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Gas Blockade of Europe

Updated on May 2, 2010


On the “Gas Blockade” of Europe

09 January 200912:47 am


Mari-Ivon wrote:

Dear Sergey Igorevich! I have read your new book. There is an explicit remark upon Georgia. What do you think, what is happening? First of all the crisis, then here in Europe they say that there won’t be any heat, or gas because of Russia and Ukraine. It looks like the beginning of the panic…I would like to know your opinion and analysis of more global processes which meanwhile are beginning to concern everyone.


Well it was not simply a remark upon Georgia – it was a statement of fact. I hoped that the hint will be taken clearly and it will entail a line of reasoning about what would happen after the (Georgian) intrusion to (South) Ossetia and the answer of Russia. I mean not only relationships between Russia and Georgia, but the influence of this conflict to all processes of the world society. Well, apparently it should be explained.


First of all, the unit “Beggar” may concern not only a man but an organization, even a country. In this case we have such example. Appropriately, the other countries come out as such “units”-persons too. It’s clear that if a Beggar appears, he infects some and activates the others, potential “Beggars”. So, that thing took place.


Georgia appeared as an academic example of the Beggar – exactly according to a book (“Temperology: Manifesto of a Middle Class”, 2008, Moscow) and started up the process. When he was “obliged on peace” the game began. The figures were as follows: Georgia, Ukraine, and USA and, perhaps, Poland - they are the Beggars of different levels; Russia is an Honest or Career, or rather an intermediate variant; and society presented by EU.


So, the smallest Beggar “gets socked in the eye” and cry, lies as he can playing with public opinion. He is supported by the open-hearted average men and they come down on his side. Thus, they appointed themselves the potential victim. So who will “eat” them? Georgia? Surely, no! They will be “eaten” by the biggest Beggar. Before it will happen, they should be “undermined”. Who will do that? So Ukraine comes on with the steal of gas. Draw attention at the following: Georgia attacked Ossetia during Olympic Games. Ukraine left Europe without heat at that very moment when it was mostly required, when abnormal or Siberian frost came to Europe. Then all of this occurred during financial crisis! What do you think? In what condition will Europe ride out this “gas” situation? Why! From the words of Ukraine it’s clear who is guilty? Russia! Too much civilized Europeans can not assume how it is possible to steal almost all gas. Such things may never happen! It means that it was not supplied! This thing is obvious for them. Ukraine will still ride down on this naivity. When everything becomes clear someone bigger or the biggest one will come on and do his duty!


One should understand that the Beggars do not pursue any concrete object. They live by preying on the other people and thus create an inner chaos inside their victims. It means that the Beggars destroy their system.


If people who make decision had this knowledge, they would act in different way; perhaps, just block any efforts of these Beggars. And there were no problems neither with Georgia, not Ukraine. But actions in usual manner of top-manager reinforce the Beggars because it means playing on their rules. So what is loss through ignorance of it? How many billions? What is the price of worry of millions ordinary people?


If we touch upon the price of Temperology studies these are not the empty words. Not long time ago, the primitive structuring of organization made possible to keep directly 10 000 000 rubles (approximately $350 000). It has been made in 2 months in frame of not great company. If someone could understand the game of Beggars in politics, how many funds could not be thrown away for their nourishing! Billions? But I am talking not only about money.


Several days ago I was watching on TV the negotiations of Sarkozy with the leaders of Israel on cease-fire in sector Gaza. Israelis are politicians, but Sarkozy is just a top-manager (let him not to be offended). The talk was of the fates of people, their property and lives – hundreds or even thousands lives of Israeli and Palestinian soldiers. As Sarkozy admitted three hours of negotiating didn’t lead to anything. It is clear why. There was a parody to the first course of the EFSI (the Effective Formation of the Social Individuality). He was “hauled over the coals” according to the first course on the level of placings and sitting down! And this knowledge could even slightly change situation in the Middle East.


I think the problem is as follows. While I was watching the “kindergarten” that was made by Sarkozy in Israel, I understood one thing. Those people, on whom the fates of organizations, communities or states depend, do not need this knowledge. Because they do not concern themselves with the fate of what they represent, they are occupied about Number One. The result of this knowledge is needed by ordinary people who remain without gas, come under fire, feel cold etc through the incompetence of their leaders. So there is a gap. People for whom this knowledge is intended are occupied with their own business or their own self and simply do not see in Temperology the personal profit. For the other common people this knowledge is hardly understandable on the reason that they have a lot of current problems made by people “from above”. They do not care of it. So, I came to the conclusion that Temperology will go into high gear only when such a man-leader will come, who will be anxious not only about himself but sincerely worry about the fate of work that he is responsible of.


So, it comes that today Temperology is intangible assets of great many-billions value but unfortunately it is not liquid assets.


I hoped that the note in Manifesto (“Temperology: Manifesto of a Middle Class”, 2008, Moscow) will entail a similar line of reasoning.


                                                                                                                           Sergey Kronin



Mr. Sergey Kronin is a russian philosopher, born in Moscow, Russia

Sergey  Kronin is a founder of a philosophical system Temperology that includes the theoretical outlook system SFERO and practical instrument the EFSI (the Effective Formation of a Social Individuality).

Our contacts: E-mail: Tel: +7(921)1879176 Ms. Inga Smolnikova Open Temperological Institute




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