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Gateway to China: California

Updated on February 19, 2012

The recent visit by China's next president, Xi Jinping, Jinping called California one of China's may partners in trade, in that, the West coast, specifically, California with its numerous ports, help local economies and goods are imported and exported. This will simply grow more as China becomes the world's largest economy.

California has much to gain with ports in Los Angeles, Long Beach, San Diego, Alameda and San Francisco. These ports are the ports that allow millions of Chinese products to enter the US and then transit across eastward. In fact, America's largest container ports are in Los Angeles and Long Beach. When combined, they handle one-third of all Chinese exports arriving to the US and even China has its own state run company, China Shipping Group based there. This accounted for $133 billion dollars last year, which is more trade than any other country in the world! This kind of influx of money into the LA area between 07-11 amounted to $272 million in LA County and accounted for 1300 jobs.

While the other ports are smaller, Chinese exports arriving and US goods being shipped are important to them also.


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