the video is there is there anything you saw Garner do to cause his death? Did you notice any sense of urgency, or concern, for Garner from the other responders on hand?. Did you see anyone attending to Garner's needs, or pleas?

I venture to say that even a member of the KKK would look at that tape and say, "Whoa, hold up. Let the nigger breathe." But I see no evidence of Pantaleo loosening his hold, even though it is clear Garner is in a submissive position, and no threat to anyone.

I want to hear from anyone who think this is appropriate behavior. And, please, don't give me "the black people kill black people", spiel. We can have that conversation another time. And, when we do have that discussion, explain to me why white people kill white people. FBI statistics say 93 percent of blacks kills each other, and 83 percent of whites kill each other.

But, right now, right at this moment, we are talking about the deaths of black men at the hands of the police. Because there is no doubt in my mind that if Garner was white, he would be alive today.


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    • profile image

      big daddy oreo 3 years ago

      It would only make sense that a black criminal or thug would choose a white victim. There are so many whites that are not street smart and can not protect themselves. Black skin could toughen their image.

      I am not fooled by black on black crime stats. Black on black crime usually takes place in the ghetto. There are not many white people around these neighborhoods. A black person is much less likely to step to you in an argument if you are black. I pay attention to how races behave around one another.

      If I was a white policeman in america right now I would either dye my skin black or quit. Everything that has happened will give white cops a bad name. Especially the eric garner one. It sounds like darren wilson may have actually been defending himself. Too much drama. Paint the pigs black darken up the five O send in the oreo unit. Merry Christmas.

    • Rebecca Motley profile image

      Rebecca Kathleene Motley, MD 3 years ago from MI

      I really think you should know where info comes from. When you quote some poster on as a reference that is not very reliable! Just sayin........ Merry Christmas!!

    • profile image

      big daddy oreo 3 years ago

      I do not remember where I saw it. I am sure it happens both ways. White people think that there should be more coverage when a black person kills a white person. I disagree strongly.

      What I have said for years and years is that a black man or a white man disguised as a black man can protect white people better. I think most white women know that black men are better for protection. But black skin can give you a stronger reputation. I think the white community should use a heavy if not all black face law enforcement team to keep their kingdom safe.

      I also think that a black face law enforcement team can reduce crime in the black community. I think that black people respond to color. They can talk sense into troubled black youth. When we see more black faces in law enforcement and in management such as bosses and assistant bosses then we will see progress.

      But there needs to be oreo bosses and oreo cops to make sure white people are treated fairly. An oreo means white disguised as black.

      I also think that they need to raise the pay and lower the prices to reduce crime. They need to bring back prayer in schools. And the MEDIA needs to stop stirring things up.

      I have a feeling that race relations between white cops and black citizens is not as bad as it may seem or my ideas would have become a reality.

    • Rebecca Motley profile image

      Rebecca Kathleene Motley, MD 3 years ago from MI

      Could you provide a link or a name of officer or victim where there a black cop (or a white cop for that matter) killed an unarmed white citizen. Seems that this is a myth of the troll supremacist mob but they NEVER provide proof.... just a lie told by one racist to another.

      If it took 1000 men to take the man down so what???? They had no business attacking the man in the first place. Where was the probable cause to suggest that he was selling loosies and if he was how did that warrant jumping him?

      As for the other crazy right winged crap about the man speaking -- I practiced ER medicine for 18 years. Asthmatics came in constantly SAYING "I can't breathe"!! The should have said I can't breathe "well" but any a-hole who works with the public knows that the verbage is not always what we would prefer. ESPECIALLY POLICE OFFICERS!! They are OFTEN first responders and I am willing to bet that during rigorous training at one point in time or another they said or heard someone SAY "I can't breathe" They knew what it meant then. They knew what it meant while they crushed the chest or their murder victim!

      I guess black skin did not protect the 5 murder victims of the police in the 90 day period huh?

    • profile image

      big daddy oreo 3 years ago

      I was surprised that there was a not guilty verdict in this case. I hear there have been cases where black cop shoots white unarmed citizen and was not indicted also. I think the police are just very protected and they should be to a certain extent but how much is too much.

      It took 6 policemen to take this one black man down. That proves my point that most black men are much stronger than most white men. I still think that black skin is very good for protection. I know several black people that have never been bothered by police.

      If I am black and I get shot by a police I feel good knowing there will be protesting in my memory. I think sending somebody to jail is overrated. They get 3 meals, free room and board health care etc. I would want the big money lawsuit. That would be justice enough for me.

    • Rebecca Motley profile image

      Rebecca Kathleene Motley, MD 3 years ago from MI

      Great article!

      These stats are a bit icky when it concerns a topic like this because while only 7 % of murder blacks might be killed by someone of another race, nothing in the numbers is showing the outrageous numbers of those murdered by cops--- because often a cop killing a black man is NOT considered a murder and thus not included in the stats!


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